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I'm taking a new media class, so you may or may not see some of the results of that...depending on how they turn out. We had an animated GIF project, and I animated some of my paintings/drawings since I had taken a bunch of work-in-progress pictures of them. They turned out alright, but they looked a little wonky since there was different lighting and I didn't use a tripod (iPhone camera lol). Most of the class used photographs they had taken with the intention of turning them into GIFs, so they obviously had better quality images to start out with. The other day we had a critique of everyone's GIFs...Who would have that we'd be analyzing and giving deep meaning to animated GIFs in the same way we'd critique traditional media? It was kind of weird how in depth we got with these 256-color, under 2MB little projects.

I bought myself a grey-toned sketchbook because I like the look of drawings I've seen on grey paper - you start in the middle and can add highlights and shadows. I've been experimenting with black and white charcoal, but I think I'm going to try black pen and white charcoal because the black charcoal is super messy.

I have been pretty stressed out lately with my quantum mechanics and biochemistry classes, but I'll try to use my study break to go on dA. :)
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So yesterday I decided to try out giving points to dAhub in exchange for watches and faves. I was inundated for over three hours with watch and fave notifications - it was something like 250 notifications or so! According to dAhub, I received 51 watchers and 80 favorites, but 51+80 is only 131. Similarly, I had 63 watchers before and have 123 now, which means I actually got 60 new watchers.

So I did noticeably better than dAhub gave people credit for, which I know is probably at least partially due to users not understanding that only the first two faves count for points or due to watching or faving after the quota had already been met, but I'd like to think that I got some of that extra attention because of the quality of my art. So I am very grateful to all of the users who watched me and faved my artwork yesterday. :heart:

Although I got some good results, I will say that I will probably not feature myself again for several reasons: 1) I am trying to save up points for a premium core membership. 2) I have no real gauge as to how interested in my art my new watchers actually are since they watched me in exchange for points, though I'm hopeful that they are interested, and 3) I spent a pretty stressful ~four hours going through my notifications and thanking everyone for their support.

To my new watchers - I assure you that I am active, that I'm constantly improving, and that you can expect a variety of styles of art. I hope you'll stick around too. :)
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    1.     How long have you been on DeviantArt?     I've been a member since 2009, so six years, though I haven't been active the whole time.

    2.     What does your username mean?     I originally made this account with a friend, and we ran it jointly for a while (but it's just me now). We came up with the name together when we were both obsessed with anime as middle schoolers.

    3.     Describe yourself in three words.     Thoughtful, musical, and (duh) artistic!

    4.     Are you left or right handed?     Right

    5.     What was your first deviation?     The Girl with the Red Hair, followed closely by Naruto-Pikachu, my most-viewed deviation (a little sad that my more recent art can't top that).

    6.     What is your favourite type of art to create?            I like to draw/paint realistic faces. They’re just what I’ve always been drawn to.

    7.     If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?          I would love to be a master of sculpture – we’ll have to see if I ever attempt that.

    8.     What was your first favourite?   … Waaaay deep into my Fruits Basket phase :P (still one of my most favorite animes/mangas though)

    9.     What type of art do you tend to favourite the most? Uhhh, I have a rather eclectic collection. I would say that if the face of something is wonky, I probably won’t favorite it. I really care about the face. :)

    10.  Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?          Probably Leonid Afremov – I love all of his bright colors and insight into where to place them. He has a style that I really admire and couldn’t for the life of me imitate well.

    11.  If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?            That’s kind of a tough one – I mean, have you seen the show Catfish? I really don’t have much interest in meeting people from the internet. I do believe that any interaction, not necessarily a face-to-face meeting with a fellow artist, especially a professional, can make you a better artist. So I’d thank dA for giving me a lot of those interactions, and I’d thank my university for giving me a lot of face-to-face meetings. :)

    12.  How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?          Uhh…well whoever's idea it was to make those llama badges has gotten me inundated with llama badges.

    13.  What are your preferred tools to create art?                        Gotta say colored pencils or acrylic – I’ve just used those so much recently. I’ve explored a lot of mediums, and charcoal and digital are close runners-up.

    14.  What is the most inspirational place for you to create art? In the fall (not the heat of summer), I like to sketch outside, not necessarily to observe landscapes, but because I live on a beautiful campus and the fall is so pleasant there.

    15.  What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?             Recently after having commented on someone’s profile a routine “Thanks for the fave!” I received a very kind and thoughtful response from a fellow deviant, instead of the typical “You’re welcome” or lack of response altogether. Bioteknos was very encouraging and really praised my art – and it really made my day. With so many great artists on dA, for a person like me to receive such a compliment is often discouragingly rare, so I really appreciated it.


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Recently I have been thinking about different types of subcultures. To me there are two types- the inclusive and the exclusive.
All subcultures are by nature exclusive in a way, but the difference is in how they react to outsiders. Examples to illustrate-
Otaku subculture, from my experience and perspective, is very inclusive. We seek to spread the social virus of anime, manga, and Japanophilisms, perpetuating the particular series that we like by sharing it with our friends so we can talk about it and bask in its glory even more. There is nothing more gratifying than sharing a series you love and seeing the other person light up when they talk about how good it is. Like any subculture, we tend to shut people out by using our own special dialect- Japanese words or jokes pertaining to our particular subculture, but it is a shorthand and a secondary source of entertainment. There is nothing like explaining what yaoi is to your poor, unsuspecting friends...
Hipster subculture exists as a conglomeration of a thousand desperate islands attempting to push each other away but afraid of being annexed by larger subcultures, so they stick together in their odd catty way. To me, it is very entertaining but also very annoying to see such shallow people grab onto something just out of trend or claim something in trend as their own 'before it got mainstream'. Theirs is an exclusive subculture, made particularly lonely by their attempt to have absolutely nothing in common with the next person, and yet manage to wear the same uniform (skinny jeans, Converse etc) and listen to bands 'you've never heard of'. Laughable, yes, but depressing in their futility.
So be part of an inclusive subculture! Learn about something new and different! Laugh with your friends, not at jokes they aren't going to get.
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A pair of glasses are on the ground. The owner will step on them because they are not wearing them.

Deep thought of the week.
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things that are good-
(gakuen alice, bleach, naruto etc.)
shiny things
sparkly things
shiny AND sparkly things
pretty flowers
my new dress
sharing narutardness
having your best friend home from camp
free time
being not bored
gacusan amv bleach 'remember the name'
candied ginger
chicken and apple sausages
good books
nice people
nerd humor
nerd humor on tshirts
learning japanese. well, so far memorizing the hiragana syllabary.
happy dreams
not being annoyed

not-good things-
gacusan amv bleach 'remember the name' being taken off of youtube
naruto and bleach being taken off of mangafox
onemanga going down
playlist taking down songs
not having money
global warming
no internet/spazzy internet
nonfunctional computer
things that are neither shiny nor sparkly
pencil lead that breaks
being hot
overuse of smily faces
slow computers
being tired
having a cold
being in space without a spacesuit
(you can see not all of these actually apply to me...)
ummm... having a nine-tailed fox inside of you? an evil insane(ly powerful) alter ego constantly trying and on occasion succeeding in taking you over?

things that are creepy-
deja vu
lady gaga
lady gaga in her music videos
cosmic coincidences
teddy bears
oversharp knitting needles
gai-sensei and rock lee
gin ichimaru
people who read minds
sparkly vampires (exception to the sparkly-things-are-good rule)
your mother's ghost cursing you from her grave

ok... time to move on...
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painting is fun! also, there was a potato in our attic fan. it was pretty awesome. don't know what i'm going to paint next.
oh yes, and onemanga is taking down everything from shonen jump! i'm unhappy about that
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alright. Please give me some entertaining, unrealistic ways that would make the situation of having your beloved standard poodle being put to sleep on the second day of your move worse. But like REALLY funny. And stupid. i.e. Jacob shows up and says that he's part of the pack or something. (I did always think he was a human who ended up as a dog somehow and just liked it better)
Go to.
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how it happened- i entered this landscape drawing contest i heard about on the radio (V103.3- the radio host has a foundation, the Frank Ski Kids Foundation, that sponsored it). As one of ten finalists, I went to Pace Academy Thursday night and drew an object revealed at the time of drawing- a horrifically ugly knight figurine- to become one of the five winners who would go to Rome.
We finished drawing and the judges tallied up their scores. Frank Ski, the host, announced the winners, of which I was apparently not a member. I was like 'time to go...' but at the door we were stopped and sent back to the theater that the contest had been set up in- apparently there had been a tie!
I went back down to a seat and waited, feeling slightly awkward for hauling tail out of there so fast. Frank Ski announced that there had been a 'tie' for the first time ever, and named the girl next to me as the sixth winner. However, halfway to the stage, he admitted a mistake, and called for me.
So now I'm going to Rome, Italy for eight days, at the same time that one of my best friends will be there!
On a side note, my mother later told me that she had talked to a judge who had said that I had actually been third or fourth ranked, and so she had gone back after the winners were announced to recheck the adding of the scores, where there had been a mistake. I was very grateful to her :)
Anyway, if anyone knows anything about Rome and what's good to see there- I know we get to go to the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican, and the Colosseum,and even a side trip to Florence, and we get to end every day with gelato. Nike is in part sponsoring the trip, so we're getting free tennis shoes, bags, and duffels as well- if I even needed a passport, I could get that, too.
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Have you ever noticed that the word "window" has two W's in it? I tried really hard, but I couldn't think of any more words with two W's. If you think of any, please let me know!

