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Welp, this really sucks. My hard drive in my laptop died and left the world with most of my files. Even though I have a backup of a lot of the important things like pictures, engines, etc most of everything that I've worked on in the past few months is gone (Including the advancements I had made towards Project Peachfuzz :( (Sad) ). I'm having to start a lot of things over from scratch, so bare with me as I slowly get myself back online. To the people I owe art for commissions/trades, don't you worry. Those pieces are top priority and I'll get them done as soon as humanly possible, if not sooner.

On a happier note I have to give a HUGE shout out to my friend Ian Boswell. (We worked on a little game on steam a while back. Hint hint, nudge nudge - Go buy it.)
This man and his friend Techie built me a custom tower and shipped it to me after my laptop crashed and burned. I couldn't be more thankful for the effort they went through to get me back online.
So... If you ever need anything computer related, weather it be building a new rig or fixing something, TALK TO THESE GUYS. You won't regret it.
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    A lot of this is proof of concept, so please keep that in mind while reading. I've been experimenting with ways to innovate 2D fighting games after I've been playing 3D fighting games like Street Fighter 4 AE and Super Smash Bros. Melee. I think I have come up with a simple yet effective rendering system. Hitboxes and Hurtboxes of a player are drawn frame by frame, 60 frames per second and are overlapped as layers. Below is a bunch of stuff outlining this.
    I must note that all the sprites used are from Touhou Hisouten - Scarlet Weather Rhapsody. Those are not my property and are property of ZUN. They are used only as place holders. Do not expect them to be used in any of my official future works unless I get written permission from ZUN himself to include them.

Blue = Hurtbox
Red/Orange = Hitbox (Unlabeled. Assume each hitbox does normal amounts of knockback and applies hitstun effects)
White Lines = Knockback Trajectory
Green = Collision Box

Hurtbox Test:

  • Hurtboxes are made circular instead of square so that the 'box' is more accurate.

Collision Box Test:

Collision Box (Moved above other layers) (Coloured Green)
  • The collision box is square so that the game can easily recognize if the player is or isn't on the ground. The rendered hurtbox is not a collision box. The collision box remains unchanged during all frames of animation to detect when the player is or isn't on a platform or solid ground.

Hitbox Test 1: Suika Ibuki (Collision box not shown)

  • Hurtboxes don't change their location in this image though they have the ability to. Just like Hitboxes, hurtboxes can be redrawn differently onto the player sprite every frame. (Look at Test 2 to see hurtboxes change as well as hitboxes)
  • Hitboxes are made circular instead of square so that the code has better knockback trajectory accuracy, just like Super Smash Bros. Melee.
  • Hitboxes and hurtboxes are applied separate from the player sprite so it makes it easy to load/unload different characters that have different hurtboxes/hitboxes.
  • Since hitboxes and hurtboxes are separate, and that they are 'always on but invisible' in-game, we can allow the user(s) to turn them on at will in a training mode.

Hitbox Test 2: Patchouli Knowledge (Collision box not shown)

(Full image here:… )
  • Every hitbox and hurtbox are generated separately every frame, 60 frames per second. Despite how complex this seems, only 3 different instances are used.
  1. Player (Patchouli Knowledge)
  2. Hitbox
  3. Hurtbox
  • Technically, through code, you can stretch the same hitbox/hurtbox, but since the hitboxes/hurtboxes are rendered frame by frame this may be pointless.

Edited in Stuff:

**I'm not sure if I mentioned this, but there is no limit to how many hitboxes/hurtboxes can be created/used.

How to draw a Hitbox or hurtbox with my rendering system: (In layman's terms)
  1. State your 'if' statement.
  2. State your function. (In this case, ask the code to look for if a character has a certain frame of animation displayed)
  3. If the character has a certain frame of animation displayed, tell the game to create a the object of a hitbox/hurtbox.
  4. Put the (x,y) coordinates where the hitbox will be spawned/locked on the player for that one frame. (Remember, the Hitbox/Hurtbox origins will always be the direct center for relatively easy coding)
  5. Add arguments to determine differences in knockback and/or damage.
  6. Make sure to add a 'else' statement. (This is so the hitbox/hurtbox doesn't stay spawned.)
  7. Tell the game to not spawn a hitbox/delete one if there is one there on any other frame it's not supposed to be. (You can do this globally or frame by frame)
  8. You're done! If your code is error free, a hitbox/hurtbox in your location will be present for only the frames you selected if those frames are displayed.
Animated GIF thingy showing off Hurtboxes being rendered I put together in like an hour: (18 Frames of Animation)

(Full image here:… )

