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Red Reckoning :icontheanomally:TheAnomally 2 0
Sailor Mercury - Ami Mizuno by TheAnomally Sailor Mercury - Ami Mizuno :icontheanomally:TheAnomally 20 3 Sailor Orcus by TheAnomally Sailor Orcus :icontheanomally:TheAnomally 11 0 Sailor Avion Zanni - Spot Light On! by TheAnomally Sailor Avion Zanni - Spot Light On! :icontheanomally:TheAnomally 9 0 Merperson - Green Moray Eel by TheAnomally Merperson - Green Moray Eel :icontheanomally:TheAnomally 3 0 Pretty Girl by TheAnomally Pretty Girl :icontheanomally:TheAnomally 6 0
An End
End of the world.
Live, love, kiss,
like it is the end of the world.
But whose end?
One person's apocalypse;
may be another's paradise.
Total annihilation,
or destruction of everything man-made?
Life at an end,
or the spark to begin anew?
The silence from the end of humans;
the music of nature reclaiming her home.
The gray ash and smog fade;
the air returns clear and cured.
Vibrant colors illuminated by a bright star.
:icontheanomally:TheAnomally 0 0
Senshi Maker - Senshi Team by TheAnomally Senshi Maker - Senshi Team :icontheanomally:TheAnomally 11 3 Senshi Maker - Princess Suki and Sailor Millennium by TheAnomally Senshi Maker - Princess Suki and Sailor Millennium :icontheanomally:TheAnomally 17 2
Cold Hole under a Blue Sky
Out of the cold,
into the warm sunlight.
My heart is heavy,
with sadness I just cannot shake.
The sky is sapphire blue,
but my mood is a sullen gray.
I feel a twinge in my chest;
a twitter of regret,
or depression with no name.
I won't cry over it;
I won't talk about it,
and I won't give into it.
Voices come and go;
a memory of long ago.
Smiles so nice but hollow;
eyes of mica that glitter
in daylight.
No joy in a cerulean sky.
Dream are lies;
mental fake outs,
that play with out hearts.
All given to silence
that assaults my ears.
:icontheanomally:TheAnomally 2 1
Sailor Nature by TheAnomally Sailor Nature :icontheanomally:TheAnomally 13 2 Boredom by TheAnomally Boredom :icontheanomally:TheAnomally 2 1 Sailor Sun ACEO by TheAnomally Sailor Sun ACEO :icontheanomally:TheAnomally 7 1 MerMay Last picture - Ray Mer by TheAnomally MerMay Last picture - Ray Mer :icontheanomally:TheAnomally 1 2
Plans of the Lost
       “Since you felt the need to disobey me; I took it upon myself to act in your place.” Max said to the four boys before him.
He had never met such an unruly, rebellious quartet of ruffians, in his day the youth respected and honored their elders. David the leader of this pack only sneered at him, but he kept silent. At his feet was a girl with long black hair; wearing a t-shirt and jeans, and he hair was mussed and wavy wild. She was crying, her hand was clutching his booted leg; her other arm was wrapped around a boy no more than ten.  He had ordered them to take and change the girl, but they refused, and as always did what they wanted to do. The older man then turned to leave, but before he did he placed an ornate dust covered bottle on the nearest table.
       “If you disobey me again, you shan’t see the light of the next full moon.” Max then left.
As the elder he had powers the others did not have; he
:icontheanomally:TheAnomally 2 0
Headaches and Blood
       He had a headache from hell brewing, but there was no way he would back down from this argument he was having. Mr. Steckerman was shouting excuses at him, but it all amounted to a pile of crap. If Scott had not acted when he did there may have been more deaths in his neighborhood; he only wished he had acted sooner, and he had done the foot work finding the front ShadowStrike had been using in their city. Mr. Steckerman wasn’t having any of it, and on top of that the USIC agent was demanding the film they had used at the pier today. In the corner of his eye he could see Cora trying to hide; she really hated confrontations like this all the yelling must have reminded her of life with Aleese. Scott pinched and massaged his forehead, and the bridge of his nose; he was feeling feverish, and the pain at the moment was a dull throbbing. In a few hours it would be utterly unbearable, and nothing over the counter worked to ease it. Steckerman was yelling that t
:icontheanomally:TheAnomally 1 0


