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Spidey Squad (Read Description) by TheArrow359


Name: Kumo Iga
Alias: Feedback
Age: 17
Race/Species: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 120 cm
Weight: 68 kgs
Likes: Sushi, his partner Zeku Chowa (love interest), web-swinging  
Dislikes: When a mission goes wrong, failing to abide by his Clan's ninja code
Personality: Courageous, headstrong and humourous
Character Background: Having been born into the Spider-Clan, Kumo,  along with the rest of his generation, underwent extensive training in The Way of the Spider and also possessed a unique ability to assist him in his missions. Eventually they would undergo The Bonding Process, in which a ninja would bond with a symbiote to further enhance their abilities as ninja and uphold their Ninja Code: That with great power, there must also come great responsibility. On the day that he was to become Bonded however, he became cocky and careless, resulting in one of his squadmates, Raiki Bunshuu, to die from a Poison. Ever since Kumo has felt extremely guilty for not being able to save him. As a result, he refused the Bonding Process until he had become a better person and a better ninja.
Proficient Skills: Close quarters combat, acrobatics, stealth and infiltration
Non-Proficient Skills: Crowd control, long distance combat.
-[ Light Spider Ninja Armour ] – A suit that provides protection against firearms whilst providing maximum flexibility and versatility.
-[ Feedback ] – Can absorb small amounts of energy and release it.
Power Strengths:
Useful in overloading a building's security system/shutting down power or stunning an enemy
Power Weaknesses:
Cannot absorb large amounts of energy or it will backfire onto himself.

Perhaps the Iron Samurai Clan’s technology may be useful in achieving this

Partner: Zeku Chowa/Raze (Alive), Raiki Bunshuu/Wraith (Deceased)

Important info: Subject has developed an extreme case of guilt over the death of former squad member, Raiki, and has as a result refused the Bonding Process. While this is not an immediate issue, the subject is required to undergo Bonding in the near future to ensure that another symbiote is not lost. Has also developed an attachment to fellow squad member, Zuko. Again, while this is not an issue, steps must be taken to ensure Zuko’s symbiote is not negatively impacted by this development to ensure Bonding remains intact.


Name: Zeku Chowa

Alter Ego: Raze

Age: 17 years

Powers: Wall-clinging, Spider Sense, superhuman strength, speed and durability, camouflage

Skills: proficient in hand-to-hand fights, stealth and espionage

Status: Achieved Bonding

Weapons: Varied

Attire: traditional light spider-ninja armour

Trait: can mimic any sound that she has heard

Strengths: useful for infiltration and stealth

Weaknesses: can only mimic up to 5 sounds at once before ‘forgetting’ one sound. Perhaps memory retention techniques may assist in increasing the amount of sounds the subject can retain?

Partner: Kumo Iga/Feedback (Alive), Raiki Bunshuu/Wraith (Deceased)

Important info: can be unpredictable and prone to restlessness at times, however after undergoing the Bonding Process, subject appears to have relatively mellowed out, though occasional relapses may occur. Bonding with symbiote, designated codename Raze, has proven to be a success. Unknown if the symbiote is affected by its bond-mates interest in squad leader, Kumo. Must be kept under watch for any sign of instability or danger to host.


Name: Raiki Bunshuu

Alter Ego: Wraith

Age: 16 years

Powers: Wall-clinging, Spider Sense, superhuman strength, speed and durability

Skills: proficient in long range weapons, stealth and espionage

Status: Bond terminated, host deceased

Weapons: kunai, bow, shuriken, web bombs, web wire,

Attire: spider cloak with forearm and shin braces

Trait: Teleportation

Strengths: useful in remaining out of sight, can also teleport others and switch positions between them

Weaknesses: short range, can only switch positions with a living organism

Partner: Kumo Iga/Feedback (Alive), Zeku Chowa/Raze (Alive)

Cause of Death: Report given by Kumo, the squad leader, states that he was killed by a Poison.

Important info: Subject’s discovery of treachery within the Spider-Clan has become troublesome. Must be dealt with in order to maintain secrecy. The Master will not tolerate failure. Perhaps an unfortunate accident may befall the subject before he spreads the message to others. Need to keep an eye on the other squad members in the event that the subject tells them. Must assign a new squadmate, preferably one whom is loyal to The Master.


