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Deviation Actions

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Gallery Folders

Submissions to gallery folders go to members' Message Centers and are thus seen by all. Featured deviations and Feedback Wanted works are also displayed on the front page of the group.

:pointr: Levels :pointl:

Novice: New to photomanipulation and paint program (Photoshop/Gimp/etc.). Works contain visible mistakes and a general lack of polish.    
Beginner: Works may contain visible mistakes and/or a general lack of polish, concepts and execution need some  improvement. The artist is beginning to get comfortable with the program and it's features/tools.    
Intermediate: Works may contain contain a few mistakes but nothing major that distracts from the overall effect of the the piece. Works are generally well-composed and executed. The artist seems to have a good working knowledge of their program.

Advanced: Works generally display excellent concept and composition and draw you into the work. There are little or no  visible mistakes and there is little (if anything) to critique in the piece. The artist is obviously very comfortable with their   program.        

Expert: The best of the best of the best. Members can not submit to this folder, admins will choose outstanding submissions from the Intermediate and Advanced galleries to be added to the expert gallery.

:pointr:Other Gallery Folders :pointl:

Voting: Your submissions are subject to two votes per submission. Submissions to group Favorites are unlimited but must be relevant.

Featured: This folder is for the best of the best submissions from each of our 5 levels. The admins will pick outstanding works to be featured each month. This folder is NOT open for member submissions.

Phenomenal Finds: This folder is only for winning deviations from the Phenomenal Finds polls and is NOT open for member submissions.

Contests: Any submission to a current contest will need to be submitted here. The subfolder "2012 Completed Contests" is only for completed contests and will not be open to new submissions.

Monthly Challenges: Submissions for our current Monthly Challenge will need to be submitted here. The subfolder "2012 Completed Challenges" is only for completed challenges and will not be open to new submissions.

Tutorials and Articles: This folder is for tutorials and educational articles relevant to photomanipulation. Your submissions are subject to voting, just so we can check that you are submitting something relevant.  

Art by the Admins: This folder is a showcase for the artwork created by our admins and is not open for member submissions.

The Favorite Folders

Featured: Contains works to be considered for "Phenomenal Finds". For all members to submit outstanding works that are (usually) NOT created by our members. There is no limit to the submissions to this folder.

Manip-A-Day: All works done for our manip-a-day challenge can be submitted here

Stock and Resources: This is where members will be able to submit any stock, textures, brushes, gradient packs, actions, etc. (yours or a favorite of yours) This is in the favorites because we are focused on learning and growing as manipulators and don't want to flood our members/watchers inboxes with stock. We may also use this folder as a stock pool for our monthly challenges. There is no limit to the submissions to this folder.

Donator Features: Everyone who donates to the group, whether points, features, exclusive stock, etc., will have work added to this folder which will be featured on the front page of the group.

Before and Afters: Any Before/Afters can be submitted to this folder.

Digital Art: All digital art that does not qualify for our main galleries may be submitted here.

Prizes: Exclusive prizes donated to the group are featured here.

Interesting Articles: Any interesting articles you find may be submitted to this folder.

Thank you for taking the time to read over our gallery descriptions!

Group Rules.

If you have ANY questions PLEASE don't hesitate to ask!


Please help us raise points and prizes for our contests and challenges by donating whatever you can to DonatetoTAOM. All donators will be featured on the front page at DonatetoTAOM and TheArtOfManipulation

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I have no idea in which level my art is in...
I want to submit this one:
The World Is Mad Enough by MelikeBAt
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I would suggest either beginner or intermediate, which ever you feel most comfortable with :)
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Congradulations, Ivy! :aww: