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Due to a misunderstanding and the recognition of a community need, we have added a new folder category to the gallery- "Help Wanted" ads! This is now the acceptable place to post Help Wanted ads for personal projects, as well as animation-related editorials. This applies to admins, too- a brief scan of previous journal entries shows a historical trend of trolling for talent through the official group journal, which will (hopefully) not happen again. So please feel free to submit your ads to the appropriate folder as either journal entries or informational deviations. If you don't know how to submit a journal entry to a group, here's a handy tutorial:…

:bulletgreen: Things that are OK to submit: :bulletgreen:
- "Help Wanted" ads for personal projects
- Links to Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or other crowdfunding campaigns
- Ads for multi-animator projects (MAPs)
- Any other written works or editorials pertaining directly to the technical art of animation (no film reviews, please)

:bulletred: Things that are NOT OK to submit: :bulletred:
- Commission advertisements
- Advertisements for commercial or personal wares (Etsy shops, etc.)
- Anything that attempts to bully or threaten our members
- Anything economically infringing on currently held copyrights
- Anything pornographic or otherwise in violation of the rules of DA

Feel free to ask about anything not directly mentioned on this list. Hope this helps- have a great evening!
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April 12, 2017


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