Total: 18
Hit: None

Another Animated GIF showing off both Hurtboxes and Hitboxes being rendered frame by frame: (18 Frames of Animation)****

(Full image here:… )

Total: 18
Hit: 4, 6, 8-11
IASA: 17
Charge frame: 3

****Small Error: When Komachi starts swinging her melee weapon, the multiple hit bubbles (The bunch of small ones that make a circle near the start of the animation) trajectory that faces outward should be inverted from what is shown above to better trap the opponent. Take Lucas' Project: M Neutral Aerial for comparison:…

Handling Music for the Game: (An awesome idea if we can actually get this game rolling!)
One thing I intend to do is have all of the music tracks composed for the game be loaded separately from a folder inside the game's root folder opposed to having the tracks embedded in the game's main executable file. This file system organization method makes it very easy for people to replace the music of the game on platforms such as the PC, Ouya, Android, and IOS devices with a simple file manager program.
This system also allows us to cut the file size down on the initial Android/IOS files that are installed from Google Play or the App Store so we can get past the 50mb upload limit. To make sure users have the music and assets that we can't fit in the initial APK, we can ask users to download the bigger files that take up space from a different (Non-Google Play or App Store) server.

By the way, if anyone wants to pair up with me and work on a fast paced, technical skill driven fighting game, please hit me up. I'm lonely. ( ;_; )

-Aliami (Oh, and Mysti too! :3)
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Remember back in the early years of gaming when a rumor sprung up about how people returned their overhyped ET cartridges to Atari, and crashed the entire videogame market? Do you remember the rumor that because of the video game crash of 1983 that Atari had supposedly buried thousands of ET cartridges and systems somewhere in a desert in New Mexico? 
Yeah. That rumor got CONFIRMED today.

Read the article here:…
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- A reading by Aliami Armador -

Ado was a boy who learned to give everything his all.
As Ado grew up, he lived to give every situation his 100%.
He scored highly on multiple tests and did very well in his school.
Ado achieved multiple awards for academic success because he gave every situation in his life 100%.
He had spectacular attendance in school and never missed a day. He could be found in the classroom every day of the year.
Ado was a smart boy and as he grew up over the years he continued living towards his original principal he set when he was young; to give his 100%.
One day Ado went to donate blood at a blood drive.
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If you don't know who Wobbles is, he's a Pro-Smash Bros. player and is currently ranked as the second best player in the nation for Melee. Even after his retirement following his achievement of getting second place at Evo, he still travels to tournaments and casually helps Smash players out. He's a great guy in the Smash Community, and he's also a great writer.

For the past couple of years, 'Robbles' (If you know him, you'll get the joke) has been typing up his stories and some advice over on his blog, Compete Complete.
I urge you all to take a look at his writings and leave a few comments.

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Welcome to a slightly belated post on a very touchy subject of the internet... Please read this with some discretion...

As a majority of you should know, the internet we use day-in and day-out is full of people who express themselves in multiple varieties. Whether it be activities such as fishing, playing videogames casually or competitively, drawing art, or anything else everyone has their own creative outlets. Some people of our internet we so dearingly love have a creative outlet that most of our cruel society has shunned - Drawing Hentai and Rule 34. 

I see nothing wrong with drawing it or viewing it. Rule 34 is nothing more than an abstract piece of fan-created art for a subject. If people want to show their love for something such as a television series, why not partake in a few erotic doodles of the show's characters? Art is art, right? Even if it has sexual content, it should be considered art and it shouldn't be censored by society. Rule 34 Art shows a likeness towards a subject though classical means. Before the days of the internet, sexual acts were seen as a way to tie two people together into a knot, just like marriages are symbolic of. If people are drawing errotic content of a television character or series they are expressing love to that. Love isn't a bad thing at all.

Getting into the physical impacts of Hentai and Rule 34 is another thing however. There are people in the world that tend to enjoy themselves while they view erotic content on the internet. This in my opinion is perfectly fine. With the difficulties of real world relationships, I can understand why some men (and women) who work upwards of sixty hours a week have chosen to diverge their attention to 'Waifus' rather than try to support marriages they are barely involved in. Relationships take a lot of time away from people's work and some people like to cut to the chase. I'm not saying marriage is bad, or than sexual intercourse is the only thing that comes out of it. I'm saying that they are hard to maintain and sometimes people can't suppress their spiritual needs.