Anyways, I am on spring break now! And I'm not going anywhere. But my parents are going to Jamaica, and my brother and I are staying at my grandparents house, which is still not going anywhere because they live in the same city as us. But hey, my grandmother offered to take me to England this summer, so if that happens I'll call it even with my parents.

So anyways, if I'm to go to England, I'll need an up-to-date passport. My current passport expired a long, long time ago. Last time I left the United States, I was three, so...basically I need a new passport.

We went to the post office, and guess what? The passport-helper-person was taking the day off. So then we go to another post office where - guess what - the passport hours ended at noon, and of course it was after twelve. Bleh. We went to yet another post office where my dad and I were told that they didn't do passports at that particular post office. I really don't understand why it was this complicated.

The fourth post office we went to was actually doing passports! But of course, after waiting half an hour in line, the lady told us that both parents needed to be present and that they needed my birth certificate. I didn't really understand why this was necessary though because we brought my old passport, which should confirm that I was born in the United States. My birth certificate had been shown to post office people before at some point in time, and that old passport was proof. And that thing with both parents being present - I just didn't get that part at all.

After all that, we ended up wasting hours, and in the end, I have no up-to-date passport.

Also, Moygara if you are reading this, I deleted a bunch of the deviations notification thingies because there were like 2,000 + and it was stressing me out. :P

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i just changed my facebook to be in gaelic, though all the stuff i type in is still in english. my news feed now has all the notification crap in gaelic too- though i wonder what my feed looks like to them. other interesting optionsi think i rather like it...
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though my computer still shows a little flickering light for 'hard drive', firefox has speeded up my internet and i got this really adorable theme with this cute little fox that runs when a page is loading. poor thing, it should be dead at the rate that i make it work. anyway... my friends and i are planning a cosplay after school on one of the patios in front of the campus center, involving an epic fight between the product of naruhina and two akatsuki members (me and silvermoon2277, who got her akatsuki cosplay at dragon*con with me). my coach decided (for me) that i was going to the jr olympic qualifiers, so im signed up for that and hoping in a weird way to both get in and to not get in- thanks a lot, yool. in any case, holidays are here, exams finished, my painting is done, and i am looking forward to christmas day so i can see if i got a tablet, but also for school to start again so i can see ad hoc.
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I am wondering whether or not to post my story on dA, chapter by chapter. I actually haven't gone into the realm of literature on dA and i was wondering if anyone had a recommendation for something to read on here or is even mildly interested in the story. (kudos to silvermoon2277 and anna as well as ad hoc, maia, and the product of naruhina for their editing pwnage)
Most Burning Question Ever- how does haku from spirited away look so hot as a dragon? its kinda disturbing.
phails, epic or not- my friend kicking me in the shin so hard that i end up with a swollen bruise-cut thing. that guy lip-syching the numa numa song. the faerie path (book). the jonas brothers/hannah montana/disney stars. the fact that the google search 'irish sasuke' has no relevant results.
wins- my bf ad hoc. the matrix. miyazaki. mini irish sasukes. snl. yaoi- well, actually anime guys in general. kabuki makeup. the t-shirt i made for my friend. ninja army/akatsuki cosplays. cuchulainn. getting 1.5 hrs of sleep.
well, i think i covered it. suggestions welcome.
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copy, pasted, and personalized from AiliaGisledorfBink's journal
1. YOUR ROCK STAR NAME (first pet, current car)
Ginger None
2. YOUR GANGSTA NAME (fave ice cream flavor, favorite type of shoe)
Butter Pecan Combat Boot

3. YOUR NATIVE AMERICAN NAME (favorite color, favorite animal)
Green Hawk

4. YOUR SOAP OPERA NAME (middle name, city where you were born)
Pegram Atlanta

5. YOUR STAR WARS NAME (the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 of your first name)

6. SUPERHERO NAME (2nd favorite color, favorite drink)
White Water
7. NASCAR NAME (the first names of your grandparents)
Julia Kevin