Sailor Moon Fanart - Butterflies all around by Eos by Eos-of-Dawn Sailor Moon Fanart - Butterflies all around by Eos :iconeos-of-dawn:Eos-of-Dawn 152 19 Winter is coming... by EosOfDawn by Eos-of-Dawn Winter is coming... by EosOfDawn :iconeos-of-dawn:Eos-of-Dawn 43 4 Ocean Thrill by Leonid Afremov by Leonidafremov Ocean Thrill by Leonid Afremov :iconleonidafremov:Leonidafremov 267 3 Dreams From Overseas by Leonid Afremov by Leonidafremov Dreams From Overseas by Leonid Afremov :iconleonidafremov:Leonidafremov 308 1 Farewell by Skyrion Farewell :iconskyrion:Skyrion 2,314 262 Flor de Maracuj by ayorws Flor de Maracuj :iconayorws:ayorws 8 0 Joaninha! ^^ by ayorws Joaninha! ^^ :iconayorws:ayorws 18 10 Chekov Reborn Wallpaper by SailorTrekkie92 Chekov Reborn Wallpaper :iconsailortrekkie92:SailorTrekkie92 34 25 Anton Yelchin/Star Trek by scifiman Anton Yelchin/Star Trek :iconscifiman:scifiman 8 2 pasha reference 42 by Sarasaurussex pasha reference 42 :iconsarasaurussex:Sarasaurussex 11 0 Chekov vs Chekov by elvishmaid Chekov vs Chekov :iconelvishmaid:elvishmaid 50 27 WITTLE CHEKOV by TheGreatUndefeatable WITTLE CHEKOV :iconthegreatundefeatable:TheGreatUndefeatable 61 37 Anton Yelchin in Moscow by Hope72 Anton Yelchin in Moscow :iconhope72:Hope72 57 35 Anton Yelchin Demotivational by JojobaGrl Anton Yelchin Demotivational :iconjojobagrl:JojobaGrl 130 27 Star Trek Actor Anton Yelchin by EcorynV Star Trek Actor Anton Yelchin :iconecorynv:EcorynV 51 50 Anton Yelchin by Hope72 Anton Yelchin :iconhope72:Hope72 25 0