What it all comes down to is Hentai and Rule 34 are ways people can express themselves and relieve themselves. Rule 34 and Hentai has it's place in the world, whether it be publicly accepted or not. Society as a whole should realize this and stop their hateful remarks regarding the subject. On a final note I would like to say that I'm perfectly content on people drawing my characters or creations in erotic forms. In fact, I welcome it. If people want to take a form of media and bend it a little to make it something new, that's awesome.
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If any of you questioned my absence for the past week or so, I have your answer here.
My Laptop's motherboard got fried. Yeah, it fucking sucked. The deal was my laptop's singular fan (what the hell, Mr.Dell? Make better design choices, damn you.) got all caught up in pet hair/my hair/carpet and ended up overheating so much that my motherboard nearly caught on fire. The screen would go wack into a rainbow of pixelated colours, leading me to believe the graphics card was fried. It wasn't. After more crashes, my laptop starting beeping 8 times, which a quick google search reveals that my screen is malfunctioning. It wasn't. After a bunch of calls to our good call-center friends at Indians R' Us and some local stores, I found a guy to fix my laptop and now it's back in my hands.

Right now as I type this I'm backing up a load of files to a spare hard drive and cleaning up a bit of the mess the fixie made. (He left the system admin account on my laptop which wasn't hard to disable and the notification tray icons went whack but I fixed those.) The only problems I'm having with my computer right now are low frame rate on Youtube (Which is probably a Chrome issue), An odd bump above my keyboard (Presumably where he mangled the new motherboard into place), and some start up oddities. After those are fixed I should be back in business with things and I'll start drawing/programming stuff again!
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Aliami here with a small announcement that doesn't involve art at all. 

Many of you already know that I play the games 'Super Smash Bros. Melee' and 'Project: M' (A Super Smash Bros. Brawl modification made to make the game have more competitive mechanics like Melee and contain more balanced characters than Brawl.) competitively. At my last tournament, DIME 7 hosted by WaterlessFishie I met a bunch of new friends. Out of 84 entrants (holy jesus, that's a lot of people), the 2nd place Evo champ was there - Wobbles. 

After some casual talk (Alright let's be honest, I fangasmed) I got his signature on my copy of Melee and went home after a bunch of matches. During those matches though I was feeling odd. I've been illing lately and in some of my matches I did dumb things. I picked characters I've never really played before and basically let other people enjoy a victory. Since I screwed up and am now a odd one in my area's Melee scene, I've decided to officially drop Melee on a competitive level. I'll still play it and go to tournaments for friendlies, but my main focus now is Project: M.

After some practice tonight and some searching around, I've found only a very small handful of people play the Ice Climbers in Project: M, and that some infinities with the snowbound pair still exist. As I do with everything, I intend on cracking their code and possibly becoming an Icies main due to inspiration from Wobbles, even though he's retired from Smash as a whole.

See you guys a Oracle's 'Play a Real Game 2'!
I'll be cracking out the two lovers there.

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Fun facts about the heedless succubus Lumia!
  • She's gone through 3 redesigns. (What's this? Lumia is evolving! Quick! Tap B!)
  • She got her first name from the controversially named Nokia phone. 
  • She got her last name from two parts. 'Kai' :icondeathkiller:'s character and 'Res' from resolution, since I was working on making some of my games wide-screen enabled.
  • Her eyes were originally green, but I made them a glowing yellowish colour to fit into a more demonic sense. The switch of eye colour was also somewhat inspired by the character's eyes in Super Smash Bros. Brawl when a character get's a smashball.
  • She's aged 26 in human years, but in demon years she is about 2,682 years old.
  • With a steady intercourse rate, Lumia should continue to live until the projected age of 32,767. (See my 'Succubus Formula' below at the bottom)
  • Lumia's projected age is actually the maximum number of a 16-bit integer.
  • Her T-shirt's phrase, 'Tuesday Sucks' comes two sources. One is from how in middle school Tuesday was corn dog day. Normally I like corn dogs, but cafeteria ones... yuck. The second source somewhat comes from my need to fill in the 'gap of bad days'. So everyone hates Mondays, and there is a rather dark Addams Family character named Wednesday. We needed something (or someone) to kinda degrade Tuesday too.
  • Her design is primarily inspired by :iconsolgryn:'s works as well as Morrigan and Lilith from the video game series DarkStalkers.
  • Her tag 'The Heedless Succubus' was inspired by character tags in the video game Touhou 10.5 ~ Scarlet Weather Rhapsody. (Ex: Patchouli Knowledge's is 'The Great Unmoving Library').
  • Additional Shading on her first picture (2nd redesign) was provided by :icongunmouth: who I can't thank enough.
  • Shading on Lumia's second picture (3rd redesign) was done completely by me in SAI with a copypasta'd layer of colour, darkened, then brushed away gradually before fixing the tone. After that I added little shading and highlight details.
  • Lumia is sentient, unlike some other folk-lore creatures.
  • She is immune to most common exorcisms, but she has her own share of them.
  • Guys (or girls) that sleep with her receive no explicit damage or death. (ie, they don't die from intercourse as some might suggest)
  • Lumia has small venom glands in her mouth that shoot out oxytocin, the 'love hormone' that makes it nearly irresistible for mates of traditional sirens to stray away. Lumia's glands are rather weak however and will only yield a very small effect on humans.
  • She can take the form of a human or other living being, but this will cost her a small bit of her projected lifespan. Not only does it take years away from her projected life expectancy to create/design a new humanoid form, it costs her life to portray that form as well. 
  • When covering up herself as a demon and using one of her own created human-like forms, on average every three hours and twenty minutes she will lose one of her projected live years she has built up from injected semen. These numbers however will vary on how complex her portrayed form is. (Example, if she morphs herself into a male humanoid, her projected life expectancy will drop even more overtime because of how complex her form change is.)
  • Lumia is oddly allergic to some carbonated substances. Her throat swells.
  • Lumia knows some telepathic skills but opts to not use them as she vows to live under the phrase 'Ignorance is bliss'.
My Succubus Formula: (Feel free to use this for your own characters!)
From what I believe, Succubi live on semen and they are near immortals. Everyone can die sometime however, so we need to figure out how a Succubus' life span is increased over a humans from their intercourse. First we take the average amount of sperm created by males which would be about 3.5 ml, get the average offspring of most females which is 5, (fertility rate) and divide the life expectancy of yesterday (mid 1500s) and today (2000s), by said fertility rate. After we round it all up we get for an average 1 ml of semen life can produce life for around 26.66 years. Multiply that by the average sperm count and you'll get 93.31 years.

