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And good old election cheating ,mass media backed, farty pants Sleepy Joe and his pedo son just run sack Europe with hat shady brach of government of his, while not even where he is, and who are all of those ppl behind him making more and more from this was next to us while ripping apart the germans from the cheap russian energy and other cooperations in the name of wa...uhm...democracy.Hell no.War for uki soil and desintegration of EU with bribing it"s leaders.

Meanwhile he can sell lots of those until now too expensive pala-gas witch become sooooo sellable nowdays,Having 1/3 od ukrainaian soil for 3 US firms like Monsanto,Cargil...And while pushing those suicidal sanctions with our traitors in EU while behind the courtain trading 6 billions of dollars with Russia for metals, rare materials,gold and nuclear fuel!

Never mind.Let the old greedy sniff more little girl hair!

EU the only who is loosing in this heist.It is not a theory.It is a fact now.

Trump was much better!!!!