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I think I didn't get to draw anything at all this year, so I'll just repost this from my last year's works.

The Icons of Christmas by TheALVINtaker

May your Christmas this year be peaceful and prosperous. Cheers!
I'd rather just paste the link than re-write the whole thing here. LOL…
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It's amusing to see that this emoticon that I made five years ago

Emoticon: Nosebleed by TheALVINtaker

can now be used in the comments.

Wala lang.
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Jesus Christ and Santa Claus are both icons of Christmas.
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^What he said.
...That today marks my fifth year as a cosplayer...

...But I don't feel like celebrating at all, so instead I'll hit the gym. :lol:
...What are llama badges for?
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...Now I'm having a dilemma whether to change my username or not.

I mean, I've submitted most of the contents of this gallery under the username "raijin-akuma", but considering the etymologies of both words ("Raijin" being Japan's thunder god" and "akuma being "demon"), I realize that that username literally means "Thunder god-demon", but for some reason, I find it sort of illogical. Maybe this is jut me being a grammar and nomenclature Nazi.

Lately I've been using either my own real name or my latest online handle "TheALVINtaker" for my recent submissions, and I do feel that it's time that I replace my old name. However, for some reason, I can't seem to do it because of some sort of sentimental value my old username bears...

...not to mention the odd memories.


I don't even know why this is such a big deal to me...

Maybe because I'm trying to make a coscard. LOL
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Some of my deviant friends may not notice, but I sort of updated some of my old artworks here, notably those that I submitted five years ago, and I'm also thinking of "sort-of-updating" some more.

Basically, I just replaced the signatures I used back then with the signatures/logos I'm using now (or at least I patterned the signatures the current one I use). Though I decided to keep the years.

What caused me to change the signatures is the fact that I've also made an account in Pixiv, and I wanted to keep my signatures consistent with my username there, "Alvin™".

I'm now also contemplating whether to have my current username replaced (by becoming a Premium user here). I do have a credit card, but I dunno, I'm rarely drawing nowadays anyway.

And this entry is just a heads-up about those "updates". I'm still more actively writing stuff in my Multiply page. You can check my stuff out there instead. =P
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I was rather disappointed that I wasn't able to commit to my "Project 365" last year, and that was because I lacked the time and the inspiration to draw. I admit I wasn't really productive when it comes to drawing last year, and I kinda feel that I still am not. I've only drawn one sketch so far, and I have yet to regain that enthusiasm for sketching stuff.

But this year, I am determined to push through with this "Project 366" (since it's a leap year this year), and I have dubbed this project "366 Days of Random". Though unlike my previous plan, instead of drawing a piece of sketch a day, I'm just uploading a random picture either from my existing stash of pictures, images and scenes I caught on my trusty camera, or from stuff I find on the internet. And since I consider it my personal project, I try to make every picture extra special by giving some commentary. That's where my being opinionated has some use.

It's got highs and lows, but so far, I'm enjoying rummaging through my files and sharing them. And I would like to share to you my current progress with this personal project. I'm updating the project both on Multiply and Facebook.


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It's been so long since I last drew.

And now that I've promised a couple of people that I would draw something for them, it's really time that I grab a pencil and a sketchpad and start sketching again...

...before what remains of what I still call my drawing skills are gone.

I need to be inspired.

P.S. I just realized that I can now fave the journal entries of my dA friends. Now that's great. B-)
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The link above is my entry to the contest held by organizers of the upcoming World Wrestling Fan Xperience that will take place on the 4th of February at the Araneta Coliseum here in the Philippines. Whoever wins this contest will have a chance to be a guest ring announcer or the manager of his wrestling idol.

I'm so far trailing behind this guy who has 300+ likes, but his entry has violated the updated rules of the contest. I've filed a protest, but it seems to have fallen on deaf ears, so my only way to win is to get more likes than that guy.

To whoever can read this and have Facebook accounts, I need your help, guys! I need your votes to get me in the lead, and ultimately, the chance to be a ring announcer for that event. I hope you can show me your support.

