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Grief Seed Tutorial

By TheAnna
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If you haven't finished watching the show yet read this description at your own risk. SPOILERS AHOY.

Plastic ball, Paperclay, nail glue, sewing pins, a round bead, a bicone crystal, clear coat, Gesso, acrylic paint, and a brushtip prismacolor marker.

Embossing tools, Precision Tweezers, a nail file, wirecutters, paint brushes, a lighter, and a Xacto Retractable.

-Reference Pictures-

-How to work with Paperclay-

-Soul Gems-

-Other Witches-
1. Charlotte is a no-go due to the circled area. [link] That is too delicate for Paperclay. The actual sphere part of her seed would also have to be casted.
2. HN Elly (Kirsten) [link] Would work for this. You'd just have to cover most of the piece in Paperclay and cut the squares out or paint that stuff on. It's up to you.
3. Elsa Maria [link] Can work with this if you add additional wire to the pin for her crest.
4. Sayaka/Oktavia Von Seckendorf's seed is the one that Madoka used to save Homura in episode 10 [link] [link] The second picture is from the official production note book and it says "Sayaka majo grief seed" . The reason her seed looks so weird in 8 is because it was still forming and creating her barrier. This didn't happen with the other character we see turn into a Witch because she didn't have a barrier.
5. Kriemhild Gretchen/Madoka [link] [link] . Her seed has dark parts in the BD. To make mine I simply added an extra bar to the front and added an oval [link] . The ribbon was a painted organaza ribbon split into three sections and glued together. Take note that satin is too thick for this application. The star was laid down in multiple lines of clay [link] . I would let it dry, sand it, and slowly add more clay to shape it [link] . I gave the star more dimension than it had in the show to challenge myself. It looked like this before I painted it [link] .
6. Mystery Seed [link] . Homura throws this at Sayaka in episode 8. I don't know which Witch it's for but I'm going to make a wild guess that it's Roberta. Construction would be about the same as Gertrud's.
7. Homura/Homulily [link] [link] wouldn't work.
8. Mami/Candeloro [link] would work.
9. Kyoko/Ophelia [link] would be tricky.
10. Gisela [link] If you could find a good base for the handle bars.
11. Albertine [link] Would work if you didn't make the star out of Paperclay.
12. Isabel [link] Would work if you found a good base for the trophy.
13. Patricia [link] Would work.
14. Walpurgis Night [link] THE EASIEST ONE.

Feel free to ask questions. Please do not ask me to make a Grief seed for you.
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Thanks for the tutorial!
WeskerFangirl92's avatar
I really like your grief seed tutorial, it's very detailed in the steps and helpful and I'm in the process of making one but I have a question regarding one of the materials needed; When you put down 'clear coat', what do you mean by that? Is it the spray clear acrylic gloss or do you use clear nail polish?
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As useful as this is I'm having trouble just opening the silly little bauble thing
TheAnna's avatar
You just have to keep scraping away at the seams with your craft knife until it opens up. Sometimes you will have to pry it open with the knife. Don't worry about cracks, you're going to glue it back together and cover it in stuff anyways. Just watch your fingers, I've cut myself bad on this step before.
Meepilybuff's avatar
I think I'll just use a Ping-Pong ball...
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this is very useful and cool
theboynamendbelmont's avatar
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that is so cool.
minsmk's avatar
I was thinking of doing a Madoka (magical girl ver) For Halloween this year (Needless to say, Conventions cost alot for more then 1 person) And I was going to do a Grief seed, Should I do Candeloro, Octavia, Walspurgis , Hn Elly Or Gertrude?
TheAnna's avatar
Walpurgis is the easiest but Gertrude is the easiest to recognize.
minsmk's avatar
Thanks for the suggestions, I think i'm going to do Gertrude. :)
xLilithOfSpitex's avatar
wow!! thank you so much!! I wanted to make some <33
Lulukayy's avatar
Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh :D
You are so awesome for doing this :D
So I know you said Charlotte is a no-go, but I'm going to try her anyways, any tips?
Pancakes569's avatar
wow amazing o-o
Dark--Lights's avatar
MARRY ME//shot
Manafichu's avatar
Charlotte's grief seed will be coming out in a set of cell phone charms. In the auction I pre-ordered mine from, they mistakenly thought Charlotte's magical girl form was Kyoko because in the picture, they put the grief seed of Charlotte under Kyoko. :facepalm:
TheAnna's avatar
I know I have Oktavia's from the set on reserve in a group order.

Kyoko has a cannon witch [link] and Charlotte was very likely the Walpurgis minion with pigtails and a Lollipop [link] .

Hatsune1Miku123's avatar
OMG yes! She has a Pyoter on her back, polka dotted leggings, and a Charlotte tail!
Manafichu's avatar
Ok. Whoever made the auction must have said "Well, OK, Kyoko is Charlotte as this picture says so we'll put her there!" when I think Kyoko's grief seed was never shown in the game, and since Kyoko was under the grief seed in the picture. LOL!
TheAnna's avatar
She had a Grief Seed in the game [link] all of the Witches do except the 2 bonus route ones.

I get what you mean though. ;D
Manafichu's avatar
I ment since Kyoko was under that grief seed they put her there.
GrimmUlquigrrrl's avatar
Good job! Cool idea.
DakunCosplay's avatar
That's a really cool tutorial...!

But how am i supposed to create Charlotte's Grief Seed..? It's empty inside..!
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