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Stuff I made. Like it or leave it.


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Stuff I like.


The jacket is far too awkward in comparison to his body from his waist, while the waist is too thin to match where the jacket meets it,...

by Riza-Izumi

Due to the cliche aspect of atheism nowdays I can't give it anything more than 1 star on vision and originality. I gave it a 2 on techn...

Vision: It's got a very bright traditionally colored background. The colors on the Sceptile family is really well done as well. They st...

by the-Rov

The colors are very well done. I am not sure if you colored a colorless page of the manga or drew the whole thing yourself but it is gr...



Enjoy being triggered SJW's.
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United States

Music by Zach CG For The Jojo Core: Mashups Are Unbreakable

The current status of my Let's Plays. Get Triggered.

"Fifty years ago we'd have you upside-down with a fucking fork up your ass!"-Michael Richards during his downfall at the Laugh Factory.

The birth of the walking pair of nasty ass testicles.

Alt Name: KaiserTrigger

The man known as KaiserTrigger was born one day when a vat of nuclear semen had landed on and covered a dead baby. When it touched it's skin it formed him into a boy who would grow into a man who wouldn't take shit from anyone. Specially not weebs who go around making women out to be superior to men on gender alone.

During his early years he was a ruffian. Many a night were spent crying from his daily beatings by the church nuns of the holy church of Bombastica for being the biggest ruffian since Satan. Of course, as he grew older, he changed from a ruffian and into a gentleman who would hold the door open for anyone. Still, he did not partake in the privileging of weebs. That was the greatest cardinal sin aside from rape and murder taught to him by the church of Bombastica.

Well within the early years of the internet, he foresaw the coming of the many weebs and mangina's that would eventually accompany the waves of radical feminism that has existed since the conception of sliced bread. He set out on a journey to shit on ALL the people who dared to spew weebish dialogue such as "Bitch! I'm sugoi!" or "My waifu's coming to life!" and to shit on anyone daring to tell him he can't say hi to womyns without it being harrasement.

So check your asses you little shits.

Not that he has an issue with fapping to animu girls. He just faps to almost anything. Everyone is entitled to be fapped to by him. Unless you're a dood who's a major weeb and a SJW.

He is also an unreliable narrator. And a troll. Sometimes.

Social Justice Warriors by WaywardSoothsayer I Hate Tumblr Social Justice Stamp by animeninjaNIPPON Anti-social Justice Warrior by inconceivablenotions Social Jehovahs Witnesses Are An Oxymoron by Craptrap
Social Justice Warriors by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me :thumb521585430: :thumb506686496: :thumb487741503:
:thumb506425550: :thumb516757453: :thumb492265534: :thumb494391293:
:thumb510869063: :thumb497431257: Not Your Cautionary Tale by DontNeedFeminism
The Order Of The Cucks.

A Post By TheAmericanKaiser, AKA KaiserTrigger.

So being that making a good show out the idiocy of white knights is my thing, while being a complete autist myself at times (Such good fun), I decided to see what the hubbub is when it came to a specific group of people who basically white knight each other, who white knight a Feminist known as :iconbriannabater:. Now I wouldn't have as much of a problem with her if she were to keep to herself and not have an entire posse behind her. But she did the stupid thing of getting such a thing going.

Now while I like to get involved in lots of fun like this, apparently lots of people, who may or may not be here in this group, have had to deal with their ilk. In the process of starting shit with these people to uncover their true persona's to confirm myself who they are as people, I found lots of people have said that they are not only stalkers, but edgy scumfucks as well who try to think that "I'm a misanthrope who hates humanity so I'm better than them." Now don't get me wrong. Humanity is shit. But I love it. Because anything other than edgy cringe worthy humans is boring and not a life worth living. So let's jump into the fun.

And in the process of all this, one of them, a mouse loving milk and coffee drinking fuck, demanded that I provide evidence of their SJW status. So here is a collection, with some commentary. This blog post is subject to change as more evidence rises up. But until then, here's what I gathered. You can even look for yourself and download the zip, which I have done myself (

So first off, we've got the edgy fuck who thinks she's on the edge of insanity in this first screenshot called :iconinsanity123:

<da:embed profile="youtube" id="-n8troSSIhU

From what we can tell, this person called :iconerraticbasarafan: has dealt with Insanity. When the man in the top, who's a member here made a comment that stated "I see I'm not the only one who ran into this user", Insanity proceeded to try and bash apart any support that was being given to ErraticBasarFan. Below we can find this so called Insanity guy posting on a post made by mister Erratic.…

So as you can see, miss Insanity is pretty much a desperate fuck who can't let go of getting attention... Oh and did I forget to mention an SJW? But then again, an SJW is bound to be so thirsty for your attention, that they may as well be a fucking tsundere waifu in a harem anime stalking her crush because she cannot be with him. Except in this case she's basically trying to express her love by making accusations like "rapist" "misogynist" and so forth. Not that it's actually love that's being sent. But it's an okay analogy I guess. Oh, and apparently I misgendered this person. Well boo fucking hoo, you can take your trans terminology and suck it apart like you do your own cock.

