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Electric Rain

One of my favorite paintings in awhile. Lots of fun painting this Blade Runner sci-fi cityscape inspired painting :]
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What is the License for Use? Do you allow users who download this work to employ it for non-commercial (educational) purposes and research?


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sometimes I just think that the future is like this and what you have done here is fantastic!

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can I use some of your work in a non profit movie I'm making with friends? I will link it back to you and all.
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where is that?

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Nice drawing! Almost feels like a photomanipulation. How did you make the rain? Special brush, applying effects...?
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The Chinese characters on the left means "worms in winter and grass in summer", which is a famous traditional Chinese medicine.
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This reminds me of the polluted city in ffvii forgot its name
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How did you get this great? Please don't just say practice. How did you practice?
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yo can I use some of youre backgrounds in a film me and some friends are making ?
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This is awesome! Just wow.
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I really like how you did all the lights from the buildings, and the rain. Thanks for sharing.
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I love this kind of work. Trying to do something similar myself but cant quite pull it off. How do you get such a consistent size of windows in the buildings in the background? Those buildings are pixel perfect! Very good work, thanks for the inspiration. 
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I see the "Live Nude Girls" logo from Arkham City.
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