The backstory I have for this universe is that there is a Spider-Clan similar to the one from the MangaVerse Spider-Man only everyone has spider powers. The symbiotes are on earth, specifically they are living peacefully with the Spider-Clan and the ninjas have to train themselves to not give into the symbiotes influence before they can undergo bonding with one.

Bonding with a symbiote is like a coming of age for both the ninja and the symbiote.

Because if you think about it symbiotes are the perfect assassins.

Also you know how my Spidey OC is called Kumo Iga and not Peter Parker?

It’s because the leader of the Spider Clan, is Mysterio who has taken over the Clan and erasing their memories of who they were and is using the symbiotes to create an army of symbiote spider soldiers. Also Zeku Chowa’s real name is Gwen Stacy while Raiki Bunshuu’s was Harry Osborn. Green Goblin and Iron Man (known in this universe as the Iron Samurai) seek to eradicate the symbiotes and Mysterio, though the Spider-Clan members don’t know that they are under Mysterio’s illusion and therefore try to stop them. Another thing to note is that Poisons (The Klyntar's natural predators) exist in this universe too.


03a66bc2-3be3-4492-8ab2-c2a54900772a by TheArrow359   Raiki Bunshuu by TheArrow359   SpiderSona - Zeku Chowa by TheArrow359   6f81d969-07d8-4efb-b7b7-3625f723a47a by TheArrow359   45f50cd7-6a2c-4cdc-a784-e7909ee3f171 by TheArrow359   Dca280f0-4ffa-4611-aa7d-cce80bb3131c by TheArrow359   A744f7f3-8215-4127-90f1-743551ad3d7f by TheArrow359   SpiderSona - Kumo Iga by TheArrow359   C3904bb9-e95a-438c-b4a0-9a418cf5c5ec by TheArrow359   A8988e53-21d4-464d-b4d2-db467816fdfd by TheArrow359   9ab7daa0-9e1b-4c75-9492-177551944ffc by TheArrow359   44117578-3512-41a7-a673-6c641e66add6 by TheArrow359   6a0ac3b1-6499-4811-b42a-6b397512943a by TheArrow359   Iron Samurai by TheArrow359   Image by TheArrow359   Image by TheArrow359   Image by TheArrow359   1e7dec1a-9245-430b-b615-d3b8182ac22d by TheArrow359 (One on the left belongs to YhSuke)


WHEN YOU HAVE 80+ watchers BUT ONLY GET 3-6 favourites and most of the time 0 favourites and rarely any comments on your drawings that you spent a good amount of time doing. 😡😔
I made a Spider-Verse OC!
SpiderSona - Kumo Iga by TheArrow359
Not sure what colours I should give him though. I'm stuck between these two:
Red by TheArrow359   Blue by TheArrow359

What do you guys think? Personally, i'm leaning more towards the Blue version though the Red one looks cool as well. It's up to you guys.

Also I apologise for not doing any art for Christmas or New Year, they will be coming soon. I’ve just had to sort out going to university so I should get back on track soon. Thanks guys and gals you’re all awesome and I wish you all the best this year!
You remember this guy? 
Lucianus by TheArrow359
No? Yeah me neither. So, I am going to redesign him into a Star Wars OC as a Sith!
IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: The story I am writing with my partner Miss-Thunder, A New Dawn, will be on hiatus for the next 2-3 weeks. There will be no new chapters until then. 
Okay I have forgotten who is in my squad (I currently have Orion and Tom) for the Calamity AU. I know that Nightheartsong (Xuxa), Lady-Midor-I (Ammie) and Miss-Thunder (Myrka) is in it but who else is?


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I love all things My Hero Academia,TMNT, Video Games (Like Warframe), making jokes and having fun!
While my art isn't as flashy as other Deviants who use PaintToolSAI and whatnot, I work with what I've got. Mostly because I can't really use software like that because all I have is a mouse to draw.

Favourite TV Series ATM: My Hero Academia

All in all, I'd say I'm not doing too badly for someone who only uses pencil and paper to draw. Whatever floats my boat.


I wouldn't mind getting an electronic drawing pad though.

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