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Ness free icon! :D


I've been researching WAY to much Earthbound/Mother stuff on the computer lately. :XD:

I'm gonna HOPE I get Mother 3 (Lucas's game) for Christmas! :D

Its gonna be awesome and it looks AMAZING! :)

BTW, If you happen to be a FAN of the Earthbound/Mother Series theres a fan game gonna come out in 2014

Heres the site!-->

Wow, long descript. XD I don't do that much.



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Ness is running away from home because he just saw the sans=ness theory.
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Nessss!!!!! :la:

Is this icon free to use for anybody?
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YAAAAAAAY  Dancing :la: 
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YA! Now that's your icon! :icondummywooplz:
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Yessssss, because it's an awesome icon!!!! :icontarddanceplz:
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Walking in the road because sidewalks are overrated!
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Ya, Exactly! :XD: I only got Mother 3 though, But that's alright! :) I seen Earthbound and Mother 1 vids on youtube. they look like good games too! :D
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Small world. I have the Virtual Consul version of Earthbound and I watched the Lets Play of the other two.
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Cool, Its sorta like me, But I have a English Cartridge of Mother 3 and watch the other play throughs of the other MOTHER games.
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Yeah! Trust me, you'll love Mother 3!
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I know, I already do, XD
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That's good to hear! Do you know how it ends?
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No, not yet! :D I'm on Chapter 5 now! :iconsuperw00tplz:

I'll be in chapter 7 in no time again! :) (Chapter 6 is the SHORTEST CHAPTER, its only like 5 min. and ur done it, XD)

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Wait, what do you mean yo hope you're gonna get mother 3? It's a japanese game, which I don't think is being sold anymore, so then you'd have to go through all the trouble of finding it in a japanese shop, then you're gonna have to pay for the shipping cost all the way to America....

Unless you're gonna get the fan translation, which you could get right now, I don't see why you have to wait for christmas?
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I'm asking for the English translation Mother 3 for christmas, I KNOW it was only a Japan only game, But I found a English translation CARTRIDGE on a anonymous website...BTW What do u think of that Fan game Mother 4, looks AWESOME 'Eh? :D 
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