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Walk Away
I felt the iron doors
Graze my skin
As they slammed shut
Around me.
Limited Oxygen = Finite Life Expectancy
The Sun penetrates my skin
Its life-giving poison
Nourishing me
Yet oft I hide from its rays
For I no longer wish
To be sustained within our culture
I wish to walk away
To be Transformed
To nourish the Web
My mind : infected
A Terminal Disease?
Then let the diseased die
As each Death brings Life
And we must remember :
We are NOT humanity.
:icontheantipoet:TheAntiPoet 0 7
The wooden cat forgot his rubber slippers
As slipped he did behavioring salient tendencides.
But they threw a puddle into a towel
To see if stickiness apparently lost its wits,
Puttinground wherechicken lost its feathering winds
To a Carrier of the Disease.
Perfectly writable, Ferpectly singable
Infectly doable, Finectly chewable.
Gastroedition of the WasteofTime Chronicle
Get your copy at your local Lobotomy Center,
Bush(ing) Eyeracks NumberOne eye donor.
Vacuuming the desert sands,
Take that a long time Will it
Dungbeetled into Submission please.
Thank you!
:icontheantipoet:TheAntiPoet 1 1
The Hydraulic Clock
Electron Wipes : to get those hard- to- reach places
Belateamed and retarpentined lips smokelp ontomorrowing Thrutopia...
As the Red Dolphin defecates upon lawn.
Wherever (epi)didymus sown a seed of pneumonia
There ppeared an emerald Saucer flotationing in pneuma.
But things in the shoe don't always make self evident
Spidersex indoorscalene tertacious mallabats waddle in
Sinkinghouls witherampantly into OBlissvion.
Wheee snail snail snail snail snail….Salt.
Crueltitious malicious murdermis coated organ-ism!!!!!!
Weepong nil withoust the riddenaped Snoolpackets
Intae : Sand…….
As the clock ticks backwardsense throughafter the bomb,
Ending the Sheep-scapades.
:icontheantipoet:TheAntiPoet 0 8
Beltainne Dream
Influence stared out, disparaged repeatedly
Fell into life grief
Escaping such reckless taking
                                     Quickly something human gathered up power of
                                     Deirdre eating the dusk shadow
Your strength =  your union with sorrow
TREES whose  opening,awakening Thought
Of overturning observation to take of them
A bit of  the sorrowing laughter …..
A slightly Shaken genealogy answered and gaping hailstones returned
Remorseless they discuss  most  manuscripts,
Now all empty save for the irritated hose.
A Song began straying  far from the whitecaps
Originally of wide Blackness confidently both and neither
And mining those mouths' blossoming became unusable
His Old Horns seldom there were sounded.
Present clan band acknowledging sadness as she rows,
Her marching heart containing Water and Elm,
On account of The Fall,
Words defied Fire
And perilous fellows literally withered iron,
Yet From The Unnumbered Blood Feast of Mild Enchantment
:icontheantipoet:TheAntiPoet 1 6
Categories of pains = Affliction Thing
Sooty smoke formalizing naturally five letters
Form resounding the referring going Apple
Leather-covered plant founded Farmer
Appropriately Reindeer Prophylactic Sciences
Contain ,thus complain away the Eye
Timeless  were Ointment Dragons'
Wide friend longing alphabets and And
Gematria they farmstead adds up that flourish
Right twelve come , application very grave
To as want of the tarrying died
Oral ever caught then, demanded ashes
These fiddlesticks bid Druidism to be my escape
Wealth there's said sequence [BARK]
Land of [end field]
Father MTBCML rushed coelbren arrows to
The hundred fathoms of our clan
Close, yet away ,described
Assist is going standard
Sub-atomic Craftsmen which  heard crimson evergreens
Blacker determination than to go brought an open characteristic :
Cattle herders help Saxons add fish then
We shall all play parallels of Waking Island
The thousand tongued snake of its zenith
Perchance blood which yesterda
:icontheantipoet:TheAntiPoet 1 0
Industrial Doom
Rust coats the leaves
Of the Iron Forest
Stress Levels : R
Lie still.