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       My name is Kellie, but I didn’t have a name, not really, nothing I was ever called by except by one. I was usually called you, her, or whatever; unlike the golden haired boy Kenneth; he wasn’t blond though. He was the son, apple of Mother’s eye; he was protected from her nightly actions. Kenneth reminded her of the man she had once loved who had left; I reminded her of the hate she had for herself. Kenneth was locked away; safe in his room, while the men and some women came and went; I was used, abused, and lost my innocence before I was even old enough to understand why. Then Mom died; the man beat her and cut her to ribbons just outside of Kenneth’s room. He came after me, but I was too fast, his pants at his ankles I struck. It was the first time I turned my knife away from me; I stabbed the man good, cut off his bits and crammed then down his throat all the while I stabbed him all over. Covered in liquid red; I let brother out of his room and let him gaze upon the massacre. The coppers reported it as it was Jon kills hooker, daughter kills bad man in self-defense. We were placed with an Aunt and Uncle who were no better than Mom had been; they were abusive drunks who only cared about the money having us in their house brought in. I dispatched them one evening during a particular intense beating session; again it was penned as self-defense by then we were a sorry lot. Miserable kids; covered in scars, with no socialization skills what so ever. To protect us, and more so me I let my fists do the talking; Kenneth retreated into himself like a tortoise afraid of the world. I had no love for my brother because that emotion is foreign to me; I had only seen it on the telly, or read it in books. Kenneth’s stresses caused him to have multiple seizures and he was diagnosed as epileptic. I could feel it when he was about to seize; the only part of the twin connection we shared was the ability to detect one another’s impending pain, and current pain. We were officially damaged goods; no one would want to adopt us and no family members wanted to put up with us either. The last place we were placed was a group home for special needs children; the older kids were bullies, and the guardians were oblivious and over worked. After a particularly bad incident; I had broken a boy’s jaw, and fractured his arm, I was about to gut him when I was stopped. I had been defending Kenneth from the older brute; and the younger kids backed that up, but I was deemed too violent to be with others. The courts had no choice, I was innocent, but unable to function properly out in society; I was locked away, and Kenny was able to do what he pleased.
       I grew up in locked wards; the meds did nothing to calm my need to lash out if cornered; or if seized by a panic attack. I learned how to avoid the brain melting drugs; and flushed them at every chance. When I was good; I was left alone able to watch television or read the papers. When he could or would Kenneth kept in touch by letter or my phone. After he started working at Fort Haven Hospital he kept in touch less and less; seems the medical center was the last stop for med students who kept messing up at other hospitals. It was laughable thinking about a teaching hospital for med school rejects, and drop outs.
       I could feel his isolation; but there was something else like a glimmer of sunlight on a dreary day. In one of our last phone calls he spoke of a woman named Catherine; I told him she would be trouble, and that she would be like all the other people at that place, spoiled, entitled, and all around bad people. He insisted she was different because she would say ‘Hello’ and ‘Good-bye’ to him and she never called him Freakdog like the others did. His reasoning was simple, dangerous, and laughable; he figured she would protect him like Mother did, or like I did. This Catherine didn’t care about him; she was only being nice to the poor little degenerate that cleaned up after her and her group. Soon he was going to get hurt like he always did, and he would retreat into himself. He may not have sensed in, but I did, inside him was a stirring darkness that wanted to emerge and hurt. He had always combated that inkiness by hurting himself. I had been the same until she discovered the release of hurting others was more satisfying than self-inflected pain. I knew something had happened when I woke up in the night; rattled by a dream, and the feeling that I was drowning in fire. I lashed out and spent a long time in isolation; where I felt strange and heavy at first, then something happened and a rage burned in my chest.  It was not my rage, but Kenneth’s which somehow was flying free at last.
       When I finally was able to return to general population I saw in the paper that a man had been thrown out at Fort Haven Hospital; he was in a coma, the circumstances of his situation and injuries was unknown, but the theory was that he was some drunk druggy due to the toxicology report. Was the staff that blind or uncaring to recognize one of their employees, even if he was only a janitor? I knew this was not his doing, but the work of others. Kenneth had a need to be accepted, and was easy to trick, he had never drank a drop of alcohol or tried drugs after seeing what it had wrought upon us in our youth. Then people at the hospital started turning up dead in horrific ways; the first two was chalked up to a Security Guard that had snapped. The rest were gruesome acts that had the cops scratching their heads. The last story about it was dealt with a girl named Catherine who was caught on camera beating one of her classmates to death; during the interview she confessed that she and the others in her groups had been the cause of Kenneth’s coma. He had caught one of them stealing drugs from the pharmacy; they had tricked him into drinking drug laced alcohol, it and the flashing lights at the disco had caused one of his seizures, he had fallen and hit his head. She told some story about giving him experimental drugs that given him the ability to have out-of-body experiences and he could possess others and make them kill. The girl was clearly nuttier than a fruit cake; and she proved it by attacking the detective on her case, escaping custody then going to the hospital to kill Kenneth as well as his doctor. She was apprehended seconds after she had killed the Doctor.
       Catherine was to be committed to the criminally insane ward in the same hospital as I was in; she was going to pay for what she had done to Kenneth. She should be in the express lane to the death chamber on death row in prison.  I had no love for the idiot, but he had been the only family I had left. The day she was admitted on the same day I received Kenneth’s belongings; they took most of it away except for his medical alert pendant. I was able to keep that one item; because I palmed it when they were not looking. On the way back to my ward I saw her; the wretch that killed my brother, she looked up as she saw me. Her nose started to bleed and she had the gall to smile at me; I wanted to rip her to shreds right there and then. Then I felt something; it was Kenneth he was near even though I had been told he was dead and cremated. I looked at Catherine as her nose bled and she looked at me through her bangs and she appeared to be struggling with herself. She gritted her teeth; the blood staining those perfect pearly whites; she twisted and struggled with the orderlies.

       “Freakdog…” she uttered in a gravelly voice.

