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Today I was checking the TAOM site for the chat and I couldn't find it. Even now I have no idea where it could be. I don't know if the chat is not an active part of the site yet, or is it just well hidden, but if it was meant to be also for the members, I think it should be in a very visible place. I've been online every day for at least 2 hours a day since the poll came out, and it's always empty :( (ok I'm quite fine entertaining my self there, but it would be better if I could entertain someone else :D )
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Oh boo...I forgot to talk about that during our chat! I think we're going to go with bi-weekly, probably the 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month?

Can you, Anna, and Sara do one of them and me, Nikki, Noxy (Max if he wants to) can do the other? This way there'll be one at a good time for European members and the other can work for North/South American members.
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You're doing better than I am - I lost the chat link entirely :XD:
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[link] here you go my friend :D
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Offtopic: It took some time to realize what in the world TAOM meant... :iconfacepalmemoteplz:
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There wasn't enough room to type the whole thing out and I didn't want to use a whole big journal just for this so....we call it "TAOM" for short. =D
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Good. It's just that I couldn't equate the two together :lol:
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