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:star: Our Mission, Past and Present:star:

The Art of Manipulation was founded by Aeirmid over two years ago for the purpose of bringing artists together. Our current founder is ScatteredAshe and we are still committed to helping artists learn and grow by interacting with others in the group and in the Photomanipulation Community here on dA. We are a learning group, notan exposure-based group. We believe that by interacting with our fellow deviants and building our skills as an artist, we will make lasting and meaningful connections; which will increase our exposure in the end.

We have a place here for everybody - whether beginner, expert, or resource providers - however we do ask that our members remain active in the group by commenting, submitting works, and participating in group events/polls when possible. Members with no activity in over 6 months will be removed from the group.

Our group has been through a couple of cycles of renewal. Admins and members have come and gone. In the process, we lost our mentality of fellowship and support. That ends now. This group will once again rise from the ashes and become something everybody can enjoy.

:star: What You Will Find Here :star:

To reach our goal of encouraging fellowship, support, and learning, we will have the following activities:

:bulletred: Bi-weekly member chat events for deviants to network, discuss art, ask for help, and chat with friends. :#chattaom:

:bulletred: Featured folder showcasing the very best our group has to offer.

:bulletred: Chances for promotion within the group.

:bulletred: Opportunities to have a deviation critiqued in our Feedback Wanted folder. Members are encouraged to edit the work after receiving feedback and resubmit to show how the feedback helped them improve. We encourage all members to give feedback on the deviations in this folder, regardless of whether or not they have a work in the folder.

:bulletred: The Phenomenal Finds -  Members get to choose from selected outstanding manips from outside the group. The winner is featured and interviewed in a group article.

:bulletred: Monthly Educational Challenges - each month a topic will chosen by the members via a poll. There will then be a month-long challenge with information/resources/tutorials on the topic and members are given a challenge with required stocks which will focus on the topic and what has been learned. Winners are featured in a journal and in the group's Featured Folder. This is a collaborative effort between our group and Manip-Contest

:bulletred: A monthly Tips and Tricks journal featuring artist interviews on specific techniques - will coincide with the Monthly Educational Challenge. Members will also have the opportunity to send in questions about the chosen topic to be answered by experienced artists.

:bulletred: Much more! The possibilities are endless! If you have an idea for something we can do to improve the quality of the group, please let us know!

:star: To Join The Group :star:

:bulletred: Read the submission rules here theartofmanipulation.deviantar…

:bulletred: Find the hidden phrase.

:bulletred: Include the hidden phrase in your join request.

Once again, thank you for visiting The Art of Manipulation.
We wish you the best of luck with your creations!


Please help us raise points and prizes for our contests and challenges by donating whatever you can to DonatetoTAOM. All donators will be featured on the front page at DonatetoTAOM and TheArtOfManipulation

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Love it!! We're gonna make a difference this year!!
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Awesome :D

If you don't mind me adding, wonderful skin. But the Journal Title comes up with the default colour for me and is hard to read :)
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I know. I haven't be able to figure out how to change that, as it works in my journal.... :shrug: I'll keep messing with it.
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Yeah now that I think of it, the same thing happened when I made a quick skin for #ArtWorldToday.
Strange :confused:
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