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I've decided to refine this page and link all downloadable deviations here. This will allow me to update and modify terms as needed. I then won't have to edit the description of every deviation that uses them.

Please read ALL of these terms before downloading and using any of my downloadable content. You agree to all of them upon downloading. Violating any of them therefore means you're doing so knowingly/willingly.

  • You can download and use wallpapers, icons and Timeline covers only as I intend them to be used.
    • Use wallpapers as wallpapers on the devices intended.
    • Unless I explicitly state that use in designs, web or print, is allowed, use icons only in docks.
    • Use Timeline covers only on Facebook Profiles or Pages as covers.
  • Do not use them for anything else.
  • Do not claim, redistribute, or upload anywhere else.
  • Do not remove any signature or watermarks when present.
  • My wallpapers/icons/covers are not stock! Unless it's the thing for which it was made, do not use one of them for:
    • Pre-made backgrounds
    • New wallpapers
    • Photo manipulations
    • Flyers, cards, posters, brochures, etc.
    • Web designs
    • Twitter backgrounds or headers, Tumblr backgrounds or designs, Myspace graphics, Facebook covers, Youtube backgrounds or thumbnails, and so on.
    • Avatars, IDs, Gravatars or Photos
    • ...and so on.

These terms are subject to change at any time. Any new changes
apply to all past works. Always refer to this journal for the latest
revisions to these terms.

Rules for sharing or featuring my work

I appreciate anyone who wants to feature my work. There are plenty of sites that frequently feature my items. If you'd like to be the next, just be sure to follow a few guidelines.
  • Provide credit in your feature.
  • The 'download' link must lead to the page here on devART.
  • Do not link directly to the download file.
  • Again, do not remove any watermarks when present.
  • Use the preview image I use here on devART. As long as you provide credit in another fashion, feel free to crop the preview so that it's just the main work. You can also make thumbnails. Please don't use a full-size image. If any of these restrictions break the flow of your site, just send me a note. I'm willing to make exceptions when an understanding can be reached.

So, why all the rules?

I know a lot of people think my usage rules for my downloadable work are harsh. As one can tell by browsing the rest of my gallery, most of my items are heavily watermarked. Initially, I wanted to provide my wallpapers free of watermarks, logos and signatures. This has only recently changed due to high amounts of cavalier theft. Wallpaper sites seem to just ignore my terms and use my images as they please.

The number of sites I have to contact on a weekly basis is only increasing. And, in some stubborn cases, I've even had to contact Google and/or hosts to have sites/ads investigated. Thanks to so many web admins of wallpaper sites going out of their way to make contacting them difficult, something that signifies that they're fully aware of how unethical their practices are.

Some of my works are quick projects. Others can take hours to complete. I put a lot of personal time and effort into what I make. It's extremely unfair when people take a brief minute to download something and then upload it somewhere else without giving credit. It's selfish. More important, it's technically illegal. I only ask that, as the creator, you respect my request(s). Every person who uploads to devART has his/her own subjective opinions regarding fair use, sharing, stealing, borrowing, and what constitutes each. It's only fair that you respect each person's views and rules.

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