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SasuSaku- Beautiful Liar

Holy Waterbenders! I'm submitting work that isn't Avatar! :omg: (and I say Waterbenders because if I had an element, which I kinda do, it'd be water. Pisces, Neptune, Posiedon, all that)

This pic is OLD. I'm talking, like, YEARS. This was one of the very, very first linearts I did using Photoshop and it's weak. But this is sorta what came to mind when I first heard the song "Beautiful Liar" by Beyonce and Shakira- of course, after I listened to the actual LYRICS I realized this pic didn't fit at all, but the phrase itself still works pretty good for the pic. Aaaaaaand... I decided to try my hand at cel-shading! </epicfail> Yeah, I think I'll stick to the soft-shading stuff I usually do. At least THAT I understand somewhat.

Which one is the liar? :D Sasuke, for leaving the village (dumbass- I'm sorry but Kishimoto's made him into SUCH a douchebag that I no longer cheer for the guy.), or Sakura, for falling out of love with him? Which y'all know is very possible. I mean, if my guy was going around saying he's going to destroy everyone I know and love out of some bizarre sense of vengance, I'd be PISSED.

No flaming, plz. I'm actually both a NaruSaku and a SasuSaku fan. She fits well with either man. Or, being the kickass bitch she is, with no man. :highfive:

Tomorrow I have a job interview for a PC Technician job at Circuit City. NOT what I wanted, but it's what I'm somewhat qualified to do, and it'll help to pay the bills. :depressed: So wish me luck... I guess. :shrug:
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You... support SasuSaku?

What was up with all that Leaf in the Desert!!?? Isn't that NaruSaku? Come on!

I support the ship but it's kinda weird to find something like this in your gallery... after all those things I've read...
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I support several pairings, thank you. Especially in Naruto- I believe I mentioned that I support both SasuSaku and NaruSaku. It's just that in "Flowers in the Sand" and "Leaf in the Desert" that I decided on NaruSaku.

Avatar, I think, is the only fandom where I have very strict opinions and views on particular pairings. Bleach, Naruto, etc- I'm pretty flexible, if it's written well and convincing enough.
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Oh, OK. But are you going to write anything... SasuSakuish?
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Hadn't really thought about it. Anything's possible, I suppose. I'm hoping to finish Smile and then focus on my novel, but who knows.
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OK.... what novel?
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A romance novel I have in the plotting. Original plotline, set in 1800's England. I've got the prologue done, but having a bit of trouble with solidifying my characters. Trying to work on that. :writersblock:
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Oh OK! Kool!
I'm already interested.

I'm writing a novel too! But its more of an Action/Thriller than a romance... but it has alot of that too. Later in the book.

I think you've read the sneak-peak.
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cutie, cutie, cutie!
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good luck. hopefully ull get the job. or maybe even a better one. who nos?
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