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October 11, 2012
Path to Enlightenment by ~Shopot
Featured by deshrubber
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Path to Enlightenment

Path to Enlightenment

24in x 48in,
Oil on canvas

In order to be enlightened, one must fall, disintegrate, die, and be reborn. I tried to mirror my personal stage of this path, the moment before descending into the black abyss.
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ariya-sacca's avatar
Beautiful! I do believe the path goes on forever.
meditatingmunky's avatar
Very cool painting. Would you be opposed to me using this painting as a song profile pic on my soundcloud page:…

If you would like me to take the pic off, contact me on soundcloud or on here and I will gladly remove it. I will not be using it in any album art or other form of selling this song with the art, only as a song profile pic to freely stream this song to. Also if there is any thing you would like me to say in my song profile, any credit, links etc, message me and I will post anything on there you would like. 

Thanks!!! Very cool art, once again!!!
TheArtOfRain's avatar
Hey, thank you. Yes you can use it provided you give me credit. My name is Rain, and if you could include my Instagram art_of_rain that would be great.

Hi Shopot,
I LOVE THIS. [link]
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Ateendra's avatar
Intriguing. This is how I picture myself too. :D
WickedIllusionArt's avatar
:wave: This work has been included in Traditional Art Favorites of 2012 feature! :aww:
saieki's avatar

It's absolutely striking and terribly beautiful. It matches perfectly the way I felt until very recently and echoes my feelings so bloody well. As always, when I fall in love with a piece of art, I find myself at a loss of words. But I find the way you treated the lights and the colors amazing.
It's so inspiring and makes me want to draw and paint all night long. Thank you for sharing it with us. Bravo!
TheArtOfRain's avatar
Thank you so much! Inspiring someone is the best compliment I can receive. I'm glad you can resonate with my work =)
aupre's avatar
we don't get the 'fall' bit - like your already fallen

it's not quite reborn either

more like the real 'global' self / character goes active
and can feel like a prisoner trapped in that body too - 3 days to settle

as for the black abyss - stay away - there's nothing there except infinity

your already accross / there / what you become

that's why these path's are more called 'realization'

and even more so - 'realization ov nature' - like it's the natural garden at the end ov the path
not some astral plane / dream state

no wonder we get to a point we burn all the books - most are missleading
CorSecAgent's avatar
Wonderful color. I like the magical tone implied here.
ReyJJJ's avatar
"In order to be enlightened, one must fall, disintegrate, die, and be reborn. I tried to mirror my personal stage of this path, the moment before descending into the black abyss."
"one must fall, disintegrate, die,"
"one must die."
So you're telling me... :iconyoumustdieplz: you must die!
TheArtOfRain's avatar
In a spiritual sense - yes
soFLOo's avatar
i had a hat JUST like that one
TheArtOfRain's avatar
AnnLies's avatar
Hmm, I am somewhat stuck between two interpretations of this piece. Off to the left we have the man reclining in the chair wearing the Jester's cap, perhaps symbolizing being seen as a fool or dreamer who pursues foolish ideas. To the right we have the school of fish circling up from the black depths to encircle the lamp-jellyfish.

Now I could see this going one of two ways. The first interpretation and the one I think least likely is that the fish are the masses of people swimming from the depths of ignorance towards the glow of truth, while you (the figure on the left) watch on as they pursue their own truths. You are left to judge their pursuit from your separate vantage point, never reaching the jellyfish but arriving at a sort of self-realization that comes from observing the others.

The other interpretation I thought of (and the one I think FAR more likely) is that the swarm of fish are again, the masses of people in this world swimming up from ignorance towards the glow of the jellyfish. Now in the real world, Jellyfish prey on other fish, and here again could be this case. The fish swarm in their school towards a false or harmful truth (the Jellyfish) which captivates their attention and drives them to their own destruction. You watch from the left, wearing the fool's cap and appearing a madman, but ultimately far more aware of the truth of the Jellyfish's harmful nature than any of the naive souls who follow it.

As for those crazy socks, I have no bloody idea. Are any of my above-mentioned interpretations correct, or close to correct?

You know this got me thinking about fish. The more I thought the more I wondered, would fish would even care to know that
Ann lies?
AlmostAlyce's avatar
Wow, nice interpretations!
AnnLies's avatar
Thanks! I try to keep a conservatively open mind when it comes to poetry, my English teacher is really good about teaching us interpretation skills and I really enjoy it.
TheArtOfRain's avatar
Wow that's wonderful! I really admire your way of looking at this piece. I often paint subconsciously, though the idea is present I never know what or how it will turn into upon completion so your interpretation is not incorrect. I just realized the parallel between solitude of the jester compared with the fish, and it makes sense for them to symbolize the crowd, doesn't it?
AnnLies's avatar
Thanks so much! I love interpreting poetry and art, and this piece really struck me as interesting and relatable. You have quite the skill as an artist and no part of this felt out of place. Even those crazy socks (or perhaps tentacles, ala' H.P. Lovecraft?) felt like they somehow deserved to be there, even if I could not find their significance.
Jazzleslol's avatar
the detail is amazing!!!
Unpredictabloo's avatar
There's something extremely captivating about this...for some reason, I can't stop staring at that bell xD
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