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If anyone catches 44,444 page view kiriban and sends me a screenshot, gets 50% off of any type commission I offer! :] I can no longer offer freebies  cause of lack of time and I'm considering to raise the prices & update everything, as I'm more experienced now and also developing my skill and technique during my art college studies - second year going strong woohoo! 

So if you catch it and don't want to commission me, it's fine! But if someone around the 44,444 kiriban will message me that they were close & want to commission and send me a screenshot, I'll let them have the 50% off. The first person to do that, tho. 

I'm growing up and my hobby is now turning into my job - that I love to do and enjoy, and the center of my studies, this is now what I do, all that I do, all that I know and understand. I love being an artist, being the artist. :]

I hope everyone has an amazing New Year and sweet Christmas, have fun!


See commission info here and examples here


Hello dA! America, money and popsicles.

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 4, 2013, 8:33 AM

Hi everyone :aww:
I bet that most of you are like who's dis?! Why am I watching you?! 
Yes, it's been a while, but hey, I'm done with my first year of studies, which is like whuuuut, cause I never thought I'd get to do this in the first place, but it's pretty awesome that one can study art! I mean.. art! It's so deep.. o.o

I have summer for drawing my own stuff, which means that I can actually do commissions, so whatever it is you need, please do contact me! I just spent my whole savings to pay for a ticket to... *drumroll* America! My whole family is going to a wedding there and I literally have 6 dollars on my card, I yesterday wanted to order a book online and.. couldn't. :'D It's all gone, omg so expensive. And I still need to pay for hotel and all that jazz, so basically - any kind of commissions - sketch, lineart, color, character, portrait, illustration, business card or anything - I WANNA DO IT! Info here:… Examples: my whole gallery and…

You can always follow me on instagram or twitter, as I post sketches and wips from time to time and any other things that are happening in my life, so find me using my alias TheArta on any major social networking sites. That is it for now, I hope everyone's doing okay and hello new watchers, did anyone tell you that you're awesome? 

P.s. I lied about popsicles. 

Receiving the inadequate. Your experience?

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 4, 2012, 3:08 AM

I've been meaning to talk about similar things in the past, but as this happened to a dA friend of mine, I think it's time to bring this up!

You know how everyone can do commissions? It's a free land and there is no certain standard as to the level of quality your arts have to be, to take commissions. When you feel like you could do it, you try and go for it, if you are lucky [or known] you will get commissioned eventually.

I started taking commissions a year or maybe two ago, but I have wanted to do it since forever [okay, 4 years ago]. But each time I felt like I could do it, I asked myself - can I do it right? Will they like what they have paid for? Maybe I'm lacking? There a million better artists then me, why would anyone pick me..

Further on I still was not sure; maybe there is a special requirement as to what is a commission and how it should be presented. So I searched for infos, lots of infos on it; read what other people are offering, what rules are usually followed. I started reading about file formats, file sizes and tried to understand what would be appropriate - what would be good for printing, what for previewing in the browser.

Now back to my dA friend, nom-nom-pancake who's art is just borderline high quality, she recently commissioned someone. In my head I just think ermahgerd I thought only people who don't draw commission people who draw!

And as a great artist, you obviously expect certain quality and in her case, she basically got a 900x600px picture. No one is saying it was drawn badly [as much as I heard, it is pretty awesome], but 900x600?! When you print out a picture like this, it is basically the size of a sneeze! Which is around 7cm one way or another. That is just not appropriate. As a digital artist you have to understand what are you doing.  It's not just opening photoshop and hitting random numbers in the canvas size slots and hope it just might be right.

When you are commissioned, the first thing you should do is ask the commissioner about sizes, maybe there is a specific one they prefer, if they have no idea what they want - you, the artist, offer them what you can do. I usually try to stick with A4 size of canvas with 300 dpi/ppi. It is actually a ''kind of'' heavy file, especially when you start painting and layering, and editing, and whatnot! You should also consider the performance of your computer.

Once, when I was still in certain confusion about layers and file sizes and what is appropriate, I ended up with a small painting [for myself], which I loved and wanted to print. It was larger then 900px, but still was small. And I was not happy with myself. Facepalm.