This is my first time entering a popularity contest on Facebook such as this one, so I really hope you can help me win. Thanks a bunch, guys!
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2011 hasn't been very bad, but it hasn't been that good to me either. Then again, my first statement has more weight than the second.

This year's curtain is coming to a close, and a new beginning draws near. Screw the doomsday.

Próspero año nuevo gente!
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Too bad I don't have a subscription; I would have wanted to give a preview of something I could consider a digital masterpiece. I'm talking about a PS3 theme I made.

I used Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 as the main motif. I first customized the icons and then the wallpapers. It took me 23 revisions before I could say I'm satisfied with the final output. Though still, I'm not fully satisfied because I wanted to include sound effects from the game itself, but I couldn't find any, so I made use of old-school fighting game sound effects instead.

I've uploaded the wallpapers here on my page, and I uploaded the theme itself HERE, so I could share the theme that I now use for my own PS3.

I would appreciate it if you tell me what you think of my self-made PS3 theme.
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Just last week tragedy struck Japan when a massive tsunami caused by a megathrust earthquake washed, if not swallowed, the city of Sendai. It caused 1,500+ deaths, 1,900+ injuries and 1,700+ disappearances, not to mention heavy damages to major roads and nuclear meltdowns.

This caught the world by storm, as people immediately joined the bandwagon in offering prayers for the Land of the Rising Sun. However, there is another bandwagon, one that isn't amusing at all; while there were people who are gracious and condoling for Japan, some made distasteful jokes about what happened. And there are some who said "the end is near", pertaining to the 2012 prophecy, which to me is preposterous.

I was among the people who put humor into what happened in Japan, saying that the disaster was caused by Hulk smashing at the epicenter. In another joke I cracked, I said that what happened isn't related to the 2012 prophecy, but to the fact that Galactus is coming. It should be obvious that I'm still hyped with Marvel vs. Capcom 3, but enough about that. And even though I put some bland humor about the tragedy, I made it a point to give my deepest sympathies for Japan.

But much more annoyingly, there are people who emerged and said that this disaster was just karma that had finally hit Japan and they deserved it, saying that it was the "population control" they badly needed. There are also gaming nerds who said Japan deserved it because they ruined this-and-that series, they excluded this-and-that character from the previous game they released, and all that nonsensical bullshit. What's definitely not amusing is that some said this is Mother Nature's act of revenge in favor of America for Japan bombing Pearl Harbor decades ago.

Those idiots need to reread their history and geography books.

First of all, what happened in Japan is a natural disaster; them being situated along the Pacific Ring of Fire, it's natural that earthquakes occur in the country, only this time, it was a big one.

Secondly, to population control dumbasses, your argument is invalid! While Japan is a populous country, at least they are a prosperous one, probably more prosperous than yours. Hell, I bet most of the things you enjoy today–anime, videogames, gadgets, even porn–came from Japan. And they don't even care about your population affairs, so why bother with theirs?

Thirdly, to retarded game nerds, why say the whole of Japan deserve what happened, when our prejudice only encompasses companies like Capcom, Namco, Tecmo, Square Enix or whatever? They are just small portions of Japan, and are not even located in Sendai!

Fourthly, to those who believe the 2012 prophecy, if you want to die that soon, then why wait for 2012? Kill yourselves already! I, on the other hand, will still wait for Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Street Fighter x Tekken and Tekken x Street Fighter. And I plan on living at least a century!

Finally, to those racist Americans who say this tragedy is nature's way of exacting revenge from Japan for the Pearl Harbor attack, let me quote my American Facebook friend Joe McDonald:

<center>"For all you idiots out there saying 'Japan's tragedy is karma for Pearl Harbor,' I hope you fall into a pit of acid. I think two atomic bombs on the verge of an inevitable surrender was karma enough. It makes me sick some of you are alive. Just because they aren't "Americans" doesn't mean they aren't human. I know I'll be donating, just like I always do, while you make your sick, twisted, elitist comments."</center>

This also goes to my disappointing fellow Filipinos who are still bitter about the Bataan Death March. The tsunami isn't nature's revenge; neither for Pearl Harbor nor the Death March. DEAL WITH IT.

