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The Big Lebowski is one of my all-time favorite movies to watch over and over. I'd talk more about this, but it's shabbas, the sabbath, which I'm allowed to break only if it's a matter of life or death...

The Line it is Drawn #154 – When Superhero Movie Casting Goes Wrong



Suggestion on Twitter "John Goodman and Jeff Bridges as Booster Gold and Blue Beetle" by Ecovore

Colors by Amanda Rodgers

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Maybe I should watch the movie sometime...
Theamat's avatar
OMG, you totally should. So much wisdom, so much absurdity. 
AxelMedellin's avatar
Sounds like most of the classes I took in college...
It's a good drawing, but the transliteration really should be "Shabbos"
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We looked that up, apparently there are a couple of spellings of that word, so we just chose the one directly from the script. :) however we did plan on correcting. Thanks!
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I would've put Booster as Walter, but otherwise, this is G-damned hilarious...
Theamat's avatar
I don't know,  I just figured The dude in gold was a natch. I also wanted his hair loose, so this seemed the most natural choice. Thanks!
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lmfao nice one :P
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Hahahaha! That's fantastic! :) (Smile)
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Thank you! I'm not sure that this piece isn't a bit dated, though. It hasn't been lost on me that I've had more hits on my little ponies vs adventure time than I have on this piece. Lol
PTGould's avatar
If what you like & enjoy, that's what matters. And any artwork showing luv for The Big Lebowski is far from Dated!
Theamat's avatar
True, thanks!
PTGould's avatar
You're welcome! And I meant to write, "IT'S what you like & enjoy"
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