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so you may have noticed i vanish for three months and then come back with a shitton of stuff before fucking off again. yeah. that's still gonna happen. i just figured i should give a status update of sorts, since the last "personal" journal entry i made i was like thirteen.

so, i'm not dead. i'm just.....really busy. the things i submit are made over the course of time i'm gone, which is why the quality varies so much. recently i've been accepted to two colleges, one of which is my first choice. i'm almost out of hellschool, and i have a lovely datemate now whom i love very much.

all these things are not very conducive to making a ton of art. depression is also not conducive to making a ton of art. however, i have noticed i've been getting a lot more favorites lately, and for that i thank you. i see you guys, and i really appreciate it. it's like knowing someone cares is a great way to motivate me into creating more, even if i don't have a ton of time for it.

so, thanks.

i appreciate it.

  • Listening to: Closer
  • Eating: bigass crackers. like, dude, they're huge
  • Drinking: coffee
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December 2, 2017


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