Jon Foster: Cover Art Shorts

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These free videos are supplementary to The Art Department's Cover Art with Jon Foster premium content series.

Jon Foster: Self-Intro

Jon Foster: Definition of a Book Cover

Jon Foster: Traditional vs. Digital Part I

Jon Foster: Traditional vs Digital Part II

Jon Foster: Digital Brush Making

Jon Foster: Digital Color Correction

Jon Foster: Adding Color Digitally

Jon Foster: Dealing with Procrastination

Jon Foster: Selecting Color Demo

Jon Foster: Composition

Want more? 

Check out these Premium Content videos, brought to you by The Art Department exclusively on deviantART!

Jon Foster: Oil Painting, Part I by theartdepartment  Jon Foster: Digital Painting, Part I by theartdepartment
Jon Foster: Oil Painting                                         Jon Foster: Digital Painting

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Wow! :D Awesome Videos and very helpful. Thank you so much for it sharing it. :)