Actually, I am currently making most of my digital art A4, which is approx 21x29 cm [feet and inches people, please convert yourself] and I have printed them out as A3 size artworks and the quality is decent if not great, so it is not entirely impossible to get a HQ print from a small-er artwork. But not from small. I believe you can manipulate with sizes and prints, if you know what you are doing and if you know when to stop.

What I'm trying to say, just study certain things, before you do commissions. Basic knowledge is that you draw a HQ original file, get paid and then you send the HQ file to the buyer. Then you can upload a lower quality piece to post on the interwebs. But this must be mentioned/discussed before taking the commission, because some buyers might not want it posted online, but as an artist, every artwork is exposure and you might even charge more, if the work stays hidden. When posted online, nothing can be taken down, it's forever there and the sad truth is that anyone can go grabby-hands on it.

Even the greatest art in low quality is not a fair share for the person who awaited your masterpiece. If I ever come to any issues with the person that commissioned me, I talk it out, try to reason with the person, maybe consider partial or even full refund. Oh, wait! That has never happened, because I know what I am doing and how to discuss things prior! I hope it never comes to that.

Artists - please learn your bit.
Commissioners - discuss, never argue.


Dean's List! OMG! [and WIP previews!]

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 21, 2012, 2:37 AM

GUYSES I'M ON DEAN'S LIST! OH my gooosssh! I've heard this phrase only in movies, but now it's on my grade report, is this real life? I mean, I've been working SO hard and I mean like frickin' just exhausted at some Sunday nights catching the deadline, aahh... but I made it, my first quarter at SCAD is a success!  I'm so happy, I can't even. ;u; My GPA is 4.0 in all three classes - Drawing, Design and English composition. Design class was the one I almost didn't make it, got 90.88%, but pulled through!

Next quarter starts Jan 7 and I'll have public speaking class..... do not want. That I will fluke. But I have time to draw things till then! So yay! And here are two previews of WIP stuff:

One is a commission and one is just practice. By the way, if anyone wants a commission - please ask me! C:

How are you doing? :heart:

My Website Update, visit me? C:

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 2, 2012, 7:24 AM

Hiiii. :heart:

Yesterday I finally moved my website and took a different approach to displaying my artwork. It would be really nice if you visited it here:

t h e a r t a . e u

There is also a guestbook link on the top, so I would be really happy if you took advantage of it and posted a comment, maybe your thoughts of the site? Or feedback on artworks? :]

Thank you so much for visiting!

P.s. if for some reason the website doesn't work, please tell me and also the browser you are using. C:


. Is that a fish cracker? . by TheArta

This school thing.

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 19, 2012, 11:23 AM

I've been drawing, writing, reading, critique-ing, discussing and learning all day everyday for the past week and now till this day.
I've learned so freaking much already.

And I'm doing pretty good in the drawing class... <u<

I've checked dA barely twice and my whole day basically consists of studying and I regret nothing, I will make it, damn it!

*goes back to write two more essays and analyze continuation paths and other srs sh!t*

P.s. Look what I got. Bakuman FTW.

SCAD eLearning is starting

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 4, 2012, 10:15 AM

Hello everyone!

I wanted to update on my life, as it seems like I'm really going to be doing this. This great, big thing for myself, it's gonna be hard. For those who know about what I'm gonna be talking if you read this - - a while ago, then keep on reading, for those who have no idea, please read more here - - and then this post, so there's no questions about ''why?''.

When I wrote that journal, it wasn't clear yet as to if I'm really going to be able to participate in the undergraduate eLearning studies at SCAD due to the expenses, however later that spring [this spring!] I received more scholarships and now I have more then half of the tuition in scholarships, I couldn't believe I got that far, so there was no stopping now. I also managed to get a sponsor to fund at least the first year of studies, plus the help of my family.

