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Mai's Special Contest Hello all of you beautiful people!!! <3 It's been a long while since I've made a proper journal like this... I do apologize to you on that... ;_;Life has been treating me very well lately, so that's some good news. ;v; It was a crazy and hectic 2020 year, that's for sure. I definitely had a good handful of downs during that time... holy sheet... A good number of you knows what happened, but the most important thing is that I've been healing very well. So there's no more worries needed on that note. In regards to this journal, :devhaffenhoff27: and I have been working on this concept for a long while now and we feel that we can finally commit to it. Today will be the start of our project. Throughout the year, I will be hosting fun contests with money as prizes. Today will be the start of one of those contests. ;v; They won't always be hosted on DA, but sometimes they will. The majority of them will be on the discord.I will be hosting this contest combined from both my Discord server, and here on Deviantart. On my Discord, there will be a special point system where those who are active and have enough points, will be able to join a big contest at the end of the year with $70 as the top prize (Or more depending on the circumstances). That big contest will not be hosted on Deviantart though, only on Discord due to the point system.MaiBeret Discord Server: Click on here to join the discord server. Contest DetailsPrompt: Winter is soon at its end and the snow is melting. You notice a strange/unique plant that you've never seen before. The plant evokes a strange feeling which sends a powerful surge of emotion through you. Your objective is to create an interaction with this unique plant. Why is it giving you such a feeling? Does it do something? Where is it located? Is it a single organism, a bush, a tree, etc.? Write a small description about the plant you found under your entry/in the description. What kind of species is it? How does it evoke this feeling in you? Is it through touch, sight, taste, smell or hearing? Is it an alien life form? Was it the result of a lab experiment? Is it magical? This can range from an illustration, a comic, an animation, etc. The choice is yours to take.What Am I Looking For?: Draw your persona or OC interacting with this special plant. I would love to see their emotions/feelings towards it.I would like to see you create a new kind of plant species. I will not be judging based on skill alone. I want to see your effort, design, and the ideas you place into your entry. I want to see your creativity. I will be judging based on that more than your skill alone. I want this to be fair and fun for everyone.Rules: No bases, tracing or heavy references.You can submit more than one entry.The entry must be made after this date. Please don't reuse old art.No personal attacks at the expense of an artist or their art submission.All who sign up for a contest or event must submit their art in time, or it won’t count. (There will be no extensions).The entry needs to be fully finished in order for it to count. Sketches/Lineart won't count.I only require you to post a journal talking about this contest, please. ;v; You don't have to watch me, but if you want to be updated for my future contests, feel free to do so. <3 Deviantart entrants who aren't in the Discord server will not receive any points for this contest.Have fun! <3<3<3Prizes1st Place$30 or 2400 :points:2nd Place$15 or 1200 :points:3rd Place$5 or 400 :points:Deadline: Sign-Up Deadline: March 24, 2021 (To sign up, please comment below that you're joining this.) I will NOT accept new sign-ups after this date. Art Submission Deadline: March 31, 2021 (Basically when the 31st ends in every time zone)Judging Period/Winners Announcement: April 1st-April 15thI will also be hosting a livestream of me judging the entries and giving my critique on them. I will also have 2 other people judging the entries as well (Not through livestream, unless they want to). This contest will have no bias whatsoever. Don't worry if you miss the livestream, as I will post the recording up afterwards.I will NOT cancel the contest, even if there's only a few entries. I don't think it'll be fair for anyone. So you can enter with no fear.Hopefully I was able to explain myself properly. If you have any questions though, feel free to ask them below and I will answer them to the best of my ability. ;v;F.A.QDoes