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Men's Raglan Tee Pack

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Good for logos, slogans and all styles of print, the Raglan/Baseball Tee is extremely popular all over the world and goes well with all sorts of outfits, or simply on it's own.

Add your designs to the mock ups included and see them morph around the folds with the use of Smart Layers.
Great for showing off your latest tee line-up for feedback, for branding projects and more!

With the .psd open, simply double click this icon on the Red Artwork Layer:
The V-Neck Mock Up by TheApparelGuy
Replace the existing mesh layer with your artwork, save the separate .psb (Ctrl/Cmd+S) and let the mock up do the rest!
Change the Tee and Background colors as you like and there you go! Ready to put online.

  • Short, 3/4 and Long Sleeve Versions
  • Customisable colors for the:
    • Torso
    • Shoulders
    • Collar
    • Tag
    • Background
  •  Artwork Masks for seamless design transfer
  • Easy to use design placement with the use of Smart Layers
  • Photorealistic Shadow and Highlight Layers
  • Front and Back Views Included
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I get the following error when I save the artwork layer:

The system cannot find the file specified

I use Windows 10 and Photoshop CS6 13.0 x64
How can I resolve this problem?

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That's an odd one, have you tried moving the raglan PSD files to a seperate folder and re-saving?
It may just be an issue with the directory find on your version of photoshop.
I myself have never experienced this and have not heard of it happening with other users.

If the problem persists, I'll help how I can, however you may need to contact Adobe.