8. TV WEATHER ANCHOR NAME (your 5th grade teacher's name, a major city that starts with the same letter)
Susan Seattle

9. SPY NAME: (your favorite season/holiday, flower)
Autumn Lily
10. CARTOON NAME: (favorite fruit, article of clothing you're wearing right now)
Mango Pajamas (yeah, its afternoon- a little late to be wearing pjs. w/e)

11. HIPPIE NAME: (What you ate for breakfast, your favorite tree)
Cocoa Oak


6. YOUR IRAQI NAME: (2nd letter of your first name, 3rd letter of your last name, first two letters of your middle name)
Urpe (oh gawd)

8. YOUR GOTH NAME: (black, and the name of one of your pets)
Obsidian Voltaire

9. NINJA NAME: (First two letters of your first name added with Ruto)

10. PIRATE NAME: (Your middle name after the word Captain)
Captain Pegram

Our inbox hit 200! i'm so excited! i also entered a drawing, 'run away quickly', in prismadragonfly's halloween contest. recently i helped do makeup for a play, trick-or-treated in the Ninja Army (tactical commander) and stayed up until 5:30am realizing that a classmate of mine, were he to have children, would have little irish sasukes.  i read my immortal and lost (more) hope in the general intelligence of the human race- though not our survival, because apparently the mating instinct seems to remain quite strong. i am also considering putting some of my writing on dA, but i tend to end up editing chapters even after they are done, so i guess i should wait till i finish. silvermoon22777 is helping me with that, as well as other non-deviants.
ps has anyone ever experience schadenfreude? its so much fun- after all, _someone_ has to find happiness in it. and that someone is me!
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This journal entry is basically summarizing who our generation will be (note that i, moygara, the author, am a teenager- that's the generation i am speaking of). Just from watching my brother and sister, my classmates, and reading some interesting articles, i have begun to realize what the face of our generation is. We will be Generation Now, a group who wants It, wants It all, and wants It all RIGHT NOW. (and charge it, please). We have succumbed to the consumer culture, our identities erased and replaced with the constant present of our culture. We are perhaps living too much for the second after now, the moment to have the music before everyone else, or the coolest technology before the rest of the world gets it in ten seconds.
  But i notice the world of dA- the representation of the nerd group, the 'we' that myself and Anna are part of. We are the people who draw on the past and think of the future to create art for now. There are the people who bypass the rules set up for an adult world by adults to bring us the music and the technology. We don't flaunt it, or at least not the same way that others do. We revel in its 'deviantness' and take pride in that, laughing at the stupid people trying to catch up to the future. We are already there. Those people never noticed us, hiding in the background. Maybe we wanted to be noticed a while ago- we all want to be recognized, certainly. And one day we will be noticed, if those people, the 'we' of cellphones and iTunes, will stop hearing the Pied Piper strains of music always beckoning the new tommorrow just a second from their reach.
  Let's not be Generation Now- let's make our own music for today, and start over again tommorrow.
  (yeah, that was deep! woooooot for deepness!woooot for motivation... oh where'd it go? whatever- i don't feel like finding it...)
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it happened and we were there! it was a nice change to see people weirder than ourselves, and the variety of people and costumes was fascinating. and the merchandise... anna was searching for fruits basket stuff, but she settled on a kylala hat from inuyasha. i got an akatsuki robe, after much deliberation, along with a ninja headband. we saw replica swords, real swords, cosplays, funny t-shirts, nerdy but amazing stuff, art. i even tried on a corset. my fangirl-ness went into overdrive too. we were kinda disappointed that all the art in the art show incorporated some degree of fanservice. anyway, it was soooooooooooo cool, and we are totally going next year.
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I'm doing this English project on Napoleon Bonaparte, and as I researched the brilliant commander of the nineteenth century, my mind drifting away a bit towards anime, I suddenly noticed some unusual parallels between Lelouch of Code Geass and Napoleon Bonaparte. My next thought was that I should post this brilliance on deviantArt for my nonexistent public.
Napoleon- a student from a conquered state living and studying in the conqueror's country
Lelouch- a student of the conqueror living and studying in the conquered state
Napoleon- a brilliant strategist
Lelouch- a brilliant strategist
Napoleon- he rises to power rather swiftly, taking positions in the military quickly
Lelouch- defeats his siblings to gain more power
Napoleon- is defeated and exiled to Elba
Lelouch- is defeated and has his memories buried and forgotten
Napoleon- returns from exile to fight Wellington
Lelouch- remembers that his other identity is Zero and returns to finish his failed rebellion
Napoleon- executes a coup d'etat and becomes emperor
Lelouch- executes his siblings and becomes emperor
Napoleon- fights for all men to be equal under the law and to establish education, equality, and liberty in the style of the French Revolution in all the countries he conquers
Lelouch- fights to create a safe and happy world for Nunally and to free Japan
Napoleon-his ultimate archnemesis in intellect is Wellington of the country opposing him the most
Lelouch- his ultimate archnemesis in intellect is his brother Schneizel of the family that represents the country/empire he hates and opposes
Napoleon- crowns himself emperor
Lelouch- forces Brittania to accept him as their emperor
Napoleon- defeated at Waterloo to final exile in the south Pacific's island of Saint Helena
Lelouch- creating a hatred and anger directed solely at him on purpose so that all hatred is taken away from Nunally and Euphemia, asks his best friend to kill him
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oh yes. i succumbed to the pressure. i got a facebook. its bad when your little brother and mom and dad have them and their teenage daughter doesn't. so now i have one and my inbox is positively SWAMPED with friend comfirmations and request thingies from people who aren't really your friends and are more like aquaintances... i don't think im cut out for facebook.
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*This includes spoilers for those who have only watched Naruto Shippuden up until the last episode release (episode 119) or who have not watched/read it at all. I really recommend it! The spoilers, are, however, things that will warm the very cockles of your hearts, readers! :D so keep reading!
I was wanting to see some Naruto Shippuden two days ago and so I went to the site where I usually find the new releases when they come out, when I realized that each individual episode has very little overall meaning in the plot arc, and as the directors and producers would wish it, simply leave you craving for more rather than satisfying you. So I made the decision I had hoped not to make and found,on onemanga, the chapters of Naruto from episode 119 onward and read all but five in two days (that's 99 chapters)and I was mostly satisfied, although I almost cried during some of it. The best part is that Naruto met his daddy! *Spoiler* He was about to release the Nine-Tails entirely when Minato appeared and pulled him back (crap I'm getting sniffly again) and is so cool and cute its amazing. They have this heart to heart and stuff, and then Minato has to go because his Chakra, which is apparently embedded in Naruto's consciousness to renew the seal once if it starts to break, is fading. It was the best scene ever. And before that, Hinata tries to protect Naruto and says she loves him, which is good. But then she gets hurt and that's what sets the Nine-Tails off. It was soooooooooooooo good I want to go read it all again!
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Anna believes this is totally my song. I disagree, but its funny anyway.
the song-…
and the lyrics-
Chorus (x2)
You can't see me
I'm blending in just like a pine tree
I am unseen, You can't see me cuz
I'm a ninja, nin, ninja, ninja, nin, ninja.