my character have to be a human?No, you can base it on any species, even a species you invented. I'm open to anything, as long as it follows the prompt. Do I have to join the Discord Server in order to join your contests?You don't have to, no, but if you want to have a chance to join my big contest at the end of the year, you will need to join the server in order to get the required amount of points for it.I don't have my own persona or OC, can I draw my favorite character from a manga/anime/cartoon series?Not for this contest, I'm sorry... ;~;Entrants1) @FlatterSlay - Art Entry- Art Entry #22) @hanqrie - Daengal3) @hrishikakarki - WIP4) @stelamoris - Glitxies5) @Wolves-to-Bunnies - Blossoms6) Levair on Discord- WIP7) Jello on Discord- WIP8) Vinkay on Discord- WIP
Auraverse Predictions Contest (CLOSED)As I get going on the Auraverse, I’m sure you all are buzzing with ideas and theories about how the arcs will go! Why not tell me those theories? That’s why I’m opening the Auraverse Predictions Contest!The objective is simple! If you have a prediction about one (or more) of my arcs, this is your chance to write and/or draw it out! Your predictions can pertain to arcs that I have already started and also those that I haven’t. If you have any questions, please ask me in the Auraverse Q n A journal and I will give you answers that will be free of spoilers but probably helpful as you form your theories. This will be especially helpful if you write a theory about an arc I have not started yet.Overall, this will be a fun way to engage with the story!RULESSubmit as many entries as you want! No limits here!Both traditional and digital art is welcomed! Fan fiction is also allowed.Humanized characters are also allowed.Bases are allowed but not recommended. Please credit the original basemakers and put in more than two minutes of effort.NO art theft! It’s not cool, and probably illegal. Just don’t do it.All entries must be submitted to your gallery. Don’t just put it in stash or scraps.Please submit a NEW deviation, don’t just repurpose an older one.You are not required to watch me, but please have at least some knowledge of the Auraverse. Try to keep it in character.Entries can be rated R for profanity but no porn or gore please!This contest is limited to the Auraverse only. Don’t include your own OCs, or any Kindverse OCs unless they are my canon character parent headcanons (Paint I, Alto, etc). Canon characters are allowed, of course.Send me links and/or mention me in your description. How else will I see them? XDWhat am I judging exactly?CreativityCraftsmanship (try not to make it sloppy)Storytelling skills (you don’t have to write a story; sometimes one drawing tells a whole story in itself)Ability to follow the rules PRIZESFirst Place: One full-body from me, one shaded full-body from @Kat-Night, one shaded full-body from @SkaiDaHogwartsGal, and one headshot and one full-body from @Idrawz66 Second Place: One bust from me, one full-body from @Kat-Night, one shaded bust from @SkaiDaHogwartsGal, and one full-body from @Idrawz66Third Place: One line-art from me, one line-art from @Kat-Night, one bust from @SkaiDaHogwartsGal, and and one headshot from @Idrawz66Let me know if you’d like to be a prize contributor!DEADLINE: January 10, 2021 Good luck and have fun! -Kindheart...
60 Points Adorable Adopts (OPEN) by xAdoptablesForAllx
60 Points Cute Adopts (CLOSED) by xAdoptablesForAllx
CLOSED DTA Mushymoth [0015] by Swuishi
CLOSED MushyMoth Isogot [c0001] by Swuishi
CLOSED MushyMoth Isogot [c0002] by Swuishi
CLOSED Mushymoth [0014] by Swuishi
Jar Jar and the Child by CrazyForSketching90

Mature Content

YCH Half Bust Commission #2 NSFW by ranshin06
YCH Half Bust Commission #2 PinUp by ranshin06
Lisa Minci by ranshin06
Animals, Pokemon, Etc
[CLOSED] FREE Adoptable Give Away by lemon-mochi