Now I'm officially starting this crazy thing next week. I knew I might be occupied with a lot of assignments as I've heard from friends who are already in colleges, but man.. today I finally got to see everything that I will be doing this first quarter. The process is ongoing week by week - every 7 days a new unit starts. Wanna hear what kind of courses I'll be doing? No? Well, screw you! :'D I'm telling.
So, I have 3 courses - Drawing, Design, English. Each course has 10 units. That's 30 units for this quarter [3 months]. Students could choose how many courses to take: 1, 2 or 3 - I chose 3 [smart, very]. Now I have 3 units to finish in one week. All three units [Drawing, Design, English] combined are: approximately 100+ pages of readings, 3+ discussions, reviews&critiques to make on at least 9+ peers in total, 3+ quizzes, ~3 essays, 3+ exercises in drawing and design --- all in ONE WEEK. :'D Then a new week starts and all that, again, from the beginning.. that's gonna be 10 weeks starting next week.

I knew I was going to be like occupied with these things, but now I am looking at all the work and thinking if it's really possible to do, like really.. is it?! O.O Is it really going to be like that - I wake up, do all this everything of this all day till late night, EVERYDAY. O.O I wouldn't know unless I start.

I wanted to write this here as I really have realized that I might not even have time for my daily dose of deviantART as I'd like it. I come here at least once a day to get inspired, as this artsy site is one of the most important ones for me and my creative process, all the feedback and fellow artists, ah. I doubt I'll have free time for making actual illustrations. I still might keep sketching as I do sometimes for not more then 20 minutes, so maybe if it's any good I could update here at least with some sketchdumps or schoolwork [which is not too boring, as I think you don't watch me for my still life drawings, lol :'D]

If you are interested in what I do outside of dA, then following me on TWITTER: - or Instagram [TheArta] might interest you. I frequently take snaps of some sketches or things I'm doing. ^^ Probably gonna update on how my schoolwork is going in short, there as well.

I'm so nervous. ;u; I hope I'll do good, as I have to keep my grades up to not lose my scholarships. ;u;

You can click to see the full size.
It's just notes of what I have to do in on week, everything's approximate,
so I know what I should prepare [tea for readings, hipster glasses for online critiques].
That's around 30 tasks, like, read this, write this, draw this, discuss this - overwhelming! :D

This is a ''what have I gotten myself into'' face.
I hope it'll change soon. ^^''

P.s. and big, public dA THANKYOU to :icontonomurabix: who's always so helpful and helps me get all the supplies from the US. She's awesome, everyone, muchos loves!

~ In hopes of luck being on my side, nyan~

What is your favorite dA group?

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 25, 2012, 11:36 AM

Which one is your most favorite group here on deviantART where you mostly submit your art? If not one, then maybe top three groups you actively submit your art to!

I just cleared out the list of groups I was in and if it wasn't a hundred then I don't even know.. :'D I was like.. in all of them, lol. *exaggerating*
I use only 10 or so of them frequently, so I left the majority I was a member of. As many have become inactive, it was a bother to submit and the deviation then expired after a while.

I'm just looking for something that I might join. ^^

Care to share?

Meet my new sweetheart - Zhanis the hedgehog. C:

Journal Entry: Mon May 21, 2012, 10:21 AM

Hi. ^^
Pet picture time. =D

Some of you who follow my twitter updates or facebook stuffs know this, but those who don't, I want you to meet Zhanis/Žanis! For english speakers it sounds something like ''zha-niece''. 

Zhanis Banner by TheArta

He's a light cream coloured african pygmy hedgehog.

Zhanis500 by TheArta

As hedgehogs are really very extremely shy and cautious pets, it's been almost two weeks and I can sometimes see him uncurl and walk around the desk carefully. All the noises make him jump and hiss and crawl in a ball. :'D But I knew where I was getting myself into and as I'm pretty patient and I've wanted a hedgehog for a couple of years now, I'm up for the challenge of making him my little friend. ^^
They are really uncommon here, I found one person who sells them and just before I wanted to see their hedgehogs, I stumbled upon another one, which was this creamy buddy. C: 

I even took grandmas sewing machine and sew him a snuggle bag. :'D

I think we have pretty similar personalities.. 

Untitled by TheArta


Journal Entry: Wed Apr 25, 2012, 9:57 AM

Forgotenandlost tagged me, I'll be good and do it this time. C:


1. You must post the rules.
2. Each person must post 5 things about themselves in their journal.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create five new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4. You have to choose 5 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
5. Go to their page and tell them you have tagged them.
6. No tag backs.
7. No stuff in the tagging section about "you're tagged if you're reading this". You legitimately have to tag 5 people.


