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Angry Birds!

Ok, so this was done in Photoshop CS4. It could be considered "Vector" but really, Photoshop vectors are not true vectors. I used the pen tool to trace low quality JPEGs, PNGs, etc. from the internet, haha.

Disclaimer: All rights belong to Rovio and the developers/creators of Angry Birds. This is strictly fan art and is for entertainment purposes. Angry Birds and all related content is NOT my original work. -KF
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I like it! It looks great! : )
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Haha, thank you!! :) So you must have seen the baffling stats I posted for this one... why do you think that even happened?
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I really don't know! It is quite weird.
I guess the only thing I can figure is that people are downloading it from a search engine.
I've had a few of my pictures show up on the front of google when searched for them, and people download them as they click.
Might be a reason for the weird stats. : )
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Maybe. But I've used Google images to find other sites where my image appears and it's just not there, so I really don't know. You could be right though! :)
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So... I see no one has added comments yet, haha, so I might as well add one now! I can't believe how popular this is... it hasn't even been featured in any groups yet, but I know it's been up for a while.

I forgot to set the "download image" button off, but because it's only fan art, I'm OK with that. Since so many people have downloaded it... tell me, what have you been using it for? :)

Just remember - it's fan art. If you credit me, that's awesome, but all I did was some tracing with the pen tool and I already put a disclaimer on it in the captions. If YOU use it, at least give proper credit back to Rovio for their characters (and to me, since technically this was my work, it's just that they're not my characters).