Seeking for
Total annihilation.
Threshold reached
:icontheantipoet:TheAntiPoet 0 2
Time went  S                         L
                 I                       A
                 D                  N
                 E               O
                 W          G               right
                 A       A
                 Y    I
                 S D
Into the wall.
Now T.H.Y.M.E is in the Wall.
But no T.H.Y.M.E is on the Wall.
We exist in the Wall.
In T.H.Y.M.E.
Nightly we go onto the Wall.
We see the Ferret of T.H.Y.M.E
Careeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeening again
S                        L
I                      A
D                N
E             O
W        G               right
A      A
Y   I
Into the wall.
Now the Ferret of T.H.Y.M.E  is in the Wall
But no Ferret of T.H.Y.M.E is on the Wall.
We exist in the Wall.
In the Ferret of T.H.Y.M.E.
Nightly we went onto the Wall
But we became sa
:icontheantipoet:TheAntiPoet 0 2
Sharp shrieking stargate guardian
Writing upon the storm, groaning.
Memetic upheaval imminent……
As the ghosts
In the coffin
Slightly tw-i-tch-ed
And moooooaaaaaaned.
Fear dictates compatible destroyers
Cutting through the melting ice
Woke up screaming
Slipped into
A tub of leeches
And drowned.
Nine ounces of Absinthe
The Blind Man sipped gingerly
As he extracted the glowing tentacle
From his nose.
And he smiled as the wooden worms
Displaced his brain,
Swirling through the churchyard
Pausing briefly, softly weeping
The wind dancing a tempestuous waltz
In the Sedating Moonlight
Agricultural Industrialization
Cloning Forced Lovers Of A SINGLE CULTURE
Operation : Extermination / Destination : Extinction
(*Batteries not included)
Growing old and withered within
Time to let it go
To survive.
:icontheantipoet:TheAntiPoet 1 2
Running away into the blue eyes Abyss
Of a two-headed mouse
In the desert sands of Madahari
Shifting      Shifting         Shifting
A tree in the jungle higher
Than the Moon.
Sp   ut      Sp    ut   Sp    ut
    ro             ro           ro
Encroaching or perhaps not….
Depends on which eyes
Are used to do the feeling!
A lizard lying in the Sun
Runs on a leaf supported by
The S
       L(eaves only
       K(orpses in the long run
Running on a dried
:icontheantipoet:TheAntiPoet 0 4
The Cod
The Cod
From the sky a flippant rotund eggplant descended.
Mort flipped on the abacus and started ……. 300 carcasses
While Happening's bounty in the dell were exploring the outlook
Words came to the car to form trite trysts
In the form of Stick Cap Supply System
Well what to do the garden chievers input…..
Diminishing decreasing labor flashlights
When the lights fizzle into the soda
Perhaps the plastic will fall out
Into a decayed Panama Canal.
Cutting, stapling the bones
Into a mosaic of malcontent
The glass speakers shattered with sound
Seeking the glow-worm's wisdom death
By pen not sword is the COD eaten
By the End Of Time.
Hearts beating belief into a life
Of  the Black Sticky and don't care kisses
The season of crackers and human flesh
Is upon us, replace the disappeared
Forgotten scolded rampart.
:icontheantipoet:TheAntiPoet 1 1
Hoitalsp Tisiv
trauma     Dada
dAda        shock
dreaming dada
dada        pleasure
paiN         dada
dada        teleportation
faCes       dada
dada        needles
voIces      dada
dada        words
black        dada
dada        ........
baNana     dada
dada         feces
sleepinG    dada
dada         Blood
awake       dada
dada         Awareness
confusioN  dada
:icontheantipoet:TheAntiPoet 0 1
The Cowardly Hat
Anything your Alpha state dreams,
Except sneezes characteristically
Binds friend's Spoiled Manifestations
Who tightened deep,
Shook out the Healer
They and fear thou turn-stars *
Course interpreters choose against the Forest
Frightened past century prophecy
And finished empty spirits trust
Sepulture chastity                       but impatiently only still
Blood Parables
Answer NOW!!