Five things about meh.

I've had my hair coloured/dyed/bleached all the time since the 1st grade. 12 years is it? :'D
I'm never gonna do anything besides something related to artsies.
I like girlie things.
I love tv as in I watch a ton of american tv shows a week plus kdramas and jdramas and youtube subscriptions.. damn tv! But it piles up so fast, I barely keep up..
It took me forever to think these five things and come up with the 5 questions.


Forgotenandlost's Q's.

!. Do you like vocaloid?
Not really. :I But I don't dislike either.
2. On a scale of 1-10 how bored are you at the moment?
2 maybies.
3. Do you like good music? if so what kind?
I don't think there's ''good music''. [But there is bad music however.] For my ears it's all kpop and jrock.
4. Do you like to procrastinate (a.k.a. slack off / be lazy)?
I blame tumblr! And the internets! //Guilty.
5.Is their any consistency in these questions?
What is this, makes my brain think, I don't feel like thinking, therefor I refuse to answer this question. o.o


My questions to the tagged little creatures. ♥

To what song are you listening at the moment? [You aren't? What the hell is wrong with you?! xD Okay.. it's fine if you're at work or idk, your headphones are broken. =.=]
What was the last thing you ate?
Your opinion on Kardashians..?
What is the worst thing about you? =u=
Coke or Pepsi? [If you say Coke, it's cool, if you say Pepsi - I'm considering your argument invalid.]


I tag

& GAGABACHEN... oh wait. was it :icongagbagchen:?

If any of you are really lazy, I'm letting you off the hook... -.-'' :'D

Sale! Large prints, canvas, possible shirts? Whoa.

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 21, 2012, 11:53 AM

Hi everyone! :aww:

As it seems like I'm going to be actually studying to get a degree starting this fall, thanks to scholarships and recognition I received (and worked hard for) recently, there's still a gap in finanses, but I'm much closer then I was while writing this… journal. It's like things are finally getting into places, slowly,  I'm not that lost with everything anymore, I know what I want and for what I'm working for in my life. C:

As I'm going to be one of those starving students [omg, I've always wanted to be one!] I'm selling everything I got! I mean... art-wise! And more or less cheap~ So, if you buy anything, your moneys totally go into my piggy-bank of ''Funds for school - everything counts!'' I'm actually thinking of putting everything in a physical savings box where you can only throw cash in, not snurkle it out after a day to buy new earrings. -.- And I'll also  take money out from my bank account as I use it more frequently then touchable money, that way I really won't get it spent. o.o

Here's how you can support me~ :iconchuuplz:

The framed artsies!

Finally a bunch of pretty, hight quality, glossy prints have been made and they are pretty big! And I also have some paintings and drawings framed, ready to be sold. Here's the thing - the paintings will be brought back to the store/gallery somewhen next week, so if you would want them for the price I offer, which is without the extra store fee, this is the only chance. They aren't as cheap as prints, but I have to offer! If no one wants, it's okay, I'm giving them away to the store next week!
1. 80 USD // 40 LS
2. 60 USD // 30 LS
1 by TheArta1-2 by TheArta
Both are custom framed paintings - acrylics on canvas. Nr 1 has Swarovski crystals which shine and make the painting come to life, see here:…! Nr 2 also has some, but just a few~

3. 30 USD // 15 LS
4. 18 USD // 9 LS
5. 18 USD // 9 LS
6. 20 USD // 10 LS
2 by TheArta
All are framed. Nr 3 is done with watercolours on paper; Nr 4 is mixed - watercolours, Copic markers on paper; Nr 5 is mostly Copic markers on paper; Nr 6 is watercolours, copic markers and pencils on paper. 

7. 30 USD // 15 LS
8. 30 USD // 15 LS
9. 30 USD // 15 LS
3 by TheArta
All are done with watercolours, pencils and markers on paper and are framed.

* Shipping for all of the varies with weight. If you are thinking of getting one, I'd get back to you with the shipping info as soon as possible!

Now to the prints! 

