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Where do you go when you lose consciousness?
You have a brain, a brain is a biological computational device running on electrochemical process. Your conciousness is an emergent property of said process. In other words: you are an electrochemical process. Fundamentally you have experience of continuous existence. You are you, at this point in time. You have sensation of riding along this continuum of being you, into the future. On occasion brain can be subjected to trauma, temporarily discontinuing electrochemical process. Such as a boxer being knocked out. As this occurs the brain is no longer running. It's electrochemical generating process. Hence conciousness is lost. You loose conciousness. At this point in time, your consciousness, all that is you... your continuum of being you has caused to exist in the physical world, Now, moments later, the electrochemical process may start up again... allowing consciousness to emerge out of the information stored in the brain.
But I wonder. Where are you in the meantime?
Must we not assume that at the point when consciousness is lost, the person dies? If a new consciousness appears or not in the same brain is entirely inconsequential to the dead consciousness. The new consciousness is simply a new person. Because it emerges from the same brain it has access to all the memories and cognitive structures... as the dead consciousness, so it thinks it is the same person But in actuality it is just an impostor. Inheriting the body and brain from the previous, now dead, inhabitant.

- Tekla, Wolfenstein : The New Order
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August 14, 2014


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