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i loveee ittt <3 <3
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Amazing piece of work. The details are simply amazing and i like the idea of an old Alice and the brain in the cup. Also the finger in the guillotine is a great idea.
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Once again I am amazed at the amount of detail in your paintings, really amazing work you have here, it's very unique and original :D
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... bello Bello BELLOOOOO! :P Kaptain Kwirk & Kalamity Kiki :P
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So many detail! This is awesome!
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Wonderful detail and execution.
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Well that is one scary Alice. I would hate to be the one on the other end of the table with the finger guillotine. Crazy cool details, those are some realistic wrinkles! 
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Is this all digitally painted or is there some photo-manipulation in here as well? I love the symbolism in your paintings, another really cool piece.
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Thank u so much ^_^,

so, all of my artwork is digitally painted, there is no photo-manipulation!

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nice work! the style everything and  everything is simply superb please keep it up :)
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Definitely a bit surreal and strange. I really like it!  Very cool style... 
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I love this twist on Alice in Wonderland.
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You have a very active imagination.
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Very eerie yet interesting to look at. 
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Very eerie yet so intriguing... wonderful piece of art!
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Kinda creepy, so I like it very much. Four eyed Hatter-dat good) Also brilliant details)
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Very detailed, complex piece of art~:wow: I definitely like it~ But it quite creepy anyway^^;
mad hatter: why is a raven like a writing desk?
alice: why is a raven like a writing desk?
mad hatter: I'm sorry?
alice: why is a raven like a writing desk?
mad hatter: why is a WHAT???
march hare: she's stark raving mad!!!
alice: but you're the one who asked me!

Sorry, this piece reminded me of the disney version of alice in wonderland :)  Great piece
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Creepy and very well done!
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I love your style. Not only are you a talented artist but also one that can tell a story.
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