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The golden name, the golden power!

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that is some fancy art. It reminds me something of of Narnia.
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Maybe the mixture of mystery and pureness!
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like that !!!
gold power!!!!
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yupp gold is precious :love:
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I meant by the golden name is "ALLAH" written in the piece, and the golden power is the power of "ALLAH"!
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aww - one year ago we learned alot about muhammad ,ramadhan and allah - but i think it's a little different written in english...
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waw, I didn't know that you learn about islam!:D
maybe the calligraphy make it more different!:)
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could be ,but we had this in school
I hope u don't hate me if I tell u know that I'm christian ,(because i think there's something in islaM's rules who don't believe on allah have to die - or something like that)- but we accept other religions
are u a member of allah'S fanclub - I mean do you pray 5 times a day and so on..? :D
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Why I hate if you're a Christian?, we respect the other religions!
And there is no rule in Islam that tell us to kill everyone who don't believe in Allah,
the one who have to die is the person who make war against Islam!
Since the Islam was born and the Christians and the Jews live with us but they was respecting us and we too, and they was living in the best conditions.:)
There is no religion that accept the "rapprochement of religions" but they all support and Islam too " the coexist".
And yes I pray 5 times a day and so on!:D

So dear friend, I hope that you understand what I told you!:) have a nice day;p
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:wow:This is really different to anything else that I have ever seen. Its really elegant and beautiful:huggle:
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What u sad is more!
:hug: :)
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Very nice, looks very fresh and light.
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Glad that u like it! thanks! :)
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This is really nice, I can actually feel the glass pane in my hand. Well done!
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wonderfull work
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