I went at her despite the barrier between us; I wanted her dead. Even now she still uttered insults about Kenneth. I was hauled off to isolation to calm down. They pulled her away onto the secure ward; the heavy multiple set of doors closing and locking behind her. Later that night alarms went off seems Catherine got loose went on some sex crazed rampage after escaping her room she allowed herself to be violated in all types of ways sexually; before killing again then cutting herself up with a pilfered knife, and then finally being subdued by the staff. She claimed that she couldn’t be blamed for any of it; she screamed to anyone who would listen that it had been Kenneth.
Sitting in isolation I now know it was him; for I feel him inside me, we are back together as we once were in the womb. His last little bit of revenge; Catherine once so pure was a dirty as the rest of them. She will never be free; and she now bears the scars Kenneth had, and she remembers everything now the humiliation, and the killing. I am told she won’t stop screaming and raving; driven crazy at the actions driven by her body, done to her body, and the frustration that no one will ever believe her about the out-of-body traveling Kenneth. She is allowed no visitors even though two of them try to see her; one’s a blonde and the other is an older white haired man. When I look at them my nose starts to bleed; I see a red mist and I know what Kenneth is thinking. The blonde girl won’t be long for this world, and she doesn’t really deserve to live. The white haired doctor had nothing to do with his death, but he is guilty of not seeing that his students were abusing their time at the hospital.  

       “What are you looking at nut job?!” she says to me once day when she catches me staring.

I just smile at her; knowing her end is nigh, but I turn away as the tricking blood starts to run out of my nostril.

Later in the night he leaves, and I hear later that the girl, Kim, killed Doctor Stegman and then sliced her face up and nearly off. The detectives chalked it up to a mental break due to her heavy drug use; she died of a massive infection brought on by her wounds.
       I look out the window the sky is clear, and the sun is shining. Part of me is excited the outside waits; warm weather means girls in less attire. The me part of me loathes people of any type, closeness, contact, and the prospect of conversation. Life is complicated, but for now the red mist is at bay, and the only person to die in the pitiful hospital bed was a nobody called Freakdog
Red Reckoning
A Red Mist/Freakdog fanfiction. What if Kenneth had a twin? Takes place around the story and adds a little to the end. :)
Sailor Mercury - Ami Mizuno
My art for the :iconsailorsenshi: Collab --->…

It is The Senshi of Intelligence...Sailor Mercury the senshi of water phases(Ice, Fog) drawn in my style of scribbling :D. THis was the best picture I could get of it since my PC is dead and I am poor. :(

Pose Ref. from :iconsenshistock: --->…
Picture made with pencils, inks, and prisma-colored markers and GLITTER GEL PENS(There is still some glitter on the picture that did not get smeared or stuck to my left hand...LOL!).
Sailor Orcus
HOLY MOLY I've done it...I have completed the senshi team for Sailor Blue Rose Moon --- So here is Senshi number eight....representing Patala the Chakra point located on the Soles of the Feet --->

Civilian Name-

Name: Bale, Shri  (Last, First)
Name means: Glorious Death
Age: She looks 15 but since the Silver Crystal extends everyone's lives she is well over 8 centuries old.
Hair: Rich Chestnut with gold highlights
Style: To her middle back with a slight body wave she wears it down.
Skin: Tanned
Eyes: Green
Markings: Scars on her feet, mainly on the bottoms
Chakra: Patala


Shri is quiet, and slightly jumpy. She was the last of the girls to be found by their adopted parents. She is very shy, and has trouble walking long distances.

 The Senshi-

Sailor Orcus
Title Means: Underworld
Power influence: Death, Underworld, and the Void.
Colors: Black and Thistle Purple.
Senshi hair: Very short, spiky, and blond.
Senshi Eyes: Yellow
Markings: Black Marking of Patala on the soles of her feet.


Collar: White that fades into Thistle purple and black.
Body: Very short sleeved bodice lined in black with thistle purple octagonal gems up the front. The skirt is separate with thistle purple gems on the top with a white cable attached to them. The skirt from top to bottom is white that fades into thistle purple into black and pleated.  All the gems are connected to each other by white cables.  She wears toeless boots type white shoes with black tops, and gems on the ankles.



Her foot coverings can become endowed with power and used to power up her foot fighting moves.


Nagas Appear!:: She calls out the power name, her gems glow and serpent beings made of energy burst forth and attack the enemy.

3 Petal Doorway OPEN!: She stomps the ground and she chakra symbol appears on the ground. It glows and grows large and opens a portal into a dark void, that pulls the enemies into it, making the vanish forever.

PATALA ORCUS!! She leaps into the air and screams out the power name; her feet become illuminated with energy, when she lands heavily the ground cracks under her feet creating fissures that radiate out from her; they open wide and reveal the Naga-loka(The region of the Nagas) out of the cracks snake people, Danavas, and Daityas grab the enemies and drag them to the underworld.


