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Hello guys I just wanna share some of the artworks that really caught my attention.

Psylocke by AlexGarnerby:iconalexgarner:
She's looking at you in a very sexy manner and yet points a psychic blade through your throat!WTF!Can't decide wether to have a boner or a leak. Love the perspective too!
OMG on that details!CRAZEE!!
A salute to the legend, who made a kid like me that a man can fly. You are deeply missed.
Beenox_Spiderman Noir by duster132by:iconduster132:
finest mural I've ever seen! I'd like one in my room please.
Constrained Force by FutureElementsby:iconfutureelements:
just imagine... you going to school in a monday morning with this ride.....awesome!
I always enjoy looking at traditional artworks such as this one, we could feel the personal touch of the artist....and I almost can smell the copic markers. Great job!
Alice in Wonderland 2011 by J-Scott-Campbellby:iconj-scott-campbell:
for all of young starting artists out there who wants to improve their anatomy specially on the female figure, It will be very helpful by learning from the works of J Scott Campbell. This guy is a Master, bow down!

Mature Content

Nec by barontieri
A Frazetta homage never fails to impress me, I also love the light play here, hey guys, try to squint your eyes while looking at this pic, looke how soft the light plays? Great way of capturing the focal area :D
Life and Death by OtisFramptonby:iconotisframpton:
This one actually made me laugh instantly, hehehe, and it still does, hehehehahahaha! Try to run man! that's death! oh yeah your not done, ok. hahahahaha!
oh god! the details! the composition! those colors! don't you just love it?
Warrior and Sorcerer by kinlyby:iconkinly:
another traditional work! I love the composition, and the right amount of details, great job :D
awwww, hey guys look at the kitty sooooo cute! damn this is creative!

Mature Content

bw. by luanalani
sometimes great art doesn't have to be too detailed or too colorful, just the right amount mixture of light, and acting should do the trick. Simple but very beautiful.

Mature Content

Pole Dancing for Pixies by BeaGifted
why didn't I think of this?! well I couldn't done it better I guess, this is one of my most favorite artworks here on DA.
so creatively unique! You guys will want to see all of his artworks, go on they're all goooood.
The Rise of a Planet by TobiasRoetschby:icontobiasroetsch:
one evening, in the middle of your sleep you just happen to woke up, as you stand up and looked out your window this is what you see, what do you do?
HEATH LEDGER JOKER small by BobbyC1225by:iconbobbyc1225:
it's creepy and great at the same time coz, just look man! look at the resemblance to Heath!
I so love the Sarah's style,so uniquely cool!
Time of need by MonsterBrandby:iconmonsterbrand:
the expression is almost human, you can see a love in there :D
The Workstation 2 by Jujikaby:iconjujika:
love the perspective!it almost makes me feel I'm inside the artwork!
BUCOLIC DROP by ArwenArtsby:iconarwenarts:
there are certain moments in life that we tend to ignore. But if we just stop for a moment and look, these simple things are the only things that we need to fill joy in our hearts.

Hope you guys enjoyed this art features.
May the blessing be :heart:


:sun::sun::sun::sun::sun:COMMISSION INFO:sun::sun::sun::sun::sun:

You imagine it and I will draw and color it for you

Pencil= $25.USD

Mature Content

ino ruff sketch by theArtofGabo
gungirl2 by theArtofGabo faeries and orchids by theArtofGabo kanik by theArtofGabo

Inked= $30.USD
Commission: DragonFireny 3 by theArtofGabo

Colored a (simple)= $40.USD
the crow by theArtofGabo:thumb141185793::thumb136908230: Commission: Izette by theArtofGabo Fire Lionessss by theArtofGabo Commission: Annika by theArtofGabo

Colored b (with background)= $50.USD
online witch by theArtofGabo Commission: Marthin 03 by theArtofGabo Commission: Roothragon by theArtofGabo Commission: Mr hyde by theArtofGabo Commission: Tempest Omega by theArtofGabo Commission: Annie Arkin by theArtofGabo

..and this is PER CHARACTER (Ex. 2 Penciled characters =$50.USD)

I'm also now open for Comic penciling
xmen pg01 by theArtofGabo xmen pg02 by theArtofGabo xmen sample pencils pg03 by theArtofGabo
xmen sample pencils pg04 by theArtofGabo xmen sample pencils pg05 by theArtofGabo xmen sample pencils pg06 by theArtofGabo

These are $60.USD


The artworks will be sent to you via internet only in jpeg or png format

You can send your payments through Paypal only, sektujai@yahoo.com.

Payment is required after drawing has been finalized and approved, and final commission will not be sent until payment is received.


I also have the right to retain a finished commission until payment is received.

Commission prices may be changed at any time without much warning. If prices are changed while your commission is still in-progress, you will pay what was expected when you first started your commission.

By the way, if it's your first time to commission me, youl'll get a bonus sketch :icongrin--plz: just wait for it.

You guys can check me out here also www.comicspace.com/markgalvez/

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Thats what i like to hear, manners.
Not many people like you on DeviantART.
I appreciate you taking into consideration drawing that squeakey voiced minx Harley Quinn getting her pale feet getting a bleeding good tickling from that large Gentleman in the sharp grey suit.