Draw my OCs contest ($50 first place)No idea if people still use Eclipse for contests. Only expecting 3 entries.‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ Prize Pool: ($110) ($135 if 15 entries) ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙Reminder: Money will be sent in USD through PAYPAL ONLY. After winnersreceive their money, I will check up with you in 2 weeks to ensure it’s still there! If you have Discord, it’s easier for me to DM you!1st Place: $50 USD ($65 USD if I reach 15 entries)2nd Place: $25 USD3rd Place: $20 USD4th Place: $15 USD(Unlockable at 15 entries)5th Place: $5 USD6th Place: $5 US‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ Easier to Read! ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙༓ For Clear Contest HelpFor Clear RulesCharacter HelpOCs HereSubmit Entry HereContest Updates ‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ Contest Period ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙Time zone used: PT Contest: June 2nd to September 8th 11PM Extension period (if needed): September 8th to September 15th‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ Contest Rules! ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙(Reminder: You do NOT need to follow my acc for updates! They are done via docs/sheets)(If you need to drop out of the contest, you don't need to msg me! I understand completely!)Draw 2 or more of my OCs!Your entry must be at least BUST up, fully rendered, and have a bg! (Waist up and full-body will help explain the illustration)Feel free to UPLOAD your Contest Entry VIA: Stash, Scraps, Gallery, Discord, or Twitter!If you would like to be pinged for extensions/2 week reminded before the contest ends, please DM me! (Discord is pref. DA rarely notifies me!) Discord: askjuliastuff#8544 What's Allowed:Splitting your submission (drawing 1 char per pic) This will only count as 1 entry!Gore/ BloodTraditional or Digital art Collabing with another artist! (The prize money will be split 50/50)Fully rendered image with a SIMPLE backgroundMixing/Matching different ARC outfits. You are also free to make your own outfits!!!!!What's NOT Allowed:NSFW or P*rn (Please note, there are minors in the fandom and I don't want them to see it)Sketches and Chibis do not count!Tracing, using bases, or stealing/belittling other entries!Blank background‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ Helpful Contest Info! ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙For this contest, I will judge off your portrayal! How do you see/perceive my series and characters? I always adore seeing people's POV's and theories!Want some tips?Angst to your heart's content! I wanna see them Niagara Falls/Water works!You're more than welcome to comment your own theories! It makes me happy and definitely adds to your score Also feel free to point out symbolisms you see n such! I really want to see how you interpret things!What do I score on?Emotion: How do you want ME, the judge to feel? What is your entry trying to portray? Remember, this contest is all about YOUR portrayal.Creativity/Symbolism: Please don't shove random symbols together. Make sure they fit your entry/portray some sort of theme/story! What makes YOUR entry stand out from everyone elses?Your Theories/thoughts on charas/ext:I thoroughly enjoy seeing people's interpretations, head cannons, theories n such!!! Do you believe certain characters hate/like each other for a reason? Why do some chara symbolisms tie in with others (ext)
Sirius+Izushi ContestMy time here on DeviantArt is slowly coming to a close. As coming back was actually a really good thing for me. It helped me get my confidence in my art back up and I made a lot of good friends. Don't worry I'm not leaving completely as I'll still try to answer to any DMs and post art every now and then. As I'm now getting more active on my Instagram ,I did want to atleast leave something behind. So I suppose this is a contest for Sirius also known as Hoshi Naomi my BNHA OC. ᏒᏬᏝᏋᏕ ☆There aren't many. As this is my first contest so I won't be so strict or picky.☆In order to participate simply fav and share this journal.You may enter as many entries as you wish as it can increase your chances of winning.Deadline: December 31 2020 ᏖᏂᏋᎷᏋ Kiss Hurt/Comfort or Angst Fantasy Stars! ᏋᏁᏖᏒᎥᏋᏕ Digital Art Traditional Art Literature Anything you'd like! ᏒᏋᎦᏋᏒᏋᏁፈᏋᏕ ,,, ᏁᎧᏖᏋ You can make a entry of Hoshi by herself or you can make a ship entry of Izushi; your entry doesn't have to be in BNHA style, be as creative as you want! And you don't have to stick to Hoshi's hero outfit or her school uniform. You may dress her in anything you'd like. However this is her fantasy outfit:, ᎮᏒᎥፚᏋᏕ 1st Place!☆5000 Points☆☆Pixel Art Piece☆☆3 Other Art Pieces of Your Choice [1 Full Body MAX]☆2nd Place!☆1500 Points☆☆Chibi Art Piece☆☆2 Other Art Pieces of Your Choice [No Full Body]☆3rd Place!☆500 Points☆☆Flat Art Bust Piece☆☆1 Art Piece of Your Choice [No Full Body]☆Honorable Mention!☆A Fully Colored Headshot Piece☆Thank you so much again for all the love and support and I hope you participate and have fun!
