Collaboration Contest: Dark Halloween (UPDATE!!)

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Hi there :wave:

Sign-ups now CLOSED!


Hello from the admins of TheArtOfManipulation! We would really like to revive the mentoring aspect of our group and we are going to start by having a Collaboration Contest. :happybounce:

How it Will Work
For this contest, two or more artists must team up and collaborate to create an entry. One artist must be at the intermediate/expert level and the other must be a beginner. We (the admins) will decide which class you fall into and assign participants into teams (requests will be considered if there is a specific person with whom you want to partner). We hope that this contest will create new friendships and allow beginning photomanipulators to learn something new =).

The Rules

:bulletblack: You must note the group TheArtOfManipulation no later than September 4, 2012. Title the note "Collab Contest" and
    let us know that you want to participate and provide us with your time zone.

:bulletblack: We will classify your level (beginner, intermediate, expert) and assign teams. We'll let particpants know who their
    partner is by September 7, 2012

:bulletblack: The actual contest will run from September 8 to October 31, 2012. Entries must be submitted no later than
    November 1, 2012!
                  :bulletred: Only one entry per team and the entry must be a photomanipulation.

                  :bulletred: The theme for the contest is "Dark Halloween". Some blood and guts are fine, but no extreme violence/gore, rape, or racist entries will be accepted.

                  :bulletred: At least 3 stock images must be used and all stock must be properly credited for your entry to be valid.
                   If you're not sure how to credit stock you can refer to this tutorial .

                  :bulletred: The technical details of the collaboration are up to the individual teams, however each teammate must
                   contribute substantially to the work.

                  :bulletred: Have fun, work together, and learn something new!

:bulletblack:  Ten finalists will be chosen by a kuschelirmel, Aeirmid, and J-u-d-a-s (thank you all for agreeing to be our judges =D ) .
The winners will then be decided by a poll which will take place from November 8 to November 22, 2012.

:bulletblack: The winners will be announced on November 26, 2012. There will be prizes given to the first, second, and third    place   

:star:Prizes:star: *points will be split between teammates*

1st place
    :bulletred: 1,200 points from ky-sta
    :bulletred: 500 points from TriZiana
    :bulletred: Entry submitted to our "Featured Folder"
    :bulletred: Commission or Tutorial Request from michelle--renee
    :bulletred: Exclusive stock pack from kuschelirmel-stock, TheFantaSim and Wesley-Souza
    :bulletred: Journal features from michelle--renee, TriZiana, nikkidoodlesx3,Zankruti-Murray, and kuschelirmel-stock

2nd place
    :bulletred: 450 points from ky-sta
    :bulletred: 300 points from TriZiana
    :bulletred: Exclusive stock pack from kuschelirmel-stock and Wesley-Souza
    :bulletred: Journal features from michelle--renee, TriZiana, nikkidoodlesx3, Zankruti-Murray, and kuschelirmel-stock

3rd place
    :bulletred: 350 points from ky-sta
    :bulletred: 200 points from TriZiana
    :bulletred: Exclusive stock pack from kuschelirmel-stock and Wesley-Souza
    :bulletred: Journal features from michelle--renee, TriZiana, nikkidoodlesx3, Zankruti-Murray, and kuschelirmel-stock

:star: We are still taking donations towards prizes! Acceptable donations are points (sent to ScatteredAshe, michelle--renee or Noxy-Voorhees with a note that the points are for the collab contest), exclusive stock packs, llamas, and features. Any donation you can give will be greatly appreciated and each donator will have a work placed in our "Featured Folder", and will also be featured in a special "Donator Feature" journal that will be posted when the voting begins! =D

:heart: We'd like to give a special thanks to the following people for their generous donations :heart: :

:iconky-sta: :icontriziana: :iconwesley-souza: :iconkuschelirmel-stock: :iconnikkidoodlesx3: :iconmichelle--renee: :iconthefantasim: :iconzankruti-murray:,

and to our affiliates who have agreed to help promote our contest:

Sellers-Showcase FotoManipulationz PhotoManipulatorsx3 majesticARTS DD-Factory best-textures ManipLoversSpecial-Groups Discovery-music MaximumWeird MarvelousManips Manips-Central

If you are a group that has featured our contest and you are NOT listed, please note us so that we can add you to the list of promotional partners

We need point donations towards renewing our SuperGroup status! Every little bit counts! Please help us continue to learn and grow together by donating whatever you can to DonatetoTAOM. All donators will be featured on the front page at DonatetoTAOM and TheArtOfManipulation
Current bank: 1240 :points: SuperGroup renewal: 4796 :points:

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© 2012 - 2021 TheArtOfManipulation
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Wesley-Souza's avatar
I do not understand
can still participate?
ScatteredAshe's avatar
No, sign-ups are closed now, I'm sorry :pat:
Ata-Ur-Rehman's avatar
em gone late :( uwaaannnn.. is thier any chance for me to participate?
ScatteredAshe's avatar
I'm sorry, all spots are filled. Maybe next time :hug:
Ata-Ur-Rehman's avatar
:( Hope so.. :) anyways wish u good luck for your contest..
ScatteredAshe's avatar
WriteGirl's avatar
If I am indeed intermediate (which is what I've been told, but I feel like a beginner) I would love to participate. :)
ScatteredAshe's avatar
Sign-ups are closed now =(

Maybe next time :hug:
WriteGirl's avatar
No problem! I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with. :)
Zankruti-Murray's avatar
I would love to participate, but I am not from the time zones mentioned. If I can will like to donate prize stock to the winners too. Please do let me know.
ScatteredAshe's avatar
Note either me or the group with your timezone and I'll let you know if we have a spot for you. Yes, we would appreciate any donations. Just include in your note specifically what you want to donate and to which winners (1st,2nd,3rd, or all) you'd like to donate prizes for. Remember that since they are teams there will be 2 prizes for each place.

Thanks a bunch! =D :hug:
EigthDegreeBites's avatar
I'd love to join! But I'm from the uk so not sure if I fit into your time zones :@ Just let me know :D
ScatteredAshe's avatar
Note me or the group with your time zone (GMT) and I'll let you know if we have a spot for you =D
FuchsiaBud's avatar
Spreading the word :) [link]
ScatteredAshe's avatar
Thank you so much!
FuchsiaBud's avatar
1Rabbit's avatar
Wonderful idea. Would love to take part, but a) I'm in the wrong place geographically, & b) am going away at that time. Good luck!
ScatteredAshe's avatar
Thank you, maybe you'll be free to participate in our next contest! :hug:
astrangeallure's avatar
I'm in if I fall into the Intermediate category...not sure...I may be considered a beginner still. :)
TheFantaSim's avatar
I can give a special stock prize to the first place winner only.
ScatteredAshe's avatar
Awesome, thanks! I'll add you to our list of donators! =D :hug:

P.S. - Since there will be teams, there will be 2 first place winners, it that okay?
MLArtistry's avatar
would love to join as well
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