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Hello everyone.

I joined DeviantArt since 2014 after I got interested with linux desktop customisation (thanks to Numix Gtk theme), I started to dig some CSS stuff in Numix Gtk theme to find how the fuck it works, then I published my own mod of Numix Gtk theme featuring colorshemes from Moka/Orchis by Sam Hewitt in DA, it's called VOLD (well bad name, I steal it from my country's local musician/singer 'motto', it actually originally called Numoka, but I changed it with no reason, also I realised it's more like updated version of Numix Arctic theme, another mod of Numix Gtk theme with same color set). and it works, but it's still continuing........

In late 2014, I released another Numix mod for Openbox/tint2 setup (with Gtk2 theme based on OWL Gtk2/Openbox suite) called Flatbond (crazy name, no idea.....), it's inspired from someone's linux desktop setup at Indonesian community board site Kaskus, then modified version of GNOME default 'Adwaita' for Xfce desktop called Adwaita-Xfce (it no longer available on DA since mid-2018). In early 2015, I released 'dodgy sequel' of Flatbond called Pastel/Flatbond 2, also sequel of Vold theme inspired by Material Design and Windows 10 MDL2 called VOLD 2: THE NEXT CHAPTER, and final work before hiatus called UNITE GTK THEME

And then I'm 'hiatus' since mid-2015 because my laptop is broke.............

Yes, I'm hiatus because my laptop is broke (unusual overheating, HDD fucked up......)

In mid-2018, I'm back to DA again with 'teasing' new work

Yes, it happened, after I'm playing with Adwaita theme Sass file to make brand-new theme, called (Project) Beaucoup (now it's called Tetra)

What's NEXT?

maybe i'm working again with new Gtk theme suite, and potential about releasing Numoka/VOLD as Oomox colorscheme, but it would be named 'Orchis' instead, referring to original Orchis Gtk theme by Sam Hewitt



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i use linux

just for
ricing stuff


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