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From the creators of Conceptart.org
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Award Winning Faculty • Unique Incubator Program
Cutting Edge Online Learning • Deep Industry Connections • Immersive Workshops

TAD – A New Vision for Art Education

The Art Department (TAD) is an innovative art school designed by industry leaders to develop artists into their greatest potential and prepare them for a successful career in today’s digital world.

TAD’s goal is to transform art education from traditional classroom learning to real-world training from some of the most successful artists practicing in the industry today. Believing that the current educational system is not preparing artists for careers in today’s workplace, TAD faculty are focused on helping students develop the best portfolio possible.

Using an incubator model that combines a cutting-edge online curriculum with hands-on immersive learning, TAD makes it possible for artists anywhere in the world to get a quality and cost-effective college education. And, through TAD’s exclusive entertainment
industry and professional artist network, students have an opportunity to network both online and during yearly international workshops. Students are exposed to several major entertainment companies and art directors before they graduate.

How TAD Works

TAD offers accredited programs through Aspen University:

Associates in Fine Art, ASA
Bachelor of Science in Fine Art, BSFA

TAD offers a non-accredited 36-month curriculum that provides in-depth traditional and digital art education in the following fields:

•Drawing and Painting
•Entertainment Design

Options are available to learn exclusively online, in-person at one of TAD’s campus locations, or a hybrid of both, offering custom learning to artists in nearly every country of the world.

TAD’s campus locations, called Studios, are located Austin, TX, Kansas City, MO and Richmond VA.

World Renowned Faculty

TAD offers the most award winning faculty of any art school in the world. Contributing Professionals include:
Mark English
John English
Gary Kelley
Terry Brown
Francis Livingston
George Pratt
Sterling Hundley
C.F. Payne
Anita Kunz
Jon Foster
Brent Watkinson
Sue Rother
Alex Brady
Jason Felix
Dorian Iten
Stephen Gregory
Brett Briley
Francis Vallejo
Ron Lemen
Vanessa Lemen
Marshall Vandruff

Other TAD Programs for Artists

TAD also hosts various specialty programs and workshops throughout the year that are available to both TAD students and the public. Current programs include the Illustration Academy summer workshop, as well as a Winter and Summer Workshop for TAD students.

Illustration Academy
Four weeks in length, The Illustration Academy is an immersion program designed to shorten the time between the decision to make images for a living, (often times this refers to the graduation of a student), and actually achieving that goal. Open to students of nearly any level as well as professionals, the program reaches into not only the fundamentals of art and image making, but to the deepest levels of problem solving and critical thinking used in the career of the illustrator and image maker.