Insatiable stereotyped winds and against "the evil"
Never denying the spirit over-tying
And the feel seemed should raised
And And must warmed hermits phrase
Lips upward build then working requirements
Lovable downward Mermaid Hidden
I did Change and at him disappeared
Leaning toward dawn winter - furious fights
Reside gloriously away any a little line
Gradually slept river-stream         :       Find out.
The ringi
:icontheantipoet:TheAntiPoet 0 0
Backward coins = weak number
His words = new confused noise equation
Desert frequency learning of last corpse
Any distance gifting young remorse
Associated a tree
County action (DEFIANCE!!)
Destruction's something inquired managed
Glittering with a kind of kind Entire Thirst Reality Specialization
Than receiving with broken gasps
Associated with Blackened Waltzing Vegetables
Don't trust the gray strength billows
Veins, why sometimes must we believe in preparation…
"Not good" withheld , instead slandered
Complements convincing creator everything
Attract more she didst hemisphere every beating
As an invaluable nearby thought opened another
Clockwise eyes soaring also addressing its tears
Finer Body Beyond the choice : remembered
Cross = Dramatic Desolate Mischief
The physical theory of abysmal thought
Help them ! Shivering, he saw naturalness
Earth vigour began dancing to a Critic Elf
Last person to receive trifling night folly
Ability vein was however in a solitary herbless land
Come wo
:icontheantipoet:TheAntiPoet 0 0
Reality : Gone
Other : our down dwell enables her
Who is everybody's Reverie Elk
Then still was ancient, soft, holy breath
They though diverging the hot awareness
His face when will kind, echoing Self
Particularly pressedasceticismtogether
Most sometimes Pilgrimage trace
My ICE children  paused………….. He who looked
And fondly "evil declining perspectives"
Crystals shortly visiting hence experiencing.
Notorious plains which are equivalent to the path offered.
Gone :  weeping redemption
Judgement sent understanding before covered the truth
When people can expect adoration
Experienced has glancing wings which
Descending then is philosophy "message"
Of my weak heart, interests in earth
Wanted shaping properties of Harp Hand
Different too fear tastes if  absorbed gracefully
Power morality made with The Man
No systematic thoughts staining yet
Afterward changes it their puzzling determine that
Moonlight naked discovered and creatures walked
And one day, with the smile and Perspe
:icontheantipoet:TheAntiPoet 0 0
Crane Bag
Principal Blood and Cosmic Insanity knew
Scale desires to write without
Seeming carried on mind
***Specially baby dress
Determination for (knew mostly….START.)
Own feelings in spotless balance
My experiment direction : Above
Its "reality" she met
Essential pro-miced way
For nameless kiss = leaning sensuously
Warmth where reeeeeeeeaaaaaaaacccccchhhhhhheeeeeeddddd
Mission him ->
Tongue of her deep Ritual Reflection
Been said, " Be quickly, nervously healing!"
Swallowed, opened, bring before pressed existence
The snow-bearded wilderness blossomed
Stupidity rained dried fragments
Felt quiet……..
May their buffalo always today resist the
Power necessary now for higher market imagination
Statue felt deposit changed?
His plan you feel then
And Start Sense once said, "each return,
back short when believed work they shall."
Experiences little personal slightly faded Moon.
The wind by and speaking directly
Doves not slowly      …………..
Nowhere description  &
:icontheantipoet:TheAntiPoet 0 0
Mature content
Subconscious Fornication :icontheantipoet:TheAntiPoet 1 2



Malbeth of the Vortex!!!
United States


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