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Mega Sceptile

This Pokémon was first revealed in the CoroCoro issue released in June 2014. This Pokémon is to Mega Evolve from the starter Treecko you receive in game. Mega Sceptile has ability Lightening rod making it immune to electric types. its typing also changes from Grass to Grass/Dragon

Sceptile is one of my favorite pokemon, and it just got even cooler, in design and stats! I had to draw it first, becuase its so freaking awesomesauce! Not sure about its ability, although it gives this pokemon an immunity, who the hell would use electic types against it in the first place?

Anyway, hope you like, tell me what you think of the mega hoenn starters in the comments below, as well as the one you will be chosing. Enjoy!
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Are u okey with me using this picture for Twitch/YouTube? :) I'm making sure u will be liked in the description! 
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This is unbelievable. Faved! ^^
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You're welcome. ^^
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My original favorite!
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EPIC!!!!!!!!!! I bet mega sceptile would deal some MAJOR damage!!!!!!! awesome job!!!!!!
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omg he's so beautiful !! :heart: :love:

hmmWorriedXDMeow :3:o (Eek)Bleh8-) (Cool)Noes!Crying:( (Sad)Tears:p (Lick)Doh!:D (Big Grin):) (Smile)Fight!=p (Razz)Stare:| (Blank Stare);) (Wink):X (Mad)Oops!
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you are so welcome <3
Does anyone else think Sceptile might get another mega evolution, like Charizard and Mewtwo.
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I hope so, but i think blaziken might, seeing as his mega isnt as new as sceptiles and swamperts :P
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Soon my Treecko, soon...
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To be honest? Sceptile's tail, to me, looks like a Christmas tree. Fighting using a Mega Sceptile...I'd probably teach it a move that it involves its tail so i can be like "MERRY CHRISTMAS, MUTHAF*****!" XD
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M-Sceptile: "Bro, do you even gift???" ;)
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Awesome art of Mega Sceptile you draw, I think I like it.

Sceptile is my favorite Grass-type Starter Pokémon
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The best new mega evolution if you ask me!
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One of my faves too!
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Awesome mix with the TCG artwork of Sceptile :D
Don't know the exact serien the artwork was from though XD
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