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JoJo's Bizarre Weight Gain

Fan art from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure from part 6 Stone Ocean
Here we have the main character Jolyne Kujo. Yet more fan art from something ya should be checking out. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think I'm the first to WG this series. (of this fact I'm proud)

cameo is by Tonio the chef stand user from part 4
He's using his ability "Pearl Jam" to make some awesome pasta.


More chubby JoJo fan art from me:

It's 1000 Scoops! by TheAmericanDream
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Ow man! What you did to jolyne?
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That's not.... No... ;-;
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the only JoJo who struggle using the Joestar Secret Technique
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hahaha yes but no

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Me thinking that I'd have to scroll long to see weird stuff after i typed in Jojo's bizarre adventure in the searchbar. You proved me wrong
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"weird stuff"=JoJo's checks out.
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Lol, JoJo is weird. It is a different kind of weird, right?
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i am now uncomfortable
What the actual fuck
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hmm i found the problem,,
*circles entire art*
i believe in the circle i drew..
everything there is cancerous 
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Excuse me I don't mean to be rude but

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Stroheim is thicc is mad I like my Jolyne extra thicc? ;) bruh I drew this how many years ago? S’all good though. I barely do jjba fan art lately. You don’t gotta worry. ..except that fattened up Tomoko Higashikata Commission I accepted. Fuck. Oh well. Move along now. Avert yer eyes I say.
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You have changed my mind about my username
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Hahaha. I wish I could put this comment up on a plaque and hang it on my wall!
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if i wasn't broke i would pay to have that made
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Waiiit..Pearl Jam's ability is that it makes people healthier through Tonio's organic cooking, so that means that this pic makes NO GODDAMN SENSE!!
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She does look pretty damn healthy.
spaghetti-dinner's avatar
Are you a fucking idiot?
She is overweight! Which lead's to health problems and eventually death
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