All of them are priced 16 USD // 8 LS
Size for most of them are A3 [like two A4 pages], except the ones that have different croppings [square or a longer rectangle]. 
Here you can see the ones that are printed at the moment, I really like the quality and glossiness and they are not too small nor too big.
If you would like any of these, just tell me the number OR you can choose anything else from my gallery!
*these are examples, originals won't have the larger paper frames you see in these pictures*

4 by TheArta
5 by TheArta6 by TheArta
7 by TheArta
8 by TheArta
9 by TheArta
10 by TheArta
11 by TheArta


I also have these white shirts, they can only be printed white for now, due to them not being vector drawings. 
They are 30 USD // 15 LS  each
Can be ordered, if wanted, but you have to note me details about preferred size and also gender. :'D 
12 by TheArta

* Prints, shirts shipping: 3 USD // 1.50 LS
* Prints won't be bent! 
* I'll include a personal message for everyone. ^^
* If you'll make a photo of yourself and where you've put the print or canvas, I'll give you 10% discount on anything else you buy from me in the future, let it be a print, commission or anything else!
* Everything is shipped from Europe - Latvia. 
* Payment through PayPal, bank transfer or snailmail.

If you would like to purchase any of this, please note me! :note:
Any questions - comment here or note! 

Thank you for your time

LV - Letinjiem only~

Tue Apr 17, 2012, 3:57 AM
ENG - I'll maybe get this article translated or if I'm not lazy, shall do it myself. :'D I'm revealed. ;w;

LV - Tātad. Ja jums cienītie ļautiņi interesē, lūk šeit… var izlasīt rakstiņu, kurš tikko tika publicēts Ķekavas Novada avīzē. Varbūt izdosies mani saprast mazliet vairāk. ^^'' Protams, tur ir mazliet par daudz praise, praise, bet I work really hard. .__. Un daži no šejieniešiem jau laikam zin, ka es netieku vaļā no angliskajiem sa-iespraudieniem, jūtos aizdomīgi, kad rakstu latviski. o.o'' Arī interviņā neiztiku bez ''Amm... kā to sauca'' brīžiem. D8 Pie vainas ir ar valodām pārlādētais cietais man galvā. ^^'' Bet es domāju, ka mūsdienās daudziem tā ir..? Ja? Es ceru..
P.s. cik neražīgi, ka garumzīmes journal titleā nedarbojas. -.-

ENG - Whoa, that was some text to write. Why am I so natively awkward gosh. This is the article in a local newspaper I mentioned in the previous journal, it was weird receiving myself in the mailbox, haha. :'D For now it's in my language only, but as I said, I'll try to translate it. C:


I wanna make a book..

Tue Apr 3, 2012, 4:27 AM
I always have these little ideas, but I can't make one big idea enough for a whole project. I've been thinking about this maybe even a year or more lol. ^^'' I kinda want to draw and write as well and make a book, but not a whole novel, just something interesting, but simple, pretty and not complicated. But it's so hard to start off. Should I do it alone or find someone to do it with or just I don't even know. D:
People [not dA people] who have read my short stuffs that I've made long time ago for school assignments try to persuade me to write and draw, because they believe I can do it, but I have no idea where to start, haha~ I'm glad I can draw+write+translate myself, but the problem is the idea, where the hell is it hiding. xD

In other news, I had an exhibit and tomorrow I'm having some kind of interview I'm assuming for a local newspaper, so that's cool. ^^ Read more+pics here:…

I'll keep thinking. :thinking: by Dead-Deviant

Twitter sketch-away! [open!]

Sat Feb 25, 2012, 8:04 AM
Free sketch giveaway via Twitter~
This was actually an awesome practice and I'd love to do this again! So, here's the thing. I'll do this probably once a week, so if you want a free sketch, you got it. You just have to have twitter and be online around that day when I announce the free sketch giveaway. No, it's not gonna be like only people who get first tweets get picked - everyone will be picked! As I don't have a hundred people waiting in any lines or anything, I can manage to sketch for everyone who asks - even if you ask hours later, you can still ask. C:

• Basically, I'll announce when I'm doing this here on deviantART & Twitter.
• People who  will ask for the sketches that day via twitter will get them.
• I'll take 5-20 minutes per sketch.

