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If I don't get pants, nobody gets pants

Submission for The Line is Drawn, theme "Male superheroes see how the other side lives".


Wonder Woman makes the rest of the JLA wear various costumes she's had over the years.
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... Wait, who is the guy on the right, who said "I've worn worse"?...
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Aquaman I think

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Funny but also sexy :+fav:

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I'm so dead LMAO
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Hehe, payback, boys!
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I feel like Spider-Man may as well just be nude in most of his comics...
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This just surfaced on my Facebook and I had to say, good work :-)

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Cover your cleavage while you're at it
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*wears nothing*
"I've worn even worse"
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This is so great!!

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I mean this isn't much different from their original costumes.

"I've worn worse"

I'm both curious and feeling bad for the guy. =\

It's Aquaman. He usually wears only a green speedo. In some ways, that is "worse".

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This os worst than when everyone was Batman.
how come you can't see their nipples and a print out of their cocks because their trying to get a yeast infection from having skin tight clothing and none of them are making their cheeks clap or making her pay for dinner or crying to get their way or have another dudes baby and bag a bunch of guys and not know who the father is.

That's a lot of words for I've never had a fuck..

Lol someone is salty they've never gotten their dick wet

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Congratulations on trending again.
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Love the Green Lantern especially lol
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OoooOoooOooO sMeXy
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Cyborg is always naked so like he doesn't deserve to wear that
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