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Gildan Style Tee v3.0

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The most popular plain tee makes an appearance for you
to design onto...once again!
See just what it would look like on a basic GILDAN Style tee.

Customise colors
Artwork Mask for seamless design transfer
Photorealistic Shadow and Highlight Layers
Front, Front-Side and Back Views
Custom Tag

Another great template from:

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Instagram - theapparelguy

Use this to make the tee look even more realistic with a swatch of the Gildan Colors straight from their own palette.
All named seperately for ease of use
Gildan Apparel Colour Swatches by TheApparelGuy

TheApparelGuy is in no way associated with Gildan® and this template is for promotional use only.
©2011-2016 TheApparelGuy

The purpose of our products are to help save costs on promotional marketing. This product includes a full commercial license to feature images saved as a result of this template. There is no restriction on usage or inclusion of Tait or TheApparelGuy(TM) logos and branding.

Re-distribution of this original PSD template, modified or un-modified is illegal and will result in a penalty and legal action.

The purchase of this product has no guarantee on whether not your product will be more successful in it's sale. Products are subject to their design and print quality and will not necessarily result in increased sales when using our product. No refund will be offered based on this premise.
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© 2013 - 2021 TheApparelGuy
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how can i buy it?

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hello, i'm from indonesia and i want to buy your mock up design but i don't have a credit card or paypal account? I only have a BCA debit card

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Alguém tem o download free? download free please! <3
TLT25's avatar
Does this template work on gimp?i have already purchased it because i love the look.. if so do you know of any instructions or tutorials im having trouble changing colours and editing things sorry i am quite new to this
jclopes's avatar
muito bom seu trabalho parabens!!!
gumby43's avatar
I get the fact that you want to charge for this and that is cool but take it off the website that says it is free!!!!
TheApparelGuy's avatar
Hello there, apologies you heard it was for free. If a 3rd party website has previously stated this and have not updated it recently, there's not a lot I can do as it is theirs' to change. I have no listings stating this product is free myself.

Many who have paid for the Mock Up have enjoyed it and said it was worth the price. I would hope you, yourself would feel the same of purchased.

If you would like to contact the site that featured the product, about the changes, you can feel free to do so.

Again, apologies for any misleading information you may have received.

Kind regards,
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will i be able to create my own design? or i am just buying a simple mock up style?
TheApparelGuy's avatar
Do you mean to add your own designs?
Yes you can, if that is the case, in Photoshop. You can add your own art to the smart layers and it will then appear on the tee. Customise the colours and background to your liking.

Hope this helped!
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Is this free or buy, please fast respon:)
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It's a paid, premium product available via DA or from the official website (link in the description) if you would rather pay by PayPal, Visa or another popular method.

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Looking for a complete line of Gildan mockups - as well as a few other things, I had messaged you from your site, but hadn't heard back.

Would like to get in contact with you and look at purchasing a whole bunch of mockups.
3n4k's avatar
how free download ?
TheApparelGuy's avatar
This product is no longer available for free download, you can pick it up here for only £1.50 however…

Thanks for your time,
ArmorMatrix's avatar
Is it a lifetime license or do I need to renew? Can I share it with a collaborator, or do we each need to download it?

TheApparelGuy's avatar
Lifetime license, for commercial use. However re-distribution of the PSD is not allowed, you would need to download a copy each if they are on different machines.

I hope this has helped!

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thank you so much!
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Hey there PT.
I'd like to purchase this mockup, but a bit concerned about CC payment. I have trouble with CC fraud before and I googled there are many cases with CC fraud in DA.
Do you accept other method of payment?

Thank you. :)
TheApparelGuy's avatar
Hey there I've replied to your note, if there are any issues just let me know.
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