And finally, to save space, this is the last post I'll be showing on this transmorphic retard. You can find out the rest in the link, and I'll post the images on something like Google Drive. But here here's basically causing their special brand of hypocritical autistic mischief here on someone called :iconinternetexplorer968:…

Next, we have some of :iconfeliciadaily: who's also obviously another user called :iconfeliciadaily42:. She really likes to repeat herself. A LOT. And I'm correct in assuming this, she's probably black considering I knew this one black chick where I lived previous called Felicia whom I had a few intimate moments with... Don't worry. Just some fun. Nothing serious. But if I'm right, then this is a milk chocolate dud who pops out the same comment more often than a chicken can pop out eggs.…

Here you can see they stalk Brianna's dead DA to white knight even the slightest bit of criticism against her. You can also see a retarded chicken who thinks "she's" the devil's advocate in a political debate. So an edgy clusterfuck of semen covered feathers who's probably getting fucked right now by an animatronic bear. But more on her later. And last, we have Felicia stalking someone, going so far as to post on a comment that said on an unrelated piece of art "Good drawing".…

Stalking. Stalking to the max.

Next we have AquaDrakeKitty. Now her issue with them stems from the fact that this group of cukcs in shit stained armor have made the lie that she's 12 years old. As far as I know, they say the same stuff about other people who've talked to people they don't like to attempt to make it seem like someone is a pedo. Apparently, Waka might be in the process of gathering it up, but he asked the user if she was 12 like they said. She said no.…

You'll see that not only Waka, but even someone else said this person told them she's not 12.

So we have these fucks basically throwing around slander on someone and using people, while even being retarded enough not to know that being a minor that age on DA is bannable. And this person is a fuckin huge spammer.…

Edit: Proof that some people from the group kept saying she as 12...…

And now, we have the chicken fuck :iconreclusivechicken:. We have this really retarded chicken who's super edgy, super philosophical, and super "agendered". Meaning this is a chicken without a dick or a vagoo. Super edgy. In fact, you can check out "her" bio, right here:

Despite the fact that I tend to take the role of the "devil's advocate" in political debates, I am a leftist and a liberal (more specifically a classical anarchist). Ask me about that and I'll serve up a few arguments as to why I think it's a better way forward rather than enduring through consumeristic spending sprees.

Now this is someone that I've been having quite the field day with. I think a Youtuber called ColossalIsCrazy would have a fucking field day with the cringe on this shit.

Now the biggest issue is mostly with me until I can uncover more dirt through some contacts who've dealt with this person. But I'm sure I'll get contacted by this aviary fuck destined to be fried up in a fry at Mickey D's to be served up to Fat Albert for a 20 piece mcnugget meal for $4.20.

Now next, this incorrigible fuck called :iconwideeyedandworried: is clearly just looking for trouble. Look at the fucking idiot. This person told me themselves "GIVE ME EVIDENCE I'M AN SJW!". And yet here it is.…

As you can see, this lactose loving fuck who probably works at Starbucks, is just going on and on about :iconperrydev:. Now I was hoping I didn't have to show anything said on my profile since this isn't about me, and I enjoy making jokes about these people... Although half of it isn't a joke, 25% is fact, and the other 25% is my buttered up popcorn with popcorn salt spread all over it.  But here we have Waka getting into it with this rat loving worthless fuck who claims to have a job, but spends all the day, or never sleeps, talking to me constantly. So clearly this person is a jobless floozy who probably eats, shits, and rubs her filthy scum stained clitoris in her mothers basement while she blames her father for all her "misfortunes" of having to live off of his money while he sits in jail from not being able to pay alimony, as she goes on and on eating good food that her mother cooks. A waste of space not only for the father, but even for the mother who divorced him in the first place. She didn't marry him for his money. She divorced him for it.…

Admitting to being racist? And admitting to being a complete and utter uneducated fuck. The logic and rationale escapes you my young virgin Padawan.…

So all in all, that is what I would like to call, the order of the cucks. An organization of filthy fucks who think that they're white knights and princesses in shining armor and robes, when they're just full of shit from the sewage pipe they crawled out of. Do yourself a favor and collect what you can if you've dealt with them.
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Hey Kaiser not sure if here but I made a post here DA on certain anime genre let me know what you think 
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Sieg heil!
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nice stamps my dude 
I had some anti-sjw stamps myself and stuff related to that but i took them off my page because people could totally use them against me on this site. However it's always good to see that dA isn't limited to the typical Tumblr ideologies and all that shit.
TheAmericanKaiser Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Sorry for the late reply. It was the holidays, and I'm easily distracted by masturbation. I would personally never take them off. If someone finds out I don't like being the typical milady fedora tipping snowflake cuck on Tumblr, they can jump in a river and drown for all I care.

It's just a personal integrity kind of thing. 
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Lemme draw ur oc
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