Be grateful it didn't happen to you. Be considerate and remember the things Japan has offered you to atone for their ancestors' past wrongdoings. Be compassionate and pray for Japan.

(Copy-pasted from ALVIN'S ASYLUM)
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Well, sort of.

I started a Project 365 initiative which has me producing at least one sketch a day, but thanks to my rigorous work schedule, I've stopped at February 2.

That's why I'm kinda modifying this project into a sketchlog of sorts. Instead of drawing once a day, I'm instead gonna draw stuff to represent those days. I'm thinking that it could be a random doodle, a full-blown sketch or an editorial cartoon of sorts of what happened that day.

With that in mind, I have to recall what significant stuff happened on the days I skipped drawing (Though I can clearly remember that I was working on those days).

Here is a link to my sketches so far.
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It's that time of the year again, and I'm not getting any younger anymore. At least, I'm not young by age, but age is just a number. Whether someone is young or old depends on how he lives his life anyway, yes?

Moving forward, I'm turning 23 on the 20th, but since it's a Thursday, I decided to move my celebration to a weekend close to that date, which is the 22nd, and just like before, I'm going to prepare a little feast at our house.

To those who still don't know, I live in a not-so-distant urban jungle of San Jose del Monte in Bulacan. You'd say it's far, but in reality, it's just close by. Two hours or so from Cubao isn't that far, is it?

It's basically a two-ride trip for commuters: first, if you're coming from Cubao or SM Megamall, ride a bus to Tungko, and tell the attendant to drop you off to Pecson. When you see SM Fairview, you're more than halfway already. You'll know you're in Bulacan if you've crossed a bridge and seen a "1"-shaped monument at the right of way, and you'll know it's time to get off the bus if you see the Caltex station at the left side.

Then cross the road and there's a tricycle terminal; fall in line in the 1-3-4 lane, and tell the driver to drop you at Phase 3-Ibaba. Look for a house with a signboard "REVEAL Digital Imaging Studio", and that's our house.

HERE's a map of how to get to us from the Caltex station. If you need more details, ask away.

From the looks of this post, yep, you're invited.

(Taken from my Multiply site)
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"Depressing birthday to my mom, depressing night to our whole family"
Posted on Multiply ( on September 9, at around 11PM, cross-posted on Facebook (


Today's my mom's 53rd birthday...

But we don't feel like celebrating.

Just as soon as I arrived home tonight, she called from the hospital. Our uncle, her brother, was paralyzed, and the oxygen tank is seemingly the only thing that sustains him now. Yesterday was a completely different scenario, as she said he was still responding to conversations, albeit with a depressed tone, but those conversations were keeping his fighting spirit and his will to live alive.

That was until his doctor, as my mom told me,  talked to him, saying that his disease was contagious, and perhaps any other demoralizing stuff that could have depressed our uncle even worse than his considerably stable state of mind. Then moments later, she continued, his blood pressure rose to a point that he got into his condition now.

I managed to hold back the tears (then again, I think I've unlearned the art of crying), but I couldn't help but want to break that damn doctor's face! He should be the first one to encourage his patient to not give up and hold on to his life, but he did otherwise and instead lowered our uncle's morale even more!

Before his paralysis, our aunts had the chance to decide to relocate him to a more accommodating hospital, but this doctor was also the one who said that it was futile. He was really blatantly telling our uncle the condition of his body, when that classified information is never to be told to the suffering patient himself. While he might be saying the truth, the only thing he did was worsen our uncle's condition!

But enough about this rant...I wrote this to ask for you guys to help our family pray to the Lord Almighty that our uncle regains his will to live and fully heal from his disease, and that our entire extended family may endure this major predicament of our lives thus far.

And I'm not the only one who wants to have that quack's license revoked.