Shri was found by a couple who could not conceive children of their own; she was discovered in Sao Paulo Brazil. She had been severely tortured and treated very badly. She was starved and her feet were mangled by repeated abuses. She was found on the streets; and no one claimed her as there own, so she knows nothing about her birth parents. She is thin and gangly, but healthy. She walks with a odd gait, and she tends to get pains in her feet if she has to cross long distances. She lives in a big-ish house with seven other girls; they are not related by blood, but they are her family and sisters.

Sailor Orcus is Mine
Sailor Moon world is Naoko's
Kouha AKA Prusagi is :iconnads6969:

Made with pencil, inks, and prisma markers

TEAM BLUE ROSE MOON - The Chakra Senshi

1. Sailor Aeon - Chakra Sahasrar
2. Sailor Nephthys - Chakra Ajna
3. Sailor Euphony YEA! - Chakra Vishuddhi
4. Hayai and Aeolian - Chakra Anahata
6. Sailor Kama - Chakra Svadhisthana
7. Sailor Rosel ATTACKS! - Chakra Muladhara

Sailor Avion Zanni - Spot Light On!
I haven't drawn her in some time but I am still in love with her harlequin fuku design...I should create her partners too....perhaps perhaps perhaps

Here are the other pictures of her -->………

picture made with pencil, imk, prisma colored pencils, and glitter gel pens.

This little scribble won 2nd place at the 2018 Woodstock Fair. :)
Trying to catch up with the a few(OK two...OK ok ONE) works done. I forgot that my ink on the go(doing this at work), the finer one had died, I tried with the bigger one but the lines are just too thick for finer details. So the works in progress will have to wait until I can get a my other pen, OH well. ;)
SO between my Pencil, inks, pens, and work schedule I am going to try to ACTUALLY get more than NONE for Inktober(That was my record last year...the year before...and on and on....LOL :D )
If anybody wants me to ink out one of your characters...leave a comments...this is good practice for me...since this year I have seemed to have more arty(drawing) dry spells than usual.

Thanks...and INKY Inktober to all...LOL :D
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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
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A vague ether dream...swimming solitary in the acid of life.

A little about me

Age: OLD
Occupation: Analyst
Art Training: Self Taught.

And to all those who so easily sling critics; here is the skinny on me...if I work 58hr weeks THIS is normal. I do not have normal times to draw and I do it to relieve stress. So the next person who yaps at me about my characters LACK of anatomy righteousnesses I want to PERSONALLY say PPPPBBBBTTTTT....cause guess what the practice I would LOVE to put towards my character art is STOLEN by WORK! (I rarely get a break and when I DO it is only to shovel FOOD down my neck with out tasting it!)

Primordial Senshi...Who do you all like best so far? 

1 deviant said Sailor Thesis (Creation)
1 deviant said Sailor Erebus (Darkness)
1 deviant said Sailor Nyx (Night)
1 deviant said Sailor Gaia (Earth/Terra/Land)
1 deviant said Sailor Ouranos (Sky/Atmosphere)
No deviants said Sailor Chaos (Void/Disorder)
No deviants said Sailor Aether (Light)
No deviants said Sailor Hemera (Day)
No deviants said Sailor Tartarus (The Hellpit)
No deviants said Sailor Ourea (Mountains)


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HMMM - I usually consult Wikipedia...but here is what I found -->

Pure Red(Like a ripe raspberry red)
Cardinal (Like a Red cardinal)
Vermilion (similar to scarlet but more orange)
Maple Red (Like red maple tree leaves)
Claret (red Wine color)
Wine Red
Hematite (Rust colored)
Cinnabar (color similar to vermilion)
Red Lead (scarlet in color)
Dragon's Blood (bright red)
Kermes (Deep crimson color)
Carmine (Crimson in color)
Brazilin (natural med. red hue)
Alizarin (Med. red)
Red Lac (vibrant red)
Imperial Red (Medium red)
Indian Red (Red Brown)
Spanish Red (Vibrant red)
Fire Engine Red (intense red)
Chili Red (Lively red)
Carnelian (Rich shade of red brown)
Fire Brick (Darkish Red
Madder (Dark Red)
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