Aesthetic Chibi SET POINT (CLOSE) by pastelaine-art
Christmas Glaceon by Impatients
Help me with design with prizes CONTEST o-oIf you would share the post, I would be SUPER happy ♥♥Hello dear ones. I have a problem. I've been messing around for weeks and just can't get any further. Somehow I'm always dissatisfied. With him. Ryan o-o The only one of my characters who doesn't have a ref sheet yet. At first I was just dissatisfied with his outfit, but now it's also his hair that bothers me. And this is where you come in.You have until November 15th, 2020 to make a design with your hair and clothes. You can use the ready-made sketches for this or you can draw something yourself. It doesn't have to be big. A colored sketch is sufficient for this. But it has to be colored o-o Finally I evaluate the pictures. Depending on how many register, I will extend the registration period. The three best designs receive prizes from me. 1st place 1 full body with or without a background 2 headshots with and without background 1 Chibi2nd place 2 headshots with or without a background 1 Chibi3rd place 1 headshot with or without a backgroundAll pictures can be ordered in my normal or comic style.Now some information about Ryan. He's a wolf person. In his world, wolves are the rulers and cats are the subordinates. He is 19/20 years old and has a few slaves himself. He belongs to a rich and influential family of entrepreneurs. He is very dominant and always has a grin on his face.And that's basically it. I'll put in a few more sketches of what I've imagined with him so far. But completely different things are very welcome. Be creative. I would be very happy ♥,,,,,,,Inspiration Hair,Inspiration Outfits,Attendees@flokendraws @ChibiCinnabun @GeorgeFrost3 DeutschHallöchen ihr Lieben. Ich habe ein Problem. Seit Wochen bin ich am rumwerkeln und komm einfach nicht weiter. Irgendwie bin ich immer unzufrieden. Mit ihm. Ryan o-oDer einzige von meinen Charakteren, der noch keinen Ref Sheet hat. Erst war ich nur mit seinem Outfit unzufrieden aber inzwischen sind es auch die Haare die mich stören. Und hier kommt ihr ins Spiel. Bis zum 15.11.2020 habt ihr Zeit ein Design mit Haaren und Kleidung zu machen. Dafür könnt ihr die vorgefertigte Skizzen nehmen oder ihr zeichnet etwas selbst. Es muss nichts großes sein. Eine farbige Skizze ist dafür völlig ausreichend. Farbig muss es aber sein o-oSchließlich werte ich die Bilder aus. Je nachdem wie viele sich melden, werde ich die Anmeldefrist verlängern. Die drei besten Designs bekommen von mir Preise.Platz 1 Fullbody mit oder ohne Hintergrund2 Headshots mit und ohne Hintergrund1 ChibiPlatz2 Headshots mit oder ohne Hintergrund1 ChibiPlatz1 Headshot mit oder ohne HintergrundAlle Bilder können in meinem Normal- oder Comicstil bestellt werden.Nun ein paar Infos zu Ryan. Er ist ein Wolfsmensch. In seiner Welt sind Wölfe die Herrscher und Katzen die Untergebenen. Er ist 19/20 Jahre alt und hält selbst ein paar Sklaven. Er gehört zu einer reichen und einflussreichen Unternehmerfamilie. Er ist sehr dominant und hat eigentlich immer ein Grinsen auf den Lippen.Und das war es im Grunde auch schon. Ich stell noch ein paar Skizzen rein, was ich mir bisher bei ihm vorgestellt habe. Vollkommen andere Sachen sind aber sehr gerne gesehen. Seid kreativ. Ich würde mich super freuen ♥
Cuties Adopts (CLOSED) by xAdoptablesForAllx
Axolotl Adoptables (CLOSED) by Fresita0004
Adopts (CLOSED) by xAdoptablesForAllx
Banner Contest
CREMISI #3 Kickstarter RAFFLE  [OPEN] by SayakoRush
Mascot Contest
[CLOSED] Commission Chibi Watercolour UPDATE 11/09/2020:Commission will be closed to complete current log. Thank you. Stay tune for announcements. UPDATE 09/09/2020:No longer limited to one character.UPDATE 06/09/2020:If you don't want to wait for too long, you can order a non-background commission.UPDATE 28/08/2020:I apologize for not updating this journal. We were able to move! Things are still in disarray and we only have a small chair as furniture. Please help us in our new beginning at worst times. UPDATE 27/07/2020: I have to postpone taking commission for a while. I got a serious matter to attend to but--- be on watch for new deviations. For the commissioner, don't fret. I'm not abandoning the project. UPDATE 02/06/2020: I posted an Eclipse version of the journal so that I would be able to send updates for commissioners, watchers and interested parties. Somehow I figured how the current journal works. To order a commission, please do comment below on this journal. If you put a comment on the old journal, no worries. I will still update the old one together with this Eclipse version. I just cannot put too many fancy emoticons and borders anymore. Link to the original journal: HERELife Update: Quarantine status on the capital has been downgraded to GCQ while our current area still remains on GCQ. People who are based on capital can now start