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January 9, 2012
When yin and yang are irreconcilable, The Sufferers; acrylic on canvas from ~Shopot. (Anonymous Suggester)
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The Sufferers

Acrylic on board, this painting is linked to "The Moon's Lament" and is a depiction of the two irreconcilables who destroy each other by being together
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1944x2502px 3.15 MB
Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS
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1/3 second
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6 mm
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Apr 14, 2011, 7:46:46 AM
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ariya-sacca's avatar
grrrrrrrrrrrr...I HAD to add to my favs... It´s geniously done and true and nice... but hurts a bit... great job
Abraxas-within's avatar
Wow, this is an amazing way to express an ancient concept, very creative. Have you read Demian by Hermann Hesse, and are you at all interested in Hermeticism, Gnosticism, Hegel, Neitsche, 2001: A Space Odyssey or similiar topics? Sorry thats a lot, and I'm guessing you know more than me, but i was just wondering.
TheArtOfRain's avatar
Thank you, I'm glad you like it =) As far as knowledge is concerned I'm surprised you would assume that. As far as I'm concerned I know very little, specifically in matters of beliefs. I don't practice anything aside from agnosticism ( a category for the viscerally slothful and disinterested), and though I enjoy learning about these old practices I can't say I know much on the topics. I am a fan of Nietzsche though and dip my curiosity into metaphysics here and there.
Abraxas-within's avatar
Well i assumed because this perfectly portrays the idea of the dialectic formulated by Hegel, and also the general idea of opposites like good and evil both destroying each other and being unable to exist without each other. The light figure made of water has a lantern hat, which represents enlightenment and purity, and the dark figure represents chaos and destruction, yet is also made of fire which represents rebirth and life. Both of these figures both give birth to and destroy the other eternally, creating the universe. This was my interpretation anyway. I assumed you knew about the topics i mentioned because i also saw your painting Path to Enlightenment, which is also connected and has great gnostic symbolism. So your saying these things are coincidence and you just painted what was inside your head? That makes sense too because we all already know about these things unconciously, and the purpose of art is to probe our unconcious thoughts. Sorry if i sound like a weirdo, I've just been obsessing over this stuff lately.
TheArtOfRain's avatar
Heheh it's really difficult to weird me out. On the contrary, you're completely right. From both paintings, the imagery came to me subconsciously, yes, but I did realize the symbolism behind them. Nothing is a coincidence and the subjects portrayed here are very personal to me, yet as you remarked are also universal. I wouldn't be able to compartmentalize them into gnosticism or Hegel, but I'm so familiar with these ideas because I'd like to think they were pointed out by them, not invented.
And thanks for catching on about the lantern! You're actually the first =)
Abraxas-within's avatar
Hey that's what i believe too! Nothing is ever invented, only rediscovered. You've inspired me to start painting my own takes on these subjects and my dreams, I've only been doing animal portraits and other things lately. Well keep on doing what you're doing, your paintings are great!
TheArtOfRain's avatar
That's awesome! I'm glad you're expanding your subject matter. Best of luck to you and thank you =) I wish you endless inspiration in your creative endeavors!
Abraxas-within's avatar
Thank you! I wish the same for you.
You're welcome
DuskTheWolf's avatar
Hey, can I use this in my English project? It would mean a lot :D
atomiccatz's avatar
Truely the best dramatic work i've seen today! It must've taken you alot of effort to be able to pull off such a powerful expression within the figures themselves. :)
TheArtOfRain's avatar
Thank you, yes this work was a bit problematic, more to do with emotional connotations however.
katreeona's avatar
Beautiful and imaginative!
GCARTIST85's avatar
Thank you for letting us add your Amazing work to our gallery! :iconfantasyfans101:
TheArtOfRain's avatar
Thank you for taking an interest!
Angie-Pictures's avatar
Really beautiful! Congratulations on the DD! :iconflowerheartplz:
Angie-Pictures's avatar
It’s my pleasure! :hug:
This piece touches on so many things, life cycles, unhealthy relationships, and how everything in life is a cycle.
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