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Soul Gem tutorial

By TheAnna
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I got a Daily Deviation? Wat?

*UPDATE* There are really cool official Light Up Soul Gems out there now, I bought some and did a little review [link] . They are the perfect size and look way better than other mass produced light up Gems I've seen. If you're not getting scalped, they're worth like ¥700/$8 tops . So if you're not motivated enough to make one yourself try to find one of those.


Paperclay, a plastic egg found in an Easter craft kit at Hobby Lobby, a Floralyte Submersible 1, a brown brushtip prismacolor marker, a thumbtack, Nail Glue, Clear Coat, Gesso, and Acrylic Paints.

A X-ACTO retractable, Embossing tools, Sandpaper, a nail buffer, and paint brushes.

-Color Chart-

-Reference Pictures-


-Grief Seeds-

1. Upon closer inspection it seems that there are actually 10 arches on the base, not 8. Sorry about that. EDIT: Okay the original artwork has 8 [link] . This is the version used when the Soul Gem has to move in a shot and in the first few broadcast episodes. The finished design design AKA the CG model has 10. EITHER CAN WORK IT'S UP TO YOU!
2. If you have to paint your egg and plan on installing a light DO NOT BRUSH THE PAINT ON. The light will accentuate the brush strokes and it will look icky. Either Spray paint it or lightly dab the paint on with a makeup sponge.
3. Make sure to put a good gloss on the egg part before you put anything on it. This will protect your paint job from the carving and sanding.
4. When applying paperclay to a smooth surface it helps to put on a thin sloppy first layer. Once this layer is dry break it off and reattach it with a fast-action glue like Super Glue or Nail Glue.
5. Remember that the egg needs to be translucent NOT transparent. It it's transparent it won't diffuse light as well and the back bars will show when you look at it from the front.
6. Homuras who use my method should buy a Pink Floralyte. The Violet is actually a blacklight and too blue for her gem.
7. Soul Gems are about the same color pre and post transformation. Mami's Soul Gem is Orange when she's in Magical Girl mode and it's Orange in its handheld Gem form as well. Most people assume it's yellow because the light is yellow and she has it lit 99% of the time that it's on screen. Trust me though it's orange [link] [link] [link] [link]

-Bubble Necklace Eggs-
Used on [link] , [link] , and [link]
Egg shaped Bubble Necklaces are available year-round. They're cheap, clear, and can make pretty Soul Gem eggs. To make mine I simply took one, filled it with just enough nail polish to coat the inside. After that I left it in a place where nothing would touch its sides. While the Polish is setting the plastic becomes malleable. I ruined two figuring this out. Sticking it in something like an empty fast food soda cup [link] will work perfectly. Just stick it in as soon as you coat the inside. Do not touch it for AT LEAST 24 hours. AT LEAST. You can achieve clear, glittery, and Multi-tone Soul Gems with this method depending on how you mix your nail polish. It would also be possible to make one that is normal unlit and corrupted lit. I suggest putting something inside of a clear one. My new Sayaka Gem is filled with translucent film that casts a gentle Aurora of colors that doesn't come up well on my camera [link] . PRETTY STUFF YO.

I hope this helps anyone working on this prop. If you have a specific question I will answer to the best of my ability. I am not open for Commissions.
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is there a specific size i should use for my egg? i got a big one and a small one and I've seen them all sorts of sizes all along the series. i am leaning towards the small one because the soul gems in the series most commonly seem to be the size of someones palm, but i wanted to get your opinion because the egg in the tutorial looks quite large. Besides, its your tutorial and if i have questions, then you're the one i am to turn to.
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btw i LOVED the kreimhild gretchen core, it was FANTABULOUS!!!

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will polymer clay work for this? I've never used it or paper clay before but I don't know where to find paper clay.
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Out of curiosity, will the color still show up/shine Gucci use clear floralytes to make the soul gems?
Also out of curiosity, do you know how to make Demon Homura's dark orb "soul gem" from the third Movie and are willing to make a tutorial?
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This is a nifty tutorial! Say, I have a question though: Where the heck can I find a Bubble necklace egg at? It's the first time I've heard of it.. ^^;
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Um...how do you put the light inside the egg in such a way that you can turn it on and off?
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I'd love to see a soul gem where you can put a figure inside the gem.
tyedyedninja's avatar
Thank you for this. I am making a Kyubey cosplay for AWA this year, and wanted to make my own. I didn't want to have to buy one!
TheNekoNextDoor's avatar
Thanks for making this tutorial - I might have a go at making my own! ^_^
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Nice tutorial! I actually used this tutorial and some references to make Mami's soul gem and Homura's demon soul gem.
Do you have any idea how I would make a corrupted soul gem? I've seen those soul gems that are ''corrupted'' but seriously all they are are black soul gems with a light flashing when you turn the light on. 
TheAnna's avatar
I would do everything else normally, and then add sketchy details with sharpies after it was done while being careful to avoid the gold parts.
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Cool tutorial.  I am going to be making some custom ones using these eggs. www.usimprints.com/store/all-p…
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can you make me one ill pay you just tel me how much!
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i dont care how long or how much please make me one
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So amazingly beautiful.
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Yay now I can help make my soul gem with my friends!!! ^^ I'm going to see Madoka Magica 3 in theaters and I'm making Kyoko, Madoka, and Homura's soul gems. I'm gonna have Kyoko's, my friend Micky (yes he's a boy) has Madoka's, and my friend londonlights has Homura's. My friend Jaden has Mami's soul gem so I don't have to make hers. (Phew) thank you for posting this tutorial soooo much!!!!
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(I'm going to prank my little brother so well... :evillaugh:)
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awesome thanks!!!! <3
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Tried this,but I made the base a little flatter because the high base sometimes fell over. Seems great.

*reads the end part* LIKE WHAT?
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that's so cool.
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Hi, thanks if you answer this but I have two questions, do you have like a picture or something of the egg bubble necklaces? I tried googling 'egg bubble necklace' but came up with something completely different.. Like they're easter egg necklaces available year round? Where? And you said you filled them with enough nail polish, did you like put a couple drops or so in and just swirl it around? And was the nail polish like colored to the character?? I'm just trying to make some guesses from seeing the pictures but not so sure.. Thanks
TheAnna's avatar
They look like this [link] . I found mine at a dollar store. This is the most challenging time of year to find them online because they're in high demand for Easter. I put about two teaspoons in there, I didn't measure it but it was a pretty good amount. Yes I used colored nailpolish. Hope that helps.
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Ooh icic! Thanks so much for the pic/link, and thanks for replying, I want to try making one and your tutorials are super awesome, thank you ^^
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