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Gallery Folders

A Verse for Barric - 2D Animations for a Game by LPDisney
Arri slide by MF99K
Noodle-doodle-animation by Clambiluna
Deep Blue Sea | Original Meme| by MF99K
2D Pencil n Paper Animation
2D Digital Animation CLOSED
deer gif (click to see it move) by Selsea012
bird gif (click to see it move) by Selsea012
Birds gif by Selsea012
Trespassholes Scene 2 by Hailt0TheKing
2D Digital Animation II CLOSED
Don't Stop me Now MV(Ft. Cosmog) by HotRodMario8
Animation Test 2 by HotRodMario8
Kremstoin on stage by Nahemii
Rowlet I Choose you! by zeneria29
2D Digital Animation III
Death Golfing by TheoSar
Marii's Spin Attack (Updated Gif) by Scarlet-Ajani
[Animation] The Case of the Physics-Defying Ball by Beginneratart
Animation Commission: Callia by galia-and-kitty
3D Digital Animation

Mature Content

Jumping Jacks GIF by misterprickly
Boat Shell - 360 by nanideviantart
Food Truck - 360 by nanideviantart
Tiny Trip - 360 by nanideviantart
Stop Motion and Cutouts Animation
Interactive Media
Smiley O'Reilly (flash interactive) by JoeEyeMonster
Nurse Stabenette: I saw her too by JoeEyeMonster

Mature Content

Orbie (flash interactive) by JoeEyeMonster
Nurse Stabenette (flash interactive) by JoeEyeMonster
Reels and Resumes
Work in Progress Animation
0001-0303 test render by man-yui
Riolu doing his thing (WIP Animation) by HotRodMario8


No Preview
milkshake intro wip by man-yui
Storyboards, Animatics and Scripts
Animated Icons and Special FX Animation
Animation Commission: Elysa by galia-and-kitty
Concept Art
Character, Model, Action Sheets
Layout and Backgrounds for Animation
The Halway by AlexFanmade
Tutorials and Stock Resources for Animation
head with antlers drawing aid (animated) by EvilBeanz13
Contest - Action Challenge
...   RUN! (CLICK TO SEE ADDED EFFECTS) by MarlineAnimates
Motion Graphics










Newest Members


:bulletgreen: Joining Rules:
We here on “theAnimators” group understand that you don’t have to be an animator in order to appreciate the beauty of animation. So if you’re an animator, or have something to do with animation or just love, eat and breathe animation – you are welcome to join us and contribute to our group in any way you can. Membership is basically open to all.
If you do not wish to join and contribute, but still interested in our group and it’s deviations, you can simply watch us instead. ^^

++ TO JOIN ++

:bulletyellow: Click on Join Our Group button.
:bulletyellow: Upon clicking the button, please explain the purpose of joining, what you know about animation (your expertise, if any), and how you would contribute to the group in the comment box. Also, please, if possible, post a link to the animation related work.
:bulletyellow: Wait for ADMINS' decision.
:bulletyellow: If your application is approved, you're in ^_^

:bulletgreen: Submitting Rules:
We want to keep the contents of the gallery strictly related to animation; it can be traditional, digital, pixel, interactive media, stop motion, motion graphics, or visual effects in 2d and/or 3d, and even live footage integrated with animation.

To submit artwork you must be a member of this group. After becoming one go to our main page and click "contribute art", or go to our gallery and click "submit to this gallery". Please submit to the appropriate category. To submit to specific category, click on the plus (+) button next to right of the folder names. Once you submitted your art, an admin will go over your submission and approve or reject it.

Listed here below are what MEMBERS may submit and which submission goes to which folder. Please read carefully before submitting.

Note: animations with mature content or non-animated preview images will take longer to review and therefore will take longer to be accepted or rejected by a moderator. If you want your deviations to be accepted faster, please make sure you submit to the correct category and have an animated thumbnail for your work.


:bulletblue: Featured - This category represents the best of this group. Submissions are closed to this category. The best animations will be picked by the admins. We are open for suggestions though, so if you see something special send us a note ^^.