to work. My relatives wanted us to get out of their house. My mom went to the nearest LGU. Even though there’s a verbal agreement with witnesses, my relatives are eager to kick us out. They removed the room’s AC and now we got a huge hole. I’ll find ways to fill the gap. Crossed-fingers to me! UPDATE 21/05/2020: As of 16/05/2020, our area’s quarantine status has been downgraded to GCQ (General Community Quarantine). People can go now outside to get basic necessities and essential services. Still one person per household with quarantine pass can get through checkpoints. Businesses are allowed to operate at certain period of time. Non-essential businesses are closed on Sundays. There is still no public transport. They stopped the free shuttle service. Now you have to walk all the way through. The capital however is under MECQ (Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine). Goods are still scarce (and over-priced). My area is now on GCQ which means I’ll be opening my commission! I’m also offering a new type of commission. Please do read below. The new DA is cranky so note me if I didn’t read your order form on the comment section. NOTICE 20/03/2020: MY MOM JUST CHECKED THE OUTSIDE AND ALL OF THE COMPUTER SHOPS AS WELL AS PRINTSHOPS ARE CLOSED. I DON'T HAVE MY OWN SCANNER SO I HAVE TO HOLD THIS TYPE OF COMMISSION FOR THE MEAN TIME.ALSO, I CANNOT POST NEW ARTWORKS.I'M DOOMED. Minna-san, how are you? It’s Mi. I hope everyone’s doing well amidst of the crisis. We are very unlucky this time. Please take a moment to read. March 16, 2020: We were utterly horrified of the news. Original Post Link How can we survive for a month?!We cannot ask help from our friends. They have their own troubles too. We just moved house recently (We moved to the South Luzon. We are originally from the Central Luzon). We don’t have any friends here. We cannot seek help from the LGU because we are not official residents here. Our moving is untimely. We are extremely low in funds.We need food, drinking water, medicine, laundry soap, cleaning agents, cooking gas and toiletries as well as internet. My cat needs her cat food and litter. My drawing tablet is broken too. I want to earn money to buy supplies and to have funds for a drawing tablet. I want to finish all of my overdue work. I have prevailing medical condition which making me vulnerable and high risk at COVID 19 (I have weak lungs.). My only hope to earn money is through art. I’ll be opening TWO (2) commission types:[TYPE 1] Watercolour Shoujo Chibi Price starts at $16*. (PayPal fee not included.) I accept cash thru PayPal. WORKING AREA: A4*Price depends on commission's details and complexity. [TYPE 2] Watercolour Shounen Chibi Price starts at $16* .(PayPal fee not included.) I accept cash thru PayPal. WORKING AREA: A4 *Price depends on commission's details and complexity.COMMISSIONERS MUST BE OF LEGAL OF AGE TO PLACE AN ORDER. To PayPal Commissioners, please attach your DA Username along with the transaction on PayPal. PayPal fee will be shouldered by the commissioner. Bank transfer is for local commission only. For bank transfer, transaction fee must be paid by the commissioner. A clear scan or photo of the deposit slip must be sent via email. Drawing will start after full verification of payment. Price will increase depends on the complexity of the character/details. Additional charges apply for additional characters.Commissioner can pay in points too or the combination of both cash and DA points. 100 points = $1 Points must not be over 50% for Cash/Points Combo Payment. A commission widget will be made for the transaction. CASH PAYMENT IS HIGHLY PREFERRED AND PRIORITIZED. CAN DO:Boys Girls [NEW] Couples Sexy Characters Animals Furry Anthro Mecha SFW Yaoi SFW Yuri with Background / Scenerywith Calligraphy CANNOT DO:NSFW due to limitation of privacy (I don’t have my own scanner) e.g. exposed genitals (Bare breasts is OK.) You will receive the following files: Images in .png and .jpg format with supporting PSD all in .zip. [!] CONDITIONS [!] Account must be at least 6 months old. PAYMENT MUST BE IN FULL. NO FALSE CHARGE BACKS AND REFUNDS. Drawing will start after I receive the money on my end. I have the right to choose which commission I will accept and reject. There won’t be a wait list. If slots are all taken, please wait for the commission opening. A commissioner can take up to 3 slots. Do keep in mind that taking many slots will not change the conditions and all slots taken must be paid in full before the drawing starts. Date of payment will be posted publicly. If you do not wish to, you may still commission me under ANONYMOUS status but- STILL the date of payment will be posted. I will start doing commissions according to date of completed full payment. NO EXTREME REVISIONS. NO RUSHED WORK! I work with traditional media and uses technique which requires a lot of water. Sketches