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The Animation Source is here to provide animators with resources to improve their skills in animation. The group will act as a place for animators new and old to share their own tutorials and resources, tutorials and resources they find, and also as a place to share thoughts on other people's animations. The main focus of this group is animated films, but the resources provided may also help those interested in animated graphics.

Submission Guidelines and Rules

:bulletred: What do we accept in our gallery? Tutorials and How-to videos on animating and video resources for movement (for example, a real horse walking). We accept all animation tutorials, but we are not a group for graphics (No .gifs!!!).

:bulletred: We do not accept Flash gallery submissions. However, if your animation has been made using Flash, but has been exported and uploaded to dA in video format to the Film & Animation Gallery, your submission will be accepted.

:bulletred: ONLY FINISHED FILMS to the films folder.

:bulletred: Absolutely NO copyrighted audio that you don't have permission to use.

:bulletred: NO fanart/fanvid submissions or use of copyrighted characters; not even parodies. This group is for original works only.

:bulletred: When you send a submission request, MAKE SURE YOU ARE SUBMITTING TO THE CORRECT FOLDER. Each folder has a description of what goes into it. If you don't see a folder that your work fits, ask us about it!

:bulletred: If you have questions about any of the folders, check the descriptions in the folders first. If your questions still aren't answered, ask any of the admins here!






Hello! We are planning to do a Project Educate Weekend on copyright! We know there is a lot of misinformation out there about what is legal and illegal to use, especially online and in the art world when it comes to references and collaboration. The plan here is to help clear up some of the grey areas!

If you are interested in contributing an article, please note me, Cinestress!

Topics we are looking for:

  • Explanation of legal terms regarding copyright and intellectual property (ex: fair use, public domain, creative commons, etc.)
  • Interview with an entertainment or art lawyer
  • Legalities of Fan Art
  • Any other ideas you may have!
We already have a few ideas in the pipeline, but we are definitely open to more!

The articles will be posted on January 25 and 26 with a deadline for finished articles on January 19.

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HentaiWorld69 Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2021
Hello, how are you doing?
I just finished the animation to order, and I want to start by chance, and so to speak, open a shop and collect more orders for animation (and not only)
50 frames = 100 dollars
I draw EVERYTHING, so the price depends on the complexity, if you have any questions you ask.
as well as a 10% discount for those who subscribe to patreon) this is so, by the way.
Evometheus6082 Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2021  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
WanderingVoiceActor Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2021
Hello fellow deviants,

I'm looking for Voice Over work in any project that you may have. Pretty much have been working in voice over for over a decade so far, be it audio dramas/radio plays/machinima/ indie games/ flash projects and other media.

Now, if you would like to inquire about help with your project, don't be shy.

Just a couple things I'll need to know before I add anyone to discord or other messaging services who are interested in having me involved in their projects:

1. What is the project about?

2. What characters need to be voiced?

3. Is there a script ready? (the reason I ask this is because I would like to be ready to go to work as soon as the script is ready so I won't be waiting for days, or weeks, or months on end before it's completed)

Thank you for your interest in involving me with your future projects.

Even if it's a bit out of date with old equipment and audio effecting software, an old demo reel can be found here.…
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