:bulletblue: 2D Pencil n Paper - Any hand drawn animation done frame by frame in the traditional way – Paper, Pencil and Light Table.

:bulletblue: 2D Digital Computer - Any 2D animation created on the computer with any type of software (Including Flash).

:bulletblue: 3D Digital - Any 3D animation created with any type of 3D software.

:bulletblue: Stop Motion and Cutouts - Any Stop Motion animation shot frame by frame with physical materials.

:bulletblue: Animated Icons and Motion Graphics - Animated avatars, icons, and other Motion Graphics.

:bulletblue: Interactive Media - Interactive contents and games that require the users to interact with them (excluding the "Play" button).

:bulletblue: Reels and Resumes - All Reels, Resumes and Portfolios representing you and your skills. Job requests and offers are welcome.

:bulletblue: Work in Progress - Any work from any kind of animation that is still in the process of making and WILL BE finished in the future. Critiques are welcome to take a pick and help the process.

:bulletblue: Storyboards, Animatics and Scripts - Storyboards, Animatics and story or scenario scripts.

:bulletblue: Concept Art - illustrative or visual works representing the Concept Art of an animated movie, in any stage of the process. Only work related to an animation is accepted.

:bulletblue: Characters and Model Sheets - Character Design, Model, Action and Expression Sheets, CG Modeling and other character related work, in any stage of the process.

:bulletblue: Layout and Backgrounds - Layouts and Backgrounds of an animated movie, in any stage of the process. Only work related to an animation is accepted.

:bulletblue: Tutorials - Tutorials and other How-to's that relates to animation.

:bulletblue: Contest - Contest related entries. Old entries will be moved to the appropriate category.

:bulletred: Trailers and Teasers are also acceptable. Just submit them under the correct type of animation.
:bulletred: Critiques are welcome to take a pick at any folder and help members improve their work. If you wish to receive help either mark the “Critique Wanted” (if you’re a premium member) when you submit your art, or simple write “Critique Wanted” in Deviation’s title.
:bulletred: We don’t accept deviations for animations with links to site outside DA, only actual animations submitted to DA.
:bulletred: We don't accept editing of live footage, unless it has at least some animation in it (exclude effects like explosions and such, which are really more automatic effects the software generated than actual animation).
:bulletred: We don't accept screenshots from Animations and basically please refrain from posting still images in the related Animation folders. Still images should only go into Storyboard, Concept, Characters, Backgrounds and Tutorials.
:bulletred: Please note that plagiarism is not tolerated here, and submitting work other than your own may get you banned.

:bulletgreen: Free Animation Software:
Pencil2D (a newer version of Pencil)
Plastic Animation Paper PRO
Animaki (Online)

:bulletgreen: Animation Tutorials and Info:
A huge article about 2D Animation by LPDisney
Pencil Tests Depot
How Do You Animate? by TomBancroft
Wacom Starter's Guide by Fox-Orian
Free Drawing Lessons

:bulletgreen: Animation Sites (outside of DA):
Animation Forum
Animation Mentor
ACME Animations (only for signed up animation classes)
Void (pivot animation related)
Don Bluth Animation
Animation Arena
Big Cartoon Database
Animation Guild

:bulletgreen: Freelancers Helpful Info:
++ Our Job Offers Blog Entry ++
Tips when you are being hired by "UnseenArtists" DA Group
Tips to build a Portfolio
Animation Career Basic Questions by TomBancroft
Amazon Studios for Independent Filmmakers

Animation Supplies and Equipment

FAQ #842: How do I become a submitting member of the film community?
FAQ #830: How do I submit Film?

Recent Journal Entries

Group Info

We are a group dedicated to animation whether it be traditional or digital, stop motion or motion graphics, interactive media or animated icons and other animation related.
Founded 9 Years ago
Dec 14, 2009


Group Focus
Art Creation

5,721 Members
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CALLING ALL ANIMATORS.  We're looking to start a new semi-realistic partially-animated movie, to showcase our inventive lore and magic.  The project will include scenes of a violent nature, as well as a fair amount of sexual content.  Bonus points if you have any schooling in traditional animation.  The aesthetic is something we'll be working with you to establish.  The position is paid, but not professionally.

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