The thing is that I just love to draw for you guys! I'm not the greatest artist and this practice helps me a lot, even if I fail miserably while doing these sketches. And you can participate every time I do this, just one sketch per person per that day~

It'll only be this one journal which I'll keep updated.

Is this happening at this very moment?: Yes! April 7 ongoing~

Hi. :aww:
Back in 2008 [or 2009, I can't remember ;-;] I purchased my first graphics tablet and I feel like it's time for me to upgrade to a new one. Not because this one is bad or anything, it's just that as I have worked with it for a couple of years, I now know what I need in a tablet. I'm glad I purchased it back then, even if I had never even touched one before, I got around working with it quite fast. I guess I'm selling this one for someone, who wants to start digital drawing, but doesn't want to spend a fortune or to someone, who just needs a tablet?
It's really great, working without any problems and stands it's ground as a Wacom product! ^^ Has all the sensitivity stuffs and pressure and everything! If you buy it and have not used tablets before, I can help you with setting up some convenient shortcuts for those buttons, if you'd like or simply answer any questions~
ALL of my digital drawings that can be seen in my gallery were made with it. On my youtube you can see speedpaint videos, also drawn with this tablet.

However, as it has been used for quite a while it doesn't look brand new. .___. It has scratches from all the drawing I've done, they don't really interfere with the working process though.

What is included:
* Wacom Bamboo Fun medium black graphics tablet model CTE-650
* USB cable to connect it to your PC, MAC or laptop.
* The special pen with which you draw on the tablet
* Pen stand, which screws open and you can hide your secret little thingies in there
* Two new replacement nibs, one is used and one is in the pen
* Original packaging
* CDs that come with it, I think there was actual drawing software included (I've got all that in the box, can't get it at the moment to show you pictures of that, sorry!)

* 50 EUR or 66 USD or 35 LS
* Plus shipping which I'll know only afterwards, depends on
where you live, but I don't think it's gonna be pricey as it's pretty light :]
* Payment method - bank transfer, PayPal (It'll have a couple bucks fee!)

It has 4 buttons and a scroll/zoom wheel. It's possible to set it to scroll or zoom or something like that, it can be tapped in the lower part and that way it scrolls down the page when using the internet, for example. And when swirling the circle it zoom in and out when using drawing programs. But it's different in SAI/PS - in one you can tap in one swirl. xD Oh, how to explain myself... ~ ^^

Genuine and I got it from America. :]

It's missing two lower.. toes? :'D Little round thingies that are meant for the tablet not to slide I guess, but as I just noticed that, I guess they don't really matter. lol!

Working area is 14x22 cm. It is not the smallest nor the biggest tablet, it's the medium one, note that~ ^^

That's an A4 page placed on it, so you could imagine the size easier. C:

The pen has two buttons and an ''eraser'' at the other end.

Those white thingies are the replacement nibs. :]

* Originally it actually has a mouse included…, works without batteries, has no wires, but must be used only on the active are of the tablet, so it's pretty convenient. But as it has an odd paper+cotton kind of bottom area which is specially made to work on the tablet only, but the bottom is really worn out so I didn't want to include it. It still works absolutely perfectly, if you'd want it, I can include it for extra charge. I bought this tablet because it included a mouse, but it was significantly pricier because of it back then. :I Amazon sells it for 26 bucks… .. I'll add it for .

Okay, so.. anyone? It needs  new home, someone who will take care of it and use it frequently! :heart:

Any questions - please ask! :la:

P.s. please tell your friends, maybe they need one? Thanks! C:

P.s. note me if you are seriously interested!

Watercolour:ed [pic]

Sat Jan 28, 2012, 7:41 AM
Hi~ ^^

I will update with a proper deviation once I get it scanned, but here's a little shot of something while it was a work-in-progress. (◎u◎*)

How are you doin'?

Arta C:

So, I was accepted at SCAD!

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 13, 2012, 9:27 AM

I actually started the application process in September, firstly took the TOEFL english exam [that was not cute and cuddly at all!]. But I didn't want to say anything here about applying in case nothing of this works out, so now, 4 months later I'm telling you, gais. :'D
It was a process of gathering documents, getting them translated by official notary people, getting recommendation letters from three different schools I've attended, writing a resume, a letter of purpose and in the end gathering 15 portfolio pieces. It was hard to choose 15, ugh. ;D; It's like you have no idea of what are they gonna thing, what they'd prefer, what they would hate.