If we have a Succubus (ie. Lumia) who would perform intercourse with a man who ejaculates about 3.5 ml, she would get 93.31 years of life from his injected semen every time they have sex. That number builds up as times goes on and Succubi live off of it. 

If anyone has any question about Lumia or my art, please don't hesitate to ask. I'm happy to answer them.
Okay, I need to gush. Normally I never ever do this but here we go. This has been bothering me for a long damn time and I feel like I should tell people about it.
Time for me to discuss my special kind of hell, which I have appropriately dubbed 'The Box'...

Throughout my life I've had to deal with it... I've felt like I'm trapped in this damn box. A box full of people in a never ending cycle. A kennel with dogs doing the same damn thing. Get born, grow up, go to school, get a job, find a counterpart, have sex, have offspring, rinse and repeat. It's dull. It's hell.
I refuse to be a part of that cycle.
For the past 16 years of my life decisions have been made for me, goals have been set for me, and I have to do as others tell me to do.

From my friends and my career as an artist/programmer, I've learned how to break free of that cycle... I've learned how to get out of the box.
I've learned that to cut the chains and to make myself content I need to set goals for myself and complete them. I need to not just take the wheel but I need to steer the bike.

I've made up my mind after countless sleepless nights... I want to be me. I want to get out of the box. I don't want to go to college. I don't want to get a corporate job where I file papers for the rest of my life. That sounds like hell to me. I refuse to be in the goddamn box!

To get out of the box I need to set my own path, and I need to stick with my decision. I've discovered that now. It's what I believe in now. I believe in doing whatever it takes to get out of the box. When I'm out of the box I can be mentally free. Free to create and innovate... what I've always WANTED to do!
This isn't about my career anymore, this is about my LIFE! This is about using my body and the tools I was provided! 

I've spent those sleepless nights yelling in my head. Yelling at myself and looking at myself. I look at my hands and I wonder what the hell they are for. What are my hands for? They are there to create things. My hands were given to me to create, so why can't I use them to do so? Why can't I use my body the way I want to?

If I can't be the person I want to be, why be a person at all?
There are three paths... Think of a 'Y' shaped road. You sit in the middle of the 'Y'. You can turn around and go back the long road, back into the box. I'm not doing that - no way no how. The left road takes you on your own path. The path with more branching paths you can choose and make for yourself. The right road however is different... Yes, you get out of the box, but it's a one shot path with a cliff at the end. 

I have but just two choices.

Well that was fast.

So it's finally 2014. What's my Resolution? It's the same one I've had for the past six years: get a better one next year.
Wishing you a (crude and immature) Merry Christmas! I hope you all had a somewhat okay year. I did, more or less.
ProTip: Don't look back on the year in depth... you'll regret it.

Regarding art... I still draw stuff, but I've been hella busy with school and I haven't found the time. Unlike last year, and the prior, I don't have a set time I can draw, so this year has been a bit rough as I have to resort to drawing late at night on weekends. 

