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Lost Owner

An owner desperatley tries to persuade his lost dog to come home. Maybe he thinks standard "LOST" posters didn't cut it, and he feels lost without the dog. (As you can see his hair is becoming a mess in the photo)

The dog feels like his owner really does love him and is sad for leaving.

This was something for someone on another site.
A quickie speed paint that maybe I'll touch up another time but cannot right now.

Based on a sentence for an "EPYC"

If you don't know what EPYC is:

The concept is, someone writes a sentence, that sentence get's sent to someone, they draw what they interpret.
Then that image is sent to another person, they come up with a sentence for what they see in the image.

And it's a chain thing that goes on and on.
Sort of like the game "telephone" but with art. The point is to see what crazy images/sentences come out of what's started.
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Maybe you could print a picture of both you and your dog together. But it's still an inspiration.
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Awwww so sweet and sad....Heart 
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Why you do this to me?? *heart breaks*
Rossem-Klyn's avatar
Here come the feels...
Siolan's avatar
Ohh... :(
really , it had touched me!
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Truly emotional! Nice work.
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This piece of artwork is very heart warmingBonnie Warfstache  too me because it has a lot of feel too it the sadness of loss of your pet you love and well knowing their out there possibley starving or dead and owners search and (thinking of the happyness when the pet was found between both is heart warming)
well when I see those lost dog posters they make me upset the out of things because a dog is lost and a owner that loves them don't have their friend (Which is usually the case but can be not the case at times) Custom heart [Warm Orange] 
and well I specially love about this artwork it describes a lot of things its very well done and detailed the sadness the cold and growling stomach from hunger Johnny Test sprite
well when ever a dog runs off at my house (or any animal that I love) I search for it until a long time has passed (which ends up the case too that is my animals crawl under things) yeah the feeling of worried and well I really love this artwork this deserves daily deviation too me! :)General Skarr Sprite I love the earth + Earth Hour 
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aww the feels... this definitely deserves a DD! 
miffybunneh's avatar
*oh my gosh i gonna cry*
XxMidnightOceanxX's avatar
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Googled EPYC:

Eastern Point Yacht Club –Gloucester, MA | Private Cape Ann Yacht ... in 1923 as a private club dedicated to yachting activities, Eastern Point Yacht Club on Cape Ann has a rich racing tradition and offers the best access to ...
Junior Sailing - Weddings & Events - Member Login - Guest Accommodations
EPYC - Eastern Pacific Yacht Club Pacific Yacht Club is the most exclusive yacht club in the world. A sportfishers paradise, and loaded with amenities.
EPYC | Home
epyc friends and I first learned about the game Eat Poop You Cat from this website. To quote the instructions as stated by Joe on that site: "Yarr! This be a game ...
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Yup, it's Eat Poop You Cat, hehe ^^
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Dog looks hungry.
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Aww, this is so sad and wonderful. Really tells a story. Great work Brandi!
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I cried many tears from this. TT_TT
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Aww, that's a very sad picture you did... :(
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This breaks my heart, and I'm not a dog person. D: I hope Spot goes home...
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T_T Too sad....too sad.
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