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Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
My name's Jacinda Aytch (pronounced just like the letter 'H'), you can call me Jae or Maya. Either one is okay. I'm currently in my third year as a graphic design student. Too many ocs and ideas to count, and I'm always up for a chat.

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It's been a few months since the last update but now's as good a time as any. I graduated in May, so your girl's on the job hunt hard with little success but I gotta keep movin' right? I've been getting into new things, getting rid of old, so on and so forth. So on to the updates!


StepSisters is still going strong! It's currently almost halfway through Chapter 2 and you can read it in the links below. I still have copies of the first chapter up for sale on my TicTail. 

Read it on Tapas
Read it on Tumblr
Read it on SmackJeeves


Online Store

I updated my TicTail to include new prints and products! Here you can also purchase the first chapter of StepSisters

Take a look around! 

And last but not least...

Commissions Are Open!

Commissions are still open! The prices have been updated and the categories have changed slightly. I honestly need these more than ever until I find myself a job. If you can't commission me then spreading the word would help a lot too. 

2018 Commission Prices by TheArtofAytch

Some Terms and Conditions: 

First off, I reserve the right to turn down any commission that I feel uncomfortable accepting.

Commissions have a turn around time of 1 to 5 weeks depending on workload and complexity of the commissions. For black and white and full-color bust/full body commissions, I will email you a series of composition sketches for approval before I continue with the rest of your commission. It is at this phase that you can cancel your commission with a twenty-five percent refund on your payment. If at any point after this you wish to cancel your commission you will not receive any money back as I had already put in a significant amount of time on your piece.

 Payment is through Paypal and is required upfront before I start your commission. I will send you my PayPal once we finish discussing what you want.

You can contact me by email or through notes. PayPal is preferred but we can work something out with Points as well. 

So that's it! Until next time guys! 

Sites where you can find me:


[HLV] Nanase Uranami Timeskip Profile
UPDATE 9/9/18: Updated with new profile template, new art, and updated stats.

Here she is, my second OC for :iconhiddenlanternvillage: I promise to try and be as active with her if not more than Manami ;v;. She is :iconpozgroms:'s Youko's younger sister ;v; 

II. Personality Information:

Hobbies: Singing, moon gazing, playing the kokyu, making jewelry, oyster diving with her sister
Mannerisms: She covers her mouth with her kimono sleeve when nervous, fidgets and twirls a strand of hair when nervous, pouts when she's upset
Likes: Poetry, music, the sky, children, lanterns (remind her of the stars in the night sky), making new friends, seashells and jewels
Dislikes: Unneccesary violence, peanuts (horrible, HORRIBLE allergy to them), 
Inspirations: Her sisters and brother. Seichou, Mugon, and Souon Uranami.
Life Goals: To make her family and clan proud of her and to create music that everyone will love.

-Sweet, family-oriented girl. 
-Very respectful, even if she doesn't give a rat's ass about you. 
-Loves to try and make new friends
-Cares deeply about her friends.
-Hopeless Romantic
-Tends to care too much about people
-Always upbeat and peppy
-Very motherly sometimes
-Somewhat aloof

Additional information:
-She has a horrible peanut allergy. If she eats one, she swells up like a puffer-fish. 
-She loves to perform the music that her sister Youko composes
-She loves small animals, including cats. 
-In her spare time, you can find her playing with some of the younger children in the compound or helping out some of the mothers with their daily things.
-When annoyed she can make very snarky but polite-sounding comments.
-Despite her nature, she can hold her liquor quite well.
-When it comes to friends she hold near and dear to her heart, she won't think twice about going to help them. 
-She will cry if a friend was hurt and she could have done something to it. 
-She loves to read the classic poems and literature. She has read them so many times that she can recite some of the more romantic poems word by word. 
-Looks up to her older sisters and other female shinobi of the clan. 
-She can come across as a clumsy idiot with some of her mannerisms. A running gag of hers is that her aim is usually off by incredible means. Her sisters know to stand behind her and at a safe distance when she is training with weapons. 
-She loves to make jewelry, using the shells that she and her older sister, Youko, finds.
-Sometimes when she is alone, she likes to just float in the water. 
-Nanase loves rain. From the smell of it to the lulling sound it makes, but despite her love of the rain she is terrified of thunder and will crawl in bed with either of her older sisters until the storm passes. 
-Nanase refuses to see the bad side of anything or anyone. She believes that somewhere and somehow there is an innate good in everyone. 
-No matter how bad the situation, she will always try to put on a brave face...even through her tears. 
-Nanase always uses honorifics, with her friends she tends to use -nii, -nee, and -pon. 
-Despite her love for romance and somewhat decent advice she'd give to friends, Nanase herself is too timid to address her emotions for whoever she may have feelings for. 
-She also has an odd fascination with the Asukai...
-Her "ticks" as you would call them are: puffing her cheeks when she is annoyed, covering her mouth with her sleeve when she is nervous or embarrassed, and she adds "ne" to the end of her sentences a lot. 
-She can be motherly at times, refusing to let anyone push their self past their limits...even though she tends to do that as well. 
-She likes to dance and watch others dance. 
-Being an Uranami she's used to eating all kind of marine life, but her least favorite foods to eat are dishes that have eel and jellyfish.
-She can be a bit stubborn at times.
-She is absolutely terrified of being alone in the dark. She begins to get paranoid and starts to think that things are out to get her. 
-She hates spiders and snakes. If she sees either one, she has a mild freak-out.
-Puppets freak her out. She thinks that they are creepy to look at and she feels like they are vessels for Chin Chin demons to possess. 
-A tad bit superstitious and into supernatural things. 
-Another thing she does when nervous (when she's questioned about her relationships) is that she twirls her hair and avoids eye contact. 
-She can be really curious at times. Sometimes she likes to dive and see what new marine life she can find.


Uranami Eita, younger brother, SublimeSalt
Uranami Aneko, older twin sister, Ebberry-Jay
Uranami Kasumi, best friend, pumpkincookie
Uranami Utaro, best friend, XxYorunoHimexX
Uranami Jinmu, frannnnd, beetohs
Nakahara Kayo, teammate and good friend, NaruBuki

[HLV] Gotta Fly
Jou’s gotta fly y’all.

9-3. In times of Need (Battle).
    "Well, we are doing the unthinkable. We are allying with the Fox Faction - Temporarily, of course.
    The Dragon Faction's Ambush made a fool of us both, we cannot trust or underestimate them again.
    The Chairman of the Fox Faction believes a Joint Attack would be beneficial to us both - I agree.

    We will crush the Dragon Faction base. Try not to damage other buildings, after all - We'll need them.
    The Fox Faction will send aid, greatly bolstering our forces and allowing us to outnumber the Dragon.
    It is indeed strange to side with the Kitsune - but for once, They make a valid point. Move out!"
         - Sora Asukai, Chairman of the Phoenix Faction.

    Your Task:
    Draw or Write about your character's Actions in the Raid on Dragon Faction Territory.
    Clans Supporting the Fox Faction will aid us in this Battle - We vastly outnumber the Dragon Faction!
    (Make sure if you use someone else's Character in a key way - You ask or speak first!)
    There is also an option to not participate, but sitting around won't teach you as much.


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