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That's right it is our first competition :hug::clap::heart::clap::hug:
and it is the


whether that may be Cernunnos, the Stag King, Herne, Lord of the Forest, Lady of the Forest, Pan, the Green Man or Woman or some mythical creature that you make up that has horns,antlers or a single horn and rules in the forest/woods........

Could you please put in a description about your Horned God/Goddess in the desription box with a reference to the competition
and a link back to here :icontheantlergang:, just to help promote this contest.....

Any medium is accepted, please make sure that if you are sending in a photomanipulation that all stock images are recognised appropriately within your description......

Does not have to be a new entry into your gallery, can use previous image from your gallery.......

Limit of 2 submissions per artist......thanxs :)

Please send entries via a note to this club, they should be titled
Horned God/Goddess of the Forest - Contest Entry.......
Please have the Title of the Image and a link to the images' page in your gallery......
Links will be made to entries in the frontpage journal......:heart:

If you enter this competition could you please put a reference to this competition in your front page journal with a link to , just to help spread the word, it would be muchly appreciated....

CLOSING DATE: 1st of November 2006

1st Place: 3months Subscription
               2week Artist Highlight Journal on our front page
               2week Artist Highlight Journal on :iconrindaewen:s' front page

2nd Place: 2week Artist Highlight Journal on our front page
                1week Artist Highlight Journal on :iconrindaewen:s' front page

Here's to our first competition and all the beautiful pieces of art that will be submitted.......:hug:
If you would like to submit prizes that would be greatly appreciated and you can contact us via a note.....

Blessed be, Rising to the Moon.......


Ladylionink :iconladylionink:  "Dragon Princess - Watercolor" www.deviantart.com/deviation/3…
Zyphrus :iconzyphryus: "I Am The Forest" www.deviantart.com/deviation/3…
Jeywolf :iconjeywolf: "Cernunnos Colored' www.deviantart.com/deviation/3…
Rindaewen :iconrindaewen: "The Goddess of the Forest" www.deviantart.com/deviation/4… (non-competitive entry)
Destineypaintz :icondestineypaintz: "The Forest Bride" www.deviantart.com/deviation/3…
Visonality :iconvisionality: "forestman" www.deviantart.com/deviation/4…


This group :star: THE ANTLER GANG :star: is dedicated to
art, poetry and prose interested in, relative too or reflective of
creatures of either myth or of nature that have some connection
to ANTLERS and or HORNS....... Whether that be Pan, Deers, Horned Centaurs,
Goats, Horned Elves, Unicorns, fantasy creatures and mythological characters,
hopefully you get my drift.......

We have the right to refuse images and will not display any images of
a Satanic/Devilworshipping type........

This is a pagan-based group.......

I am looking forward to your contributions........

For :star: JOINING, SUBMISSIONS and RULES :star:  link here theantlergang.deviantart.com/j…

Yours sincerely :iconrindaewen:


:heart: MEMBERS :heart:

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:iconbigducky: :iconfairiesnest: :iconravenwillowhawk: :iconcomacold:
:iconzyphryus: :iconjeywolf: :icondestineypaintz: :iconsapphirestorm:
:iconnoramarie: :iconvisionality: :iconcara-doughnut-lady: :iconneshad:


:star: AFFILIATES :star:

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I noticed my note hasn't been opened with my submission. I've had notes lost in the past, here is a link for my horned contest submission: [link]
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Sorry about that, I have had a couple of crazy weeks, but am back on schedule, thanxs for the link, all is well now......:hug:
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It isn't too late to join, is it? :blushes:
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I've just read this note and you have been joined, welcome to the club and feel free to enter the comp..... :):wave::hug:
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cool! im gonna do that! :D

does the description have to be detailed?
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Yeah :clap: that would be great.....
The description doesn't have to be too detailed, just something that shows it somehow represents the sjubject matter of this comp. and a reference to the comp with a link to the club would be great......If it is an old image, you can always edit the description through the images page(if that's an issue).....
Anyway looking forward to your piece.....
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Can you join specifically for the contest?
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Definately, the contest creates new art and anwareness of images that are already out there,
gives something to the community and also hopefully brings in new Members......
To join you just need to send in a note and devwtach the group, and put our icon in your frontpage journal.....
I hope that helps.....
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