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'Unimount' Does it seem familiar? Paramount Studios was the inspiration... It seemed a natural fit for the Inkscape mountain landscape. I'm traditionally a Corel Draw user (since 1989) and was a professional graphic designer for many (many) years. Now I also teach computer graphics (among other computer-ly things) to high school students. We first used Inkscape as the 'free' and open alternative to Corel Draw or Illustrator (for PCs). As I and my students used it extensively over the past several years, we found it stands by itself on its own and not just because it is 'free' but because it works and meets the needs and expetations of my students and myself. With each consecutive update, it becomes more stable and I'm compelled to use it more and more often. Thanks for the cool software and the means to show off some new related skills.
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I am putting this question out to the community. How does one convert jpeg from Photoshop Elements 6.0 into vector art that has clean crisp edges not pixel-eated ruff edges.Thanks.
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Unless the image started life as a vector graphic, you will have to refine the output of the autotracer by hand (or do it all by hand). Pixels and vectors are fundamentally different ways of describing an image. One can try to make one into the other and vice versa (by vectorising and rasterising, respectively) but there is no one-to-one "conversion", per se.
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seguro este logo es una opción para presentar la nueva versión de INKSCAPE 0.48.... ¡¡felicidades!!....
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Awesome piece of art! i lke a lot for the 0.48
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T'is really pretty :3
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One word: Awesome!
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This one rocks inkscape! lol
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Congrats on winning! Very nice piece! :)
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I love inkscape! I used and have illustrator (came with the production suite) and I do prefer inkscape. Much more simple and easy to use (IMHO) and yet can still produce excellent work such as this! I think you did a really good job! I like how you incorporated some of the elements, such as the what-ya-ma-call-it transform border around the cloud when it's selected or the other cloud when editing nodes. I also love the 3D effects on the icons the most!
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If u use inkscape how do u convert a jpeg frm photoshop to vector art in inkscape, please?
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if u mean like have inkscape trace the picture, try "Trace Bitmap"


you can also try filter in photoshop to make it looked vectored or import the pic to inkscape and trace it.
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Thanks for the link! What filter in photoshop to make it look vector?
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just kiddin its a fine work.
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I have to say that this screen is ugly. No offense, but, I expected better.
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Congratulations winning the contest! It is obviously well deserved! :clap:
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That's great work. Great concept and awesome execution.
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Great, my fave.
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Congratulations on the win. Your work definitely shows the time and effort!
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Congratulations on the winning the competition! The judges picked well.
It's really an amazing piece. Despite my entry, you get my vote. Cheers.
Thank you lemasney! If you're like me, you probably had a lot of fun doing it too.
The entry is just secondary to the satisfaction you get while detailing and administering the finishing touches. Had this been a job for a paying client I might have cowered away from using Inkscape and fell back on using something safe and familiar. You and the other artists have my gratitude and have contributed immensely, by exquisite example, to my understanding of this software. We all win from this and former grand displays/critique/collaboration.
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Good luck mate. Out of all the entries ( and most of them are good) yours is very good because of the amount of work you must have put into it. Good concept and good execution :-)
Thank you Kabeer! Like you, I have no doubt that everyone put some time in, looking at the caliber of work submitted. I think all of us in common are truly excited about Inkscape and its benefits and are given a chance during these friendly contests not only to show our ability using this fabulous tool but to also (and most importantly) show some gratitude and respect to the unsung heroes (the programmers) that enable the artists to do this and other things for free. Enthusiast programmers for enthusiast artists.
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