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Favorite Character Bingo by TheAmazingMisterZ Favorite Character Bingo :icontheamazingmisterz:TheAmazingMisterZ 2 0 Spider Team Epic by TheAmazingMisterZ
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Spider Team Epic :icontheamazingmisterz:TheAmazingMisterZ 1 0
Top 10 Godzilla Monsters by TheAmazingMisterZ Top 10 Godzilla Monsters :icontheamazingmisterz:TheAmazingMisterZ 0 0 Top 10 Godzilla Movies by TheAmazingMisterZ Top 10 Godzilla Movies :icontheamazingmisterz:TheAmazingMisterZ 5 1


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Favorite Character Bingo
It looks like this is what's all the rage with the kids nowadays, so I figured, "Why not?"
First row: Spider-Man, Samus Aran, Luigi, Captain Falcon, Ken Masters
Second Row: Mega Man X, Bayonetta, Venom, Faust, Optimus Prime
Third row: Superman, Megatron, D.Va, Reptile
Fourth row: Godzilla, Catwoman, Whip, Devilman, Charizard
Fifth row: Callie, Metal Sonic, Ultraman, Popuko & Pipimi, Eva-01
Spider Team Epic
Not only am I a big Godzilla fan, but I'm also privy to everyone's favorite friendly neighborhood webslinger.
(I'm also unashamed meme trash)
Top 10 Godzilla Monsters
Well, that was sooner than I thought. But hey, I love Godzilla. You didn't think I'd leave it at my favorite movies, did you?
10. Destoroyah: Like the movie he comes from, he's a perfect bookend to the series up to that point.
9. Biollante: Making a monster based on plants is certainly one of the most unique ideas in the series. (Fun fact: Biollante was actually created by a dentist. Look it up.)
8. Kumonga: Spiders, especially tarantulas, are some of my favorite animals, so seeing a giant spider monster in Toho's bestiary is pretty cool.
7. Jet Jaguar: He's like the cool, yet somewhat out of touch, uncle of the Godzilla series.
6. Hedorah: The perfect monster to represent the hippie/environmentalist movement of the 1970s.
5. Rodan: He has one of the coolest roars in Toho history.
4. Gigan (specifically FW Gigan): Sure, Showa Gigan had a fun design, but his makeover in Final Wars is so over-the-top and metal.
3. King Ghidorah: A three-headed, golden space dragon that shoots lightning from his mouth? Sold.
2. Mechagodzilla (Kiryu, to be exact): I love the doppelganger trope in fiction, and it only gets better when Kiryu goes berserk.
1. Godzilla: What did you expect? He's the goddamn King of the Monsters. 'Nuff said.
Credit goes to :icondaikaiju-danielle:
Top 10 Godzilla Movies
Oh yeah, I have a DeviantArt account.
(I swear I'll get on this thing in due time)
Anyway, here's my favorite Godzilla movies.
10. Godzilla 2000: Pretty solid monster action, but the final fight kinda falls fat for me.
9. Return of Godzilla: A much-needed return to form from the antics of the late '60s-early'70s.
8. Godzilla Final Wars: Does anything really need to be said of this movie other than it's crazy?
7. Godzilla vs. Destoroyah: A great wrap up of Godzilla's legacy up to that point.
6. Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla: My childhood Godzilla movie. It's nuts in all the best ways.
5. Godzilla 2014: Yes, American film studios can make good Godzilla movies.
4. GMK: It was only inevitable for Shusuke Kaneko to do Godzilla after Gamera, and he did a damn good job on both.
3. Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla: Hey, you got some Evangelion in my Godzilla!
2. Shin Godzilla: Hey, you got the guy who made Evangelion in my Godzilla!
1. Godzilla 1954: Was it really going to be anything else?
Credit goes to :iconnerdsman567:


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