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Goodbye, Daniel
"It's right here." said the boy in Sally's car, pointing to the apartment complex he'd spent the last four and a half years in.
She gently applied the brakes, and spun the wheel towards the place she'd been directed to. It wasn't hard to find a parking spot once she was in the lot. She pulled into the empty space, and went through the quick mindless process of parking.
Sally did not look at the boy in the passenger seat. She could not.
How could it be possible after all these years? How could he really be there right next to her after being missing for five long years? That little boy who could be no older than nine or ten years old, how could that be the man she loved? How could this child have his face? It was his face exactly, down to the small scar above his left eye. Those were his eyes looking at her, and they carried a deeper sadness to them than any child ever should. The boy's lips pulled together in that same way that his always did when he was trying to be reassuring in a se
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The Boy in the Mask
It was a cold night at the very tail end of October, and while in most towns the streets were full of children, there were still places like Evergreen, Oregon where you weren't likely to see more than two groups of trick or treaters for the entire evening. It was a funny sort of place that was too big to be a small town, and too small to be a big city, and so settled for something just in between the two that had none of the perks of either. It wasn't a bad sort of town, though, just an uneventful one. You weren't likely to be mugged in a back alley, but people were nonetheless careful not to go out walking too late after dark.
Perhaps that's why so few children go out on Halloween night, and even if they do, it's always in packs, and their parents aren't more than two or three feet away from them at all times. Which made it all the more strange to see a little boy wandering around the suburbs all alone in a bright red and yellow clown suit. This suit, though bright and cheerful enough
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Forever Miles
One hot, Los Angeles night, child star Jay Kelsea paced around in his apartment, waiting for his agent to arrive. "Child star" might not be an altogether accurate term to describe Jay Kelsea. After all, he hasn't really been a child for about ten years now. He knows how to look like one, though. That's his gift. He knows how to look like anything.
He discovered this power when he was fourteen and since then, he's played every type of role there is. He's played men, women, monsters, aliens, dogs, cats, and yes, children too. It was one particular child role that gained him some attention, specifically, Miles Lane, boy genius. His brief appearance on the ABC sitcom Homesick became the highlight of the show's first season, and he was asked to return several times during season two. By season three, he was a regular character, and more popular than the rest of the cast put together.
Sounds like a pretty good gig. But all good things must come to an end, and Jay had no idea the sort of bomb
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Do You Really Mean It?
If you wish, you can also find this story on the ARarchive under my alternate username Neverlander. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this story of a man who learns the hard way not to say things that he doesn't really mean.
"He tricked me... the little brat tricked me!" Joseph thought, sitting on a bench that was much larger than it should have been, and in a body much smaller than he was accustomed to.
The body belonged to a kid he'd met at the playground while watching after his nephew for the afternoon. The boy, who couldn't have been much more than six or seven years old, was dressed all in a gentle blue color when they first met, right down to his socks. He was holding a little stuffed dog toy, but still seemed sullen and unhappy so when he asked if he could sit next to Joseph while he waited for his mom to come pick him up, he felt sorry for the kid and made room on the bench next to him.
"What's your name, little guy?" he asked gently. It was the same voice his older sister
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I have the beginning of an Age Regression themed blog underway. Its right here:

My plan is as follows: Each week I will be uploading my captions there over each week as I write them and at the end of each month I will be uploading the entirety of that onto here. That way you can stay right here and not miss a thing or head ofter to the Age of ARtesian and see my captions a bit early.

As ofyet I'm still in the process of shifting my Deviantart gallery over there, but once thats done, things will start to go as described. I'm excited about this myself and I look foreward to seeing what you guys think. I've made the caption New Home in honor of the occasion. I hope you all enjoy.


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I have invited you all to my island estate because you are each guilty of some crime that you have been wrongfully acquitted of. And so you shall soon find yourselves regressing in age until such a time as I deem fit. You have been warned, enjoy your stay.


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