Verse 1
Hey, can't see me
Am I a bird or am I a tree?
What's flying so high in the ayer (ayer)?
I'm a ninja don't stare (stare)
Fast like the witch is Blair (Blair)
I bet you don't even care
Here I go, there I go, this is my song
Being ninja you gotta be strong
Most of us found in Hong Kong
Where is my automobile now Dong?
Catching everything with my chopstick
Making loud noises with every hit
Moving unseen so fast so quick
I bet you wish you had all my ninja tricks
Be a Ninja like me
Just watch me now and you will see!

Chorus (x2)
You can't see me
I'm blending in just like a pine tree
I am unseen, You can't see me cuz
I'm a ninja, nin, ninja, ninja.

Verse 2
Hey were dressed in black
Just like emos except for the fact
We don't stab ourselves, we stab your back
It's just our way to sneak attack
We see you coming cuz we have wall hacks
Don't come near us or we'll give you slap
And no sense in running cuz we set up a trap.
Here comes the slow motion... C C C CRAP!
Run like me
Hide like me
Don't forget your fatality
Dance like a ninja in the club
Even though you'll look just like a scrub
Watch this vid learn something rare (rare)
This move looks like a square (square)
Just throw your hands in the air (air)
Follow me, do the Ninja Glare!

Chorus (x2)
You can't see me
I'm blending in just like a pine tree
I am unseen, You can't see me cuz
I'm a ninja, nin, ninja, ninja, nin, ninja.

i can even do the ninja glare hand thingy now too! its turned into an obsession... ah well.
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