On the night from 11 to 12 January around 2 AM I was about to sleep when my phone buzzed, signaling of a new email. I was all ''Oh, come onnn sleeepies plzzzz.. check tomorroww....''. Two minutes later I just couldn't keep myself from checking what has, in my mind - ebay sent me now. To my surprise it was an email from SCAD [Savannah College of Art and Design] explaining the scholarships and a grand I've received. Then I was: ''Wait wat.'' It was a moment I was waiting for nearly 3 weeks now and the waiting just kills, it's the worst! So I staid up all night calculating and trying to figure out how am I gonna get money for the rest of the tuition, as the scholarships and everything doesn't cover all of it, I'm good just for one semester from three and a little bit for the second semester. Basically. I need money. As every student on this planet. ^^ Four years, three semesters each, roughly, if I keep my grades good and get through these 4 years, it's like one year and one semester is paid for me, which sound so nice at some point.. ;u;

I didn't say anything to my parents for a day as I was still calculating and thinking over things. They know how much I want to study this, but they also know that there is no possible way to pay for it. You know, a person get's to be a starving student just once in their lifetime [if not going to colleges many times in their lives xD] and I think I'd want to experience the problems and later, if I work hard enough - the fruits. There are people who say ''Hells, why you need college, if you're good at what you do, they will hire you anyway!'' But imagine. There are two people for you to choose from to hire: one is a great artist, would do great job for you and the other one is a great artist, would do a great job for you + has a degree. I think it's obvious that it is safer to hire the one with clear experience who has gone through all of the stages of creating something and learned through it.

As I live a few oceans and continents away from SCAD I applied for distance learning, with the new 21st century technology and innovative study curriculum I'm glad this is possible nowadays. I chose graphic design as it's a big part of our everyday lives and it's totally gonna be around in the future. Plus, I love graphic design apart from illustration. C: Some might as why would I ever want distance learning, it's obviously better to attend even a local college, but in person! Well, my life has it's difficulties and my health does not allow that for me. ^^'' This is the only way and I'm just taking my chances. I'm glad that I can get the accredited BFA degree and the workload is the same as on campus. People who have jobs, they usually do this kind of studies as they don't have the time to go to classes, they can take them any time, when it's most convenient to them, which is pretty neat.

Now we're still gonna think about possible options how to gather the funds. We have some ideas, but everything is still in a big fuzzy bag of air. I hope I will be able to one day write a journal here telling about how hard the studies are and how I could pass out from the lack of sleep while doing the assignments. C: I hope.

How are you, gais, cool? 'Sup? :la:


Sat Dec 31, 2011, 9:39 AM


I'm actually listening to a song titled ''Time''… .. :'D

However, I wish you dudes and dudettes a sweet next year! If it's not already started somewhere on this planet. ^^''

And also, it's kinda cheesy, but if I think about it, the dA support has been quite awesome, the feedback helped me a lot this year and I hope for even more during the next one~ :hug: So, thank you!  

The next year, let's hope it's a good one! [I really need some stuff to work out. ^^'']

I'm out!

I love it when this happens.

Mon Nov 28, 2011, 11:00 AM
Ok, I lied.

I broke a brush, I believe it was a sign to raid an art supply store. Which I did. Now I'm broke, but I regret nothing!
Wait.. what's that? Am I painting something? Oh, yes, I am. -u-
Can't show it yet though and I have something digital ready as well, but I'll show that when a certain someone *cough*Keydan*cough* will finish his part. :'D

My sub runs out tomorrow, so farewell to my nice journal skin, I thought of making a kinda pointless entry. ^u^

P.s. K-pop *shakesfist* you've taken over my music almost entirely! Is there a cure for your addiction?

P.s.s. A while ago I took TOEFL english proficiency test, I scored 83, my level is C1… [the highest is C2 *proud muffin* ^U^].


Mon Nov 7, 2011, 4:13 AM
You :+fav: almost everything in my gallery.
Y U NO :+favlove:WATCH?

I know it's kinda obnoxious, but so true.
Okay, I guess I'm a bit guilty of this crime as well.