George Pratt: Graphic Novel and Comic Shorts

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These free videos are supplementary to The Art Department's Graphic Novels with George Pratt premium content series.

George Pratt: Definition of a Graphic Novel

George Pratt: Definition of a Comic Book

George Pratt: Sketchbook

George Pratt: Sketchbook Materials

George Pratt: Materials for Pen & Ink

George Pratt: Substrates for Watercolor and Pen & Ink

George Pratt: Reference

George Pratt: Story Development

George Pratt: Materials for Watercolor

George Pratt: What is a multi-media piece of art?

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Check out these Premium Content videos, brought to you by The Art Department exclusively on deviantART!

George Pratt: Observational Drawing, Part I by theartdepartment  George Pratt: Multimedia, Part I by theartdepartment 
George Pratt: Observational Drawing                                  George Pratt: Multi Media
George Pratt: Watercolor, Part I by theartdepartment  George Pratt: Pen and Ink, Part I by theartdepartment 
George Pratt: Watercolor                                         George Pratt: Pen and Ink
George Pratt: Graphic Novel Process, Part I by theartdepartment
George Pratt: Graphic Novel Process

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Mehhhh all I got from the select videos I saw was 'I get my inspiration from' and 'Always be ready for when an idea hits you' as opposed to any instruction on the subjects, particularly the story development. Are these 'tutorials' about techniques or are these 'how I do it' snippets?