are detailed too.To order, please comment with this form:Username: Commission Type: Mode of Payment: Cash/ DA Points / Bank Transfer Email Address: Number of Slots: Character Reference: Character Details: Please make a brief and concise description of your character. I enjoy reading but I do not have the luxury of time due to current situation. Please understand. No hiding of order forms. Comments with discouraging notes will be automatically flagged as spam. Notes are for additional questions. Don't note your order unless I didn't read your comment. NOTICE: PRICE ARE FOR NON-COMMERCIAL aka PERSONAL USE only. For commercial use, we can discuss it further in notes or email. Due to COVID 19, I cannot send the original piece for the safety of both parties. Also, the commissioner must agree with the TOS. I will send an electronic TOS in pdf via email. The commissioner must be able to sign the TOS and send the signed TOS on my email. The TOS also serves as a receipt. SLOTS: 1. [TYPE 2] STATUS: PAID [22/05/20-PHTPERIOD: SKETCH PHASE [BACKGROUND] (Main Figure-OK) REPORT: DONE PROGRESS: 20%2. [TYPE 2] STATUS: PAID [22/05/20-PHT]PERIOD: RESEARCH PHASEPROGRESS: 95%3. [TYPE 2] STATUS: PAID [22/05/20-PHT]PERIOD: RESEARCH PHASEPROGRESS: 70%4. [TYPE 1]STATUS: PAID [06/09/20-PHT]PERIOD: SKETCH TIMEPROGRESS: 20%RESERVATIONS: I regret to inform you that I won’t entertain reserving/holding of slots. Please do place your order with money/points ready at hand. Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Deviantart | Pixiv | Toyhou | Plurk
Literature Contest: Time of DayHello, and welcome to BlossomingLiterature's second official writing contest! We thought we'd bring our group back with a bang! Read on for rules, guidelines, and PRIZES, because we all know what you care about. Prompt: Time of DayWrite any form of original prose that has a focus on a time of day. It could be morning, noon, evening, midnight, whatever you want. The time of day does not have to be the main character or subject, but it should not feel accidental to the work, either!Feel free to get a little creative with this. If you take a twist on it, we suggest putting an explanation of your time of day in the description of your piece.(Examples: Stars | Morning Hours | Nights in June)Rules & GuidelinesDeadline is July 1st.Your work should be 100-2,000 words.It can be any form of original writing. Short story, poem, flash fiction, vignette, dramatic writing, creative nonfiction! We do ask that it is not fanfiction nor part of a chaptered story, though it is okay to use your OCs as long as the entry itself is standalone.Any genre is okay. However, entries for this contest should not require a mature content warning. If you want to check what fits under mature content, dA has a page here.Please submit your entry to the Time of Day contest folder in our gallery. Relatedly, you must be a member to enter this contest. Please go to our page to see instructions on joining if you are not already a member!Only one entry per person! You may replace one entry with a new one before the deadline if you wish.The piece should be something you have written for this contest. It should include in the description that it was written for BlossomingLiterature's contest and include a link to this journal.Have fun!!  : JudgingEntries will be judged on technical writing ability, style, incorporation of the plot, and creativity (or "wow-factor"). Entries will NOT be judged either randomly or through popularity. The two judges will be Porsheee and Nocturnaliss. They will read every entry.PrizesFirst Place $15  or 1,200 or 3 months core from Porsheee200 from donationsA journal feature from @asahi-taichouFeedback from both admins on a deviation of their choice.A critique from @xbeccalouisex on a deviation of their choice.A special feature in the group, with a blurb and three stories of their choice. AT TEN ENTRIES: Another $15  or 1,200 or 3 months core from PorsheeeAnd most importantly, bragging rights!Honorable MentionsIf there are more than ten entries, we will also choose a few honorable mentions.Honorable mentions will be featured below the winner in the special journal and may each choose one deviation to be featured in it.You get bragging rights too EntriesFFresh StartAs the dark sky slowly began to diminish, itTTimeslip“Anderson! Fancy meeting you here. Timeslip gotAAngel's Number2:22 in the afternoon... It's been 2 years since ISSunsetI always find myself at the day's end LightMMidnightIn midnight clear no voices near for everyone isDonation FeatureIf you donate prizes, we will feature a deviation of your choice here! See donation information here. TThe Ghosts of Our ChoosingSheila had always lived her life helping no oneNNight Chaser02:37am 22nd July - depart from London by


Hello, everyone! Do you want your character to be drawn in floral background like the picture below?

