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Hey there :wave:

You're reading the first of a periodic news and event article...this and thART of the photomanip community =)


Group News

First a short message for our more experienced members....

A lot of what we do at TheArtOfManipulation is geared towards helping artists improve their skills regardless of what their "level" may be. However, some of you may already be at the level where you're not sure what you can do to improve. You're at the height of the game, you've mastered your technique, and need something that would be challenging for you! We'd love your help in coming up with ideas for challenges, events, or anything that would interest our more advanced members. We also are in dire need of a few kind souls to help us out by occasionally writing articles on various techniques that will be featured in our Monthly Challenges. If you would be interested in helping us out, please note me ScatteredAshe, your help would be very much appreciated!

And & events! =D

:star: Our first monthly challenge, "The Art of Lighting" has officially ended and you have (hopefully) voted for your favorite entry! Look for a winner feature coming soon! Our next challenge will be on blending. We're running a little behind getting it together for you, several of our admins are back to college now and busy busy! Again - if you would be interested in helping put the monthly challenges together or writing articles/interviews for us, please note me, your help would be very much appreciated!

:star: Our collaboration contest has finally kicked off! We have 12 teams that will be working together to create a Dark Halloween themed entry for the contest. Look for an announcement of the teams, updated prizes, and ideas on how to collaborate with someone - coming soon! Also, we are still accepting prize donations for the contest! All donators will be featured in a special "Donator Feature" and will have a work chosen to go into our group's "Featured" folder!

:star: Don't forget, if you are a current member, please read over our updated submission rules here and note us with the hidden phrase if you want to remain a member of the group! You have until September 26th to do so, after that we will begin removing inactive/non-responsive members. If you have already noted us with the phrase, thank you!

General Photomanip News

:star: October is advanced photomanipulation month here on dA, and Aeirmid could use your help! See for information on how you can contribute!

:star: If you like our Monthly Challenges, check out our affiliate group createbyweek for weekly challenges with required stock. This is a great way for beginners to practice their skills without having to decide "what should I create". They also have a monthly challenge at createbymonth if you need a little more time! You can find info on the current weekly challenge "A bird in the hand is worth..." here =D

:star: Aeirmid and CatherineCruz are bringing you a new and unique Creative Challenges. You will have two weeks to complete the challenge - which features a required stock that must be used in a unique way. The current challenge has a required background stock that may not be used as a main background. What are you waiting for, go challenge yourself! =D

:star: Our own admin nikkidoodlesx3 is having a dual challenge at her group, PhotoManipulatorsx3. You can chose from either Magic/Dreams or Twisted Fairytales (or both, if you'd like). This challenge runs until Sept. 30th, you can find more info here =D

:star: FantasyMuse is hosting the "Sun & Moon" contest. This contest is open to both digital artists and stock artists! Deviants are encouraged to be creative; as long as the comments explain how the piece links back to one or both of the theme topics (Sun and/or Moon) it will be accepted.  The contest runs until October 13th, you can find more info here =D

:star: Digital-Wings-Art is hosting a "Halloween Fairy" contest which is open to all digital art mediums. The deadline to enter is October 21st. More info can be found here =D

:bulletgreen: If you or your group is sponsoring a contest/challenge and would like it to be featured, please comment below with the details and we will add it to our group's widget on our home page! :bulletgreen:




We need point donations towards renewing our SuperGroup status! Every little bit counts! Please help us continue to learn and grow together by donating whatever you can to DonatetoTAOM. All donators will be featured on the front page at DonatetoTAOM and TheArtOfManipulation
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Thank you so much for mentioning #createbyweek and #createbymonth :hug:
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You're welcome! I wish I had more time to make an entry, I really liked the llama challenge and this month's "captain/pirate" theme, just been crazy busy. Actually, I'm going to note you, I have a proposition for you =D