If you haven't already taken the hint by the title I'm gonna just go ahead and come out as a furry. If you don't like that kind of stuff... leave my page now. As said in the past if you take any offense to anything I draw/say/do, I'm not going to apologise and you can just get the fuck off my page. 
Right now I'm still bobbling ideas around for my fursona. I should get a reference sheet of him/her/it done Soon™. (Soon is a registered trademark of Valve Software)
Yiff material will not be deployed. (To be honest I think you guys have enough of that already)

Once I get back on my feet with art stuff, I'd really like to do some furtrades (No, not like that... I mean Fursona art trades. This isn't the fucking Oregon trail.) so hit me up in the comments and whatnot later.

Don't kill yourselves over spilt milk, unless it's chocolate.
-Aliami Armador
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Hey guys, Aliami here. I'm mainly a programmer but I do art stuff sometimes. I recently worked on the game 'Rush Bros'. You can find it on steam.
Right now I'm looking to get into a big project again, but this time I want to start from square one. Because of this I need to begin to form a team, and first and foremost I'm going to really need a devoted animator of any art style.
I'm not going to be like most 'employers' or 'boss figures': I not going to tell you what to do and set up strict deadlines. What I'm going to do is allow you (and encourage you) to give insight on the video game we develop together and work on together. I want you to have the freedom to completely influence the independent game we work on. I don't want you to have to put a lot of time and effort into something just to get a job done; I want you to be able to contribute and enjoy working on something meaningful.
If you can animate, and you would like to work on a long-term project, please contact me. I'd love to get to know you and work with you! can reach me at:,
TheAliami on Twitter,
or comment here.

Episode One, I guess.

Would any of you guys be interested in me sharing some beta and unseen elements from my past projects? Music, Art, Code, Designs and Drawings - All of it?
I have a truckload of old memories I feel that need to have some light shed upon them. Not only would it kinda settle my mind down mentally, it would inform you all about stuff I've worked on back in the past, and maybe even inspire some of you guys to do stuff sorta like the work I've done.

...So, is anyone interested in me posting maybe a weekly small video or something explaining projects I've worked on in the past?
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Please buy this design. Not only does it promote Melee and Smash in general, all profit made from this shirt will be going towards getting Scotch98 a new controller. Extra profit will be donated to the Low Tier City 2 Fund. If you are a Smash Bros. or Star Fox fan, please consider buying or sharing this design! Thanks muchly!
WTF, Government!
Sign this petition on White House.Gov and put this thing back in it's GRAVE.…
Okay, so I've been looking around at WayForward's works for awhile now.
For those who are unfamiliar with WayForward, run around on their site:
Their work is quite pleasing, but I noticed a lot of mechanics they use in their games they don't explore to their fullest. Sure, some of the mechanics they use are pretty intuitive, but I think they should be improved.

Mighty Switch Force - Oh come on guys. Sure, it's one mechanic. Switching blocks. I wish they would expand upon this more. Sure, they have those 'rocket' blocks and you can use the blocks themselves to kill enemies, but only a few ways to use these switching blocks is pitiful. Also, the 'switch lag' interrupts gameplay and is quite annoying. I wish they would expand upon the mechanics (as well as introduce more) and make Mighty Switch Force more immersive. The game feels like a chore right now.

Duck Tales: Remastered - I know, I know. They are trying to preserve the old NES designs to their fullest, and I completely respect them for that. I'm just a little sad they didn't take the huge opportunity to add a bunch of new things in. It just feels like all they did was just gloss up the NES version. I know there are some awesome extras like full voice acting and stuff, but the cane shouldn't be the only major mechanic in the game.

As a game designer myself I analyze games and think of ways to improve them. In my head I've thought up some great ideas for both games which could make them 'exclusive hits'. For example, WayForward could work on another Mighty Switch Force game, but this time around make it completely utilize the Wii U's gamepad. Imagine touch control to move or change blocks and modify the game's environment in real time. Imagine how good the game would look and feel in a fast paced environment. With a system like the Wii U, you can make a title expansive and have depth. Levels for the series could have more puzzle solving elements which expand and introduce new mechanics. The levels could feature mechanics like exploration. As for Duck Tales, I'm happy they took some time to add a few things here and there but it isn't enough. I think they should really expand upon Duck Tales and introduce new level types and enemies. Maybe enemies that can only be killed by hitting rocks or something into them, I don't know. The point is I feel that WayForward is missing a lot of opportunities to really expand their games and make greater things, but that's not to say their games are pretty neat already.