Snow Miku 2019 by Qeisvara   Kanroji by Qeisvara

Oops, did I say I only draw characters? Nope, I can draw objects too!

Yakult Boba by Qeisvara   Teko by Qeisvara

Worry not, I can help you with that :D I'm open for floral commission.  See the journal to know about the details! My work is done in 3 to 7 days after payment!
Psst, if you're commissioning me, you're helping me pay my tuition fee, and that's really really helping me! q w q
More example of this style

You don't like floral background? Do you prefer a regular drawing? I can help you with that too! Please take a look at my journal to know about the details!

[c] Kazaka and Ayami Wedding by Qeisvara [C] Bea by Qeisvara

More example of this style

My commission price is affordable with many kinds of choice! I hope you're interested~
One last thing, you can also commission me through Fiverr :)

Have a great day everyone!
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Fanart Contest for my farming rpg game Pumpkin Days on Steam. 
1st prize is $100 and other cash prizes and steam keys to the game. 
Deadline Jan 8th 2021

Pumpkin Days Fanart Contest! 1st place $100
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I'm holding a Draw My OC contest!!Heart :happybounce: Deadline is December 31th,2020 
1000 POINTS+ ART - Catstudio7's Draw My OC Contest
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I'm holding a character design contest! :dummy:
The grand prize is $50 USD + 1 chibi + 1 experimental bust.

All information can be found here:
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~ 100+ Watchers Art Contest! ~ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ Hello everyone! It’s been a while! While I am busy working full time (now a manager!!) I have decided it's finally time to leave this with you~I am here to bring you the long overdue surprise I spoke of in my 100 watchers drawing post! First of all, I'm going to do the super duper corny thing and say, to everyone that has gotten me this far, thank you! I am so overwhelmed by your wonderful comments and positive reactions to my art, and the growth that my account had experienced in just those two weeks was immense; in that short time I have received dozens of amazingly positive comments, I have developed an art request system that helps promote those who support me, and I have even managed to get my first ever commission, something that I thought was not going to happen until I was much further along in my art journey!Not even in my wildest dreams did I think I could so quickly make it to 100 watchers. I have so many plans for the future that I am excited to share with you, one of them being this art contest!♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ Even when I would daydream about gaining this kind of popularity, my goal has always been to find a way to give back to the people who support me. And so, to start giving back to you guys, I would like to begin by having one of many contests to come! If you are interested, please read the following information!♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ~General Information~My goal is to hold a contest once a month OR once every other month* in attempts to: ♡ Give exposure to budding artists who need a head start! ♡ Help give supportive feedback for improvement! ♡ Give them a core membership for their hard work and improvement!(* provided funds are available for me to pay for the memberships)Every contest will have a theme that will challenge you to improve yourself and think dynamically. The theme will be announced on the post itself announcing that month's contest and, after it is posted, you will have three weeks to come up with a work of art! I will be giving away three 1 month core memberships to three people that I believe show the most potential for improvement! ♡ Details for entry will vary every month depending on theme, but please follow the Contest Guidelines down below for basic entry! ♡♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ~Contest Guidelines~Who is this contest for/what is it about?This contest is for my followers, both new and pre existing, who are interested in improving their art. It is intended for small artists who are looking to build a following and develop their skills further. Because I don't want to leave room for the potential for these smaller artists to get outshone by people with lots of experience, I have guidelines in place to protect that ♡Please do not enter this contest if: ♡ You have more than 5 years of drawing experience ♡ You have more than 500 watchers at the time of entry♡ You have a successful alternate social media account for your art with more than 500 followers (ex. Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr etc.)♡ You plan on unfollowing me/blocking me/reporting me/etc. if you don’t win the contestPeople who should consider entering!:♡ Those who are new to art with less than 5 years of experience!♡ Those that are new to DeviantArt!♡ If you are a new artist looking to improve yourself! All ages are welcome! As you may have noticed, I added one very important detail to the do not enter if list; please do not enter this contest if you plan on unfollowing me, blocking me, reporting me, or harassing me if you do not win this contest. Because of the nature of this contest, as mentioned a few times in this post, it is highly recommended if you don’t win one month to enter the next, as it highly increases your chances of winning every month you enter!Additionally, bullying or harassment of fellow competitors will not be tolerated to any degree and will result in your account potentially being reported for harassment/spam. You will also be disallowed from entering in the future.If you experience bullying from somebody as a result of being a competitor in this contest, please send me a note and I will resolve it as soon as possible.