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Who is Jon Foster?

*Jon-Foster is a professional illustrator whose works have appeared in publications such as National Geographic, Universal Orlando, Dark Horse Comics, DC Comics, Tor Books, Simon and Schuster, Harry S. Abrams Books, Boston Globe, Underwood Books, Knopf, Delacorte, Del Rey Books, Scholastic, Fox Atomic, Little Brown, Nightshade books, Subterranean Press.

As well as inclusion in the Society of Illustrator annuals, he has received two silver and three gold awards from Spectrum: The Best of Contemporary Fantastic Art. Jon also was awarded the David P. Usher/Greenwich Workshop Memorial Award in the Society of Illustrators annual 43, has been nominated twice for the Chesley Awards, and was winner of the 2008 Dark Scribe Quill Award for Best Cover. Check out his work below!

Learn the basics of cover art creation!

Drawing from his expertise, *Jon-Foster provides tips and tricks on how to create book covers in a series of short, educational clips.

** See more free videos here! **

Get in-depth instruction in creating your own cover art.

Jon has a series of videos available as Premium Content, where you can follow along as he creates a book cover from start to finish, providing insightful commentary during each step of the process.

Jon Foster: Oil Painting

Jon Foster starts an oil painting using his photo reference. Also, he discusses the importance of good research and how to combine several bits and pieces into a working image. Working with traditional oil paints, he gets the painting to a certain level of finish, then produces a high resolution photograph to import into Photoshop. He finishes the painting as a digital image.

3-Part Series | 900 Points each

Jon Foster: Digital Painting

After importing his traditional painting into Photoshop, Jon continues working with it until he reaches the desired level of finish. This movie shows every keystroke and zooms into each Menu item in great detail; far above the average screen-capture video!

2-Part Series | 1200 Points each

Jon Foster: Ideas and Images I and II

Using both Photoshop and Painter, Jon really gets into the nitty-gritty of making digital images. Designing your "workspace" in a digital image-making program is also part of the equation. See Jon's workspace and palettes arrangement while he places different digital brushes with in easy reach. He finishes two separate images in this lengthy demonstration. Hear George Pratt's voice as he chimes in with Jon on a few key points. (George loves digital painting as well as the traditional route!)

2-Part Series | 2400 Points each

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