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Chucky x Esther

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Meet Thomas (Tommy) Christopher Ray, son of Charles (Chucky) Lee Ray, and Leena Klammer (or more commonly, Esther Coleman)

Tommy, as you can clearly see, has issues. He suffers from severe anxiety, which point out his insecurities often. He believes everyone is coming to get him, so his body goes into full defense mode, and he often lashes out to those who only pose little to no threat. But though he looks and seems to act like a total ass..... Tommy is hurting. He doesn't know HOW to deal with his feelings besides defending himself, and he WANTS to be better... but he doesn't know how. He only has two friends, and though his parents try to help, they do nothing. What can help? Who can help? He doesn't want to be alone anymore.

Sexuality: Bisexual/Biromantic
Actor: Charlie Heaton
Preferred Weapon: Knife, really.
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