♡ Let’s make this fun and light, ok? The last thing I want to do is hurt your feelings, I super promise! ♡♡What do I draw?Each contest will have a different goal, however there will always be the underlying theme of improving yourself! And, because of the nature of self-improvement, your odds of winning this contest will greatly increase every month you enter; I will be able to see how you have improved every month!♡ Disclaimer: In order for this contest to begin, there needs to be at least 5 people participating within the first week of the contest. If there are not enough people the contest will be cancelled, nobody will receive memberships, and we will wait for the next month to begin another contest ♡♡ Despite each contest being slightly different, these general rules will always apply (unless otherwise specified) ♡: ♡ I want to see your original work (no fanart please)! This might include drawings of animals, your OC’s, pictures drawn from life, or anything else of the same nature! ♡ They can be drawn in whatever style you are most comfortable with (realistic, cartoon, anime, etc.)♡ Can be in colour or black and white using any traditional media available to you (including, but not limited to, Copic markers, pencil crayons, graphite, etc.) OR in any digital drawing program of your choosing (Photoshop, Paint Tool Sai, Paint, etc.)♡ The drawing does not have to be of a character, it can be of any object of thing you wish to draw as long as it relates to the theme of that month♡ Traditional drawings can be scanned or photographed; photos of traditional drawings must be taken clearly in natural or artificial light with no glare or else I can’t fairly judge them!)♡ Please do not use characters from character building apps or websites (ex. Gacha Life) for your entry. Must be drawn by you! ♡ No tracing or bases please! I want to see where your skill level is at with just your own observational skills! As this contest is all ages, please do not draw work with the following: ♡ Sexually explicit imagery AND/OR images containing fetishied or perverse themes♡ Images depicting intense violence or abuse (some gore and sensitive themes are accepted, just please use your common sense; don’t submit anything you wouldn’t want your parents or a younger sibling to see : )♡ If you submit work containing any of these themes you will be disqualified and I don’t wanna do that! Please use your discretion when submitting ♡♡In addition to the drawing, every month I will include a few simple questions for you to answer to help me better understand you and your art! (these questions will be listed with that month’s contest theme in the description of the post)♡What are the entry rules?So, how do you enter? Good question! Here’s a checklist of everything you need so you can compete!:✓ You must be watching me on DeviantArt ✓ Answer the required monthly questions in the description box of your contest upload✓ Have less than or equal to 500 watchers at the time of your upload✓ To not have a successful social media account with more than 500 followers at the time of entry✓ Submit one drawing up uploading it to DeviantArt, with the questions in the description, and link it to that month's contest announcement post (such as this one)That’s all you need to enter and win!♡What kind of work is likely to win?This will vary depending on theme, but drawings with the following will be more noticeable and more likely to win this competition!: ♡ Drawings that are clear and easy to understand ♡ Drawings that demonstrate a basic understanding of, or at the very least an interest in learning, anatomy, perspective, and shading♡ Those who respond to the monthly questions as honestly and professionally as possible♡ Most importantly, drawings that demonstrate clearly how you have improved over timeI’ve finished my drawing! Where do I upload my work?Just upload it to your DeviantArt page and put the link to it in the description of the monthly post! You are allowed to edit your work as many times as you wish within the timeframe of the contest. Please do not edit your work or change the deviation after the contest period has ended; there are very simple ways for me to check this in the actual data of the image, so please don’t cheat!What could I win? I want to be able to support artists looking to grow their fanbase and improve themselves. I’m giving away three 1 month Core Memberships to help give them the tools they need on this website to do things like: ♡ Give their pages a more stylized or professional look! ♡ Give them statistical details about their work so they can produce more of the art their fans like the most!♡ Change a regrettable username to something more suited for their page!♡That sure was a lot of info! Thanks for reading! Please look in the description of this upload to see the deadline, theme, and questions for this month’s contest! Good luck to everyone, and thank you so much for your support! ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥...
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little star Contest ends June 